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  1. Is the GD still for sale ? If so would you email me: jpsx666@yahoo.co.uk.
  2. Is your box still for sale as I am interested in a GD.
  3. Hi. Am interested. Could you phone me 07880965495 or email jpsx666 @yahoo.co.uk. I live in London. Thanks John.
  4. Of late I have been on the lookout for another concertina. Is it me or do prices appear to have fallen by around 20pc? Maybe its wishfull thinking. Even really good instruments dont seem to be making their reserve prices. Any opinions?
  5. jps

    G/D wanted

    Wanted loud 30 note G/D anglo. Edgley/Tedrow etc are fine. Will pay up to 1000 english pounds or 1500 american dollars. I live in London England. John.
  6. Hi Robin. Has it steel reeds and in concert pitch. Am on the lookout for a loud G/D as am gradually being enticed into the local Morris scene. what kind of price are you asking? My E Mail adress is: jpsx666@yahoo.co.uk. John.
  7. jps

    G/D wanted

    Dollars? Pounds? Euros? pounds
  8. jps

    G/D wanted

    Last year I bought from canada a near new Edgely profesional C/G for around 1K.That would seem like a fair price for something similar in G/D.
  9. jps

    G/D wanted

    Wanted loud G/D 6 or 7 fold Tina for morris/folk. 26 or 30 button. I live in London and my phone No. is 07880965495 Thanks, John.
  10. Hi everyone, I'm John a new member. I've always played Harmonica and two years ago I bought a second-hand Gremlin Anglo. Of late, It's seem's a bit limited, so two months ago I bought a Wheatstone English, thinking that I'd get some of my money back if it didn't work out. Well, It didn't. So I would like to swap it for a decent Anglo (cash either way). It's a 56 Button Wheatstone (extended treble?). It;s six-sided and meassures 7 1/4" point-to-point. Steel rivited reeds, rosewood ends, five-fold black bellows. Silver buttons, finger and strap-holders (engraved Wheatstone). I've had a reed replaced and was told 22218 was on the frame and there were three small patches inside the bellows, which are air-tight. It has a loud, sweet sound and is in concert pitch (I compared it to my Gremlin). O'h, it's ex-Sally Army as thier lable is inside the original leather box. If there's any interest, I will open her up and get my son to take some pics. Inspection most welcome, I live in London.
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