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  1. To see me go to this website, The Analog Artist's Digital World blog. http://www.analogartistdigitalworld.com/ Scroll down to the Feb 22nd entry, where artist visited the Orlando, Florida session. By the by, the accordion player is Gerry Hanley, past all Ireland champ, visiting from Co. Galway. A mighty session indeed.

    Oh come on, Daniel. Let's have a picture we can see HERE instead of having to start some sort of paperchase into your favourite website. You're not the first offender on this one, I grant you.


    Whoever started this whole thing; Great idea! It's fun actually putting a face to the names.


    Sorry Dirge, but the drawing of the session is by a professional artist and I didn't want to risk copyright infringement or alienate the fellow, so I just linked his published page.

  2. Don't be afraid of opening up your instrument. It is really quite easy and, unless you are all thumbs, not difficult to make simple repairs like this. Start by opening it up, and just looking at it. You will learn a lot about how they work, and gain confidence along the way.


    I started taking my first instrument, an Italian one, back in the 1980's, before there was much information on repairing them. I was able to keep my instrument working for a few years.

  3. I have been remiss in not adding my endorsement of Greg's work here yet. He did work on my George Crabb Pollit's Peerless in January/February.


    I sent it to him primarily for new bellows, some action work and a touch up of the tuning.


    He played the instrument over a couple of days and then we talked about what should and could be done. Besides the bellows, he lightened the action, replaced the valves, adjusted the reeds, balanced the sound of the instrument and worked quite a bit on the buttons. I have very worn bone buttons that were sitting at varying heights and were very loose in action. He some how tightened up the button action and was able to get a uniform heighth across the fingerboards.


    The tuning he did is wonderful. Rich chords and near perfect octaves. He even swapped some reeds around to balance the tone of the instrument. It now plays tight and fast with excellent reed response.


    To make the bellows, he had to construct a new jig which is now using for the new Jefferies bellows. He applied Jefferies papers and gold tooling. He even made new wrist straps, in that I had sent the instrument to him with some temporary straps I was using at the time.


    I have to say the work he did exceeded all my expectations, and those expectations were very high in that I have know Greg for a number of years and felt I knew the work he was capable of. He did a GREAT job on this instrument. It is a joy to play, to listen to and to look at.


    I urge any who need work done on their instruments to consider Greg as the person to do the job. I am confident you will not be dissappointed.

  4. The South East Piper's Club and the Irish Traditional Musicians in Orlando are hosting a Tionol, or an Irish Music Workshop in Orlando, Florida over the weekend of February 25th-27th, 2011.


    With the registration, each musicians receives:


    Full Saturday and 1/2 day Sunday group lessons in either Fiddle, Concertina, or Uilleann pipes.

    Admission to the Saturday evening concert at the Orlando Repertory Theatre

    Sessions Friday and Saturday nights, plus Sunday afternoon with world class teachers and your ITM peers.


    Our Instructors this year are:


    Fiddle: Willie Kelly

    Concertina: Florence Fahy

    Pipes: Mick O'Brien, Michael Cooney, and Kara Doyle

    Pipes Maintenance: Pat Sky


    Please browse the registration site website for more information, and to register!




    We hope you can make it to this great weekend of Irish Traditional Music.

  5. I am selling my C. Jefferies 31 button Bb/F concertina. This concertina is in excellent playing condition, with classic Jefferies tone, clear bright middle and high range and a deep, full low range. The extraordinary tuning produces the most lovely chords and harmony notes.


    I purchased this instrument from Paul Kinder through Concertina.net in 2003. The instrument was restored by Colin Dipper and owned by Paul Groff before Paul Kinder bought it from him.


    I am selling this instrument primarily because I don't play it as often as an instrument of this quality deserves to be played. I still have my early Crabb C/G which I play in session. It is hard to let go of this instrument, but wish to see it go where it will be played more often... Not to mention the child at University.


    I am attaching a couple of photos and a sound file. an additional sound file which shows the low range is in the test forum.


    Interested buyers please PM me. I am happy to provide additional information, photos and sound files.


    This is a chance to own a real gem of an instrument.

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