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  1. For those who may visit this page in the future, a note. Leo passed on the same day he last visited C.net, 2 May 2012. He was a prolific contributor (number 10 on the list of members by number of posts), especially of links to concertina videos. We miss his humor and friendship.

    Ken Coles, admin

  2. Hi Frank, is that you? Ken Coles (one of your successors as Acoustic Blend host - 1995-2004 - on WBAA) here. I'm one of the admins here (by accident) but also a concertina nut. The bunch here is mostly friendly though they know too much!

  3. Michelle,

    Welcome aboard, see you at NESI 2011, I'm sure I'll be there. Regards,

    Ken Coles (fellow french horn player!)

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