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  1. I have been playing sets lately for dancers, mostly St. Pat's Day and King of the Fairies for the beginners. I have been playing The Three Captains and the Lodge Road as well as a few others form Billy Furlong's CD "Sets for the Strings". They include The Orange Rogue, The Drunken Gauger, Madam Bonapart, and Miss Brown's Fancy. I haven't tried Rodney's Glory yet.


    By the way, are you using a light metronome to set your speed? I so, which do you use?

  2. Whenever I hear people asking about how long they should practice, I remember an interview I read with Vess L Ossman (an old ragtime fingerpicking banjo player) made in 1903 with the English magazine BMG (a journal devoted to the banjo, mandolin and guitar). He "... told the interviewer that practice is what made him so good: ten hours a day for the first three years and at least four hours a day thereafter."

  3. I have never seen us overloaded with requests for information from newbies. Its not like we get a hundered a day, or month or year even. There is always someone who is willing to welcome a new member and answer their questions. They then feel that they have been accepted to the forum and are more likely to continue participating. If one doesn't want to answer the same old questions, just skip the thread trusting that someone else will be there to provide the requested information.

  4. Just paste the copied abc file to your note-pad or MSWord and name it. You then have the abc file stored in your documents and you can modify them anytime without having to go back to the original source.

  5. Hello Eva,


    If you are interested in exploring the English style, I highly recommend Alan Day's tutor. (it actually had its genesis when Alan put something together for me to get me started in the style a number of years ago) It would be right up your alley. He has it on-line and it is set for a 20 button instrument! He is on C-net. It will get you off to a great start in the English style.



  6. Hello Janet,


    This is Dan Bradbury. You might not remember me, but you are the one who got me hooked to this torturous instrument.

    We met a few times in the 1980's at the Fresno Folklore Society's Memorial Day weekend music camp-outs, and one time my then wife and I drove you to Bakersfield. You were the first concertina player I saw and you let me play your Lachanal. I got hooked right there and then and went right out and bought an Italian anglo. A few years later I got my Crabb/Jefferies, and have been playing ever since.


    I just want to say thanks for getting me started, I have often thought fondly of you and the gentleness of your playing.




    Dan Bradbury

  7. Hello all!


    This was indeed a wonderful event. One that I will never forget. The instruction was phenomenal. Tim is a very organized and gracious teacher. Besides teaching the tunes, he concentrated on each individual, giving specialized instruction and insight into what specifically could be done to improve their playing. I must say that Tim was able to recognize exactly what I need to focus on at this point and emphasized it whenever interacting with me throughout the weekend. I don't think I have ever had such a helpful teacher.


    The event drew musicians from Florida Louisana, Alabama, Georgia and Ohio to little old Gainesville. The facilities were wonderful and the grounds beautiful. It was shirtsleeve weather and the gators behaved.


    I too was very impressed with Tim's and Michael's playing together, both at the Friday session and the concert. I also was fortunate to sit in on some of their playing just before the concert where they were exploring tunes to perform. Their styles complemented each other and it was fun to see the contrasts and similarities in their playing. I think it is valuable for any concertina player to listen to pipers and personally I don't think you could do better than Michael Cooney.


    Larre didn't mention the finale of the concert where all of the above mentioned musicians and piper Jerry O'Sullivan did a powerful set of tunes.


    I am sorry that more concertina players in the South East were not able to attend, but on the otherhand I can't complain about a seven person workshop. I highly recommend you all keep an eye out for next year's South East Tionol, I'll be there!


    Thank you Larre for alerting me to this event. Both your concertina and flute playing are excellent! My head still rings with the music and my soul has been refreshed!

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