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  1. I am going to be in St. Louis in early June for work and wonder if anyone knows of sessions in the area or within reasonable driving distance. Old time is best, maybe Irish, and anything that doesn't mind a concertina. I'm trying to find out before buying tickets, so as to accommodate the session schedule. No luck searching on line. Thanks in advance for any leads. Kate
  2. Hi, Ken! How are you? Might I be the concertina playing acupuncturist you met?? (from the locked forum post) If not, I'd love to know the other one. Yes, almost all the ailments everyone has mentioned can be treated with acupuncture. I treat a number of musicians and I consider these kinds pains to be in the "sports" medicine category. Or perhaps I should consider my sports injury patients as in the music category. When it comes to chest pains, definitely follow Yvonne's advice first. There is a type of acupuncture called community acupuncture which is done in a semi-private or public setting, is quite inexpensive, and can handle many of the problems concertina players develop. I run such a clinic a couple of times a week from my office and it's great for musical type problems. I often recommend massage along with the acupuncture for this sort of thing. This topic does concern concertinas because acupuncture can help all of us play in less pain. FYI, I keep needles in my concertina case at all times! Kate
  3. I have an early 1900s lachenal and had quite a few problems with it until I drilled some holes in a plastic soap container and kept a wet sponge in it (looks like Jody and I think alike). A good source for humidifiers is cigar stores. They like to keep those cigars perfect! I have an oasis tube that I got from a cigar store for my other concertina, which lacks a compartment for a soap dish-sponge arrangement. The problem with that is you have to fill it more often. I've read that using distilled water is best. Any comments on that? Does it really matter? I use distilled if I have it, but mostly use tap lately. I live in New England.
  4. Can you do a comparison with the Edirol R09? I imagine both are Mac comnpatible. I brought a little Olympus WS-300M to NESI, but haven't downloaded anything from it yet. It's light weight and easy to use, gets along with Macs. I think it's fine for taping lectures, jam songs, etc. but wouldn't mind something better. Kate
  5. EXCELLENT! I'm totally thrilled to know that. I'm writing it down & will ask one of my compadres what the intonations are. feng probably means wind. Very cool. Kate
  6. Dan, that's a great thread. I had searched China, travel in China, etc. & don't know why it didn't come up (new to forum searches I guess). I checked out the Sparrow quartet videos, too, that were mentioned in the posts. This is all such good information. Thanks, everyone. I wish I was there longer -- I don't think that I'll have time to roam the music shops or find the sessions this time round. Kate
  7. David, thanks! I always enjoy seeing you at NESI. I knew about the concertina wire (by experience), but not about positioning it. I will be careful about that. I must've been putting it down right without knowing it all these years. I'm glad you reminded my again in a post --- good info for everyone to have. I also tell them I have a little accordion as it goes through X-ray, and often pull it out and put it in it's own tray, like a laptop. I offered to play one time, and was turned down (perhaps a little too quickly!) I'll tell you all about it next time I see you. Kate
  8. Hi, Allison. So nice to meet you & squeeze at NESI. I listened to Sympathique (in my ipod) all the way home. Do you have that? It has a real nice rendition of Bolero and their classic Je ne peux pas travailler. I am leaving Oct 1 and returning Oct 25, and starting to get a little anxiety mixed in with the excitement. The purpose of the trip is to study Chinese herbs (that and acupuncture are what I do for a real job). Thanks, Jeff, that is just the kind of suggestions I'm looking for. Maybe I'll brush up on some slow airs for the morning T'ai Chi crowd! I was going to take my old Bastari which plays decent and keep it in the soft gig bag & leave the case home. We'll be there almost a month & I'm trying to travel as light as possible. Sounds like you went all over the place. I'll be in Nanjing a few weeks and then a few days in the Guilin section (Yangsuo). Do you speak any Chinese? (I do not.) Is there some familiarity with a concertina? Kate (aka Dr. Dart)
  9. Has anyone taken their concertina to China? I'm planning to travel there with one in my carry-on, but I wonder if anyone has traveled there with their box. I'm not worried about flying as I have often carried one onto a plane domestically. I will be pretty much in one place studying, not touring. (Maybe I'll get lucky & come back with a sheng.) Thank you for any comments or advice. Kate (Gee, Ken, I guess that was a good dance, 3 posts in one night!)
  10. Personally, I'm afraid to buy musical instruments on ebay. Especially ones like concertinas or fiddles that might need a lot of repair and I don't know the owner. Unfortunately for you (but fortunately for Frank) I just bought a G/D from Frank Edgley. But I would have been definitely interested in that Crabbe, and with 38 keys. It would probably take the same fingering my 36 key lachenal has, which is a huge plus. (and then I would have approached Frank or Rich Morse at a later date for a C/G or something. I think you need another venue besides eBay. Were you ast the Squeeze-In? I'd still love to see it, even though I spent my money already. Sorry I didn't trust ebay for instruments. Kate
  11. It must've been those dances with Ken. Here I am posting. (Ladies beware!) I couldn't remember if I was "Dr. Dart" or Kate Poole, and then I couldn't remember which of my family's pets' names got me in. But I got it figured out. Great Squeeze-In as always. All night music, every room filled with the sounds of free reeds playing totally different things simultaneouly, and a really fun concert. An event not to be missed. I'm already looking forward to next year.
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