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  1. The Falling Polska is in the Väsen tune book 2. 20 Euros is a lot to pay for one tune but I'm sure there will be other good content!
  2. I'm rather partial to Roger Tallroth's Fallandepolskan or 'Falling Polska'. Here's an unusual arrangement by 'realvocal'.
  3. I can rip the soundtrack from a youtube video and slow down the tempo without changing the pitch if that would help?
  4. I'm not sure why you got that message but you will find the content in a more digestible form here
  5. I'd forgotten about this young lady Chuck, you were asking about Finnish music, try this.
  6. Did that, there's some rare stuff in there and once again it requires more than a little editing to make any sense of it but some lovely music lurks within! Thanks for the tunes Chuck. You should be aware by the way that in addition to the American usage of Chuck being short for Charles, in northern England chuck is a quite familiar term of endearment, familiar enough in fact to be considered quite racy!
  7. I hadn't spotted them to be honest Steve. I may change all of the the Vs and Us to lower case and run it past my wife who plays violin (note - very much not a fiddle player!). She may deign to play it all in first position to see if the bow marks make sense.
  8. This is the largest abc file you are ever likely to encounter, the tunes came from here. So far I've only scratched the surface but there are some great tunes but be warned that there are anomalies and strange line breaks that need tidying up. Big.abc This file is in fact HUGE! A text file of nearly 6Mb Dick Atlee's Dance Tunes.abc A few Scandinavian tunes are in this interesting collection. Finnish and Eastern European Tunes.abc Here are a few tunes I found by googling "Finnish tunes in abc notation"
  9. A couple of polkas, the second is well known but this is a slightly different version to the one I've heard in the past. The first tune is new to me but well worth a go. X:14 T:Huhtikuun polkka T:April's Polka M:2/4 L:1/16 R:polka C:Otto Hotakainen A:Finland B:Otto Hotaisen Nuottikirja (Otto Hotakainen's Tunebook) N:by permission of Finnish Folkmusic Institute K:Am "Am"VE2(CE) AAEA|AcAc eece|(agf)(e fed)(c|"E"dcB)(AB4)|\ V(~E2^D)(E .^G2)EG|(~B2^G)(B .d2)Bd\ |"Dm"~(f2.e2) "E"(edc)(B|"Am"dB)A^G A4|\ V(E2C)UE AAEA|(Ac)(Ac) eece|\ "A"(agf)(e agf)(e|"Dm"gf).f2 (f3e|fed)(e fed)(B|"Am"cBA(^G|\ "E"E2^G)B (BdcB)| "Am"(cB.A2)A4:| |:"C"VG2(GF ECEG) | (c>dc)(B c2e2) |\ (g2e)(g age)(g | "F"~g2f)(e "Dm"f4) |"G"(BcBA) GGG2 | (BcBA) GGG2 | (bag)a (bag)(f | "C"~e2.d2)c4 |\ VG2(GF ECEG) | (cdc)(B c2e2) | (g2e)(g age)(g | "F"~g2f)(e"Dm"f4) |\ "G".f2G2 (f2gf | "C"edc)(d ed)c2 | "G"(G2B)(d BdB)(d |"C" .c2)B2c4:|] X:16 T:Nurmisen's Polka M:2/4 L:1/16 Q:1/4=130 C:Trad. S:Folkmusic from South-Karelia K:CMajor |:G2E2 >c3d| c2B2 B4|d^cde (3 f-g-f d2|cBcd e2c2|G2E2 >c3d|c2B2 B4|\ d^cde (3 f-g-f d2|c2e2c2 z2:||:(3g-a-ge2 (3e-f-e c2|(3e-f-ed2 dcBA|\ G2B2 d2f2|a2g2 gfef|(3g-a-ge2 (3e-f-e c2|(3e-f-ed2 dcBA|G2B2 d2de|\ d2c2c2z2:||:C2E2 GGGG|F2A2 AAAA| G2B2 dddd|c2e2 eeee| C2E2 GGGG|\ F2A2 AAAA|G2B2 ddde| d2c2 c4:|
  10. I think not. The tune is not in the least similar in my opinion although I will stand to be corrected. Bring out your dead as they say . . .
  11. Jim is exactly right! You're a good player Wolf, but in this instance the tune is running at a pace you can't cope with. If you want to play it at that tempo then you've got to learn to play it s-l-o-w-l-y then gradually pick up the pace.
  12. Ali has a new Soundcloud channel (I presume it's recent as he only has 23 followers!) and he has quite a few tracks up including a new suite called A Lindisfarne Gospel.
  13. This is an interesting tune. X:129 T:Montague House. Walsh 4 Volume 2.129 M:6/4 L:1/8 Z:Peter Dunk 2014 B:Walsh, The Compleat Country Dancing Master Fourth Edition. 1740 Q:3/4=90 K:F fe|f4F2 F3GA2|B4G2 G3AB2|c4C2 C3DE2|F4F2 F4:| |:AB|c4c2 c3dc2|d4d2 d3ef2|g4g2 g3agf|e6 c4a2| b3ag2 f3ed2|e3fg2 c3BA2|B3cd2 d2f2c2|A6 F4:| W: W:Each Strain Twice. (repeats added to notation accordingly)
  14. This has to be a personal choice but along with others here I have a preference for domed buttons (and raised ends!). Pete.
  15. I have no problem with that Steve, help yourself.
  16. Now I'm mightily intrigued by your right hand 1-3-2-1 fingering and what it may bring to the party. I'll have to give that a try, thanks for starting a very interesting thread!
  17. Sorry but I'm slightly confused by this, assuming that all of the notes are on the stave except the right hand D which is immediately below the stave. Bearing in mind that I am entirely self taught and left handed B-G-E-B (depending on what came next of course!) would probably be 2-1-2-1 and A-F-D-A on the right hand would be 1-2-3-1. I am much better at getting 3 behind 1 on the same row with my right hand than 3 behind 2 on my left, how weird is that? What I really can't get to grips with is how you are playing A=440 with your second finger and the F below it with your index finger, that sounds impossible so I must have misunderstood something along the way!
  18. Ah, that's possibly the source then as the link was in a private group on Facebook that has one or two 'tina players other than myself in it. If that's your Dropbox link then thank you very much, it's a great file! Pete.
  19. I'm a Village Music Project transcriber Jack and although my output isn't as large as yours I thinks it's safe to say that there are a couple of thousand tunes transcribed by me over the last two and a half years freely available to the public. As you are probably aware the specifications laid down by the Village Music Project with regard to ABC syntax doesn't allow me to leave spaces around bar lines or any other redundant spaces however useful.
  20. This is not really Something for the Weekend, more like Something for the Summer! I came across a link to an abc file that is a transcription of a book that is absolutely packed with wonderful tunes. Almost all of the content is entirely new to me and I'm excited by it! Forgive me if everyone else in the world already knows about this little treasure. The link allows you to download the abc file, a PDF or both. I wondered about giving this its' own thread . . . Bruce & Emmett's Drummers and Fifers Guide (1862)
  21. That's an OCD thing specific to you Jack and has nothing to do with the rights or wrongs of musical theory or the current specifications for ABC. Your usage is legal but by no means mandatory and unless you are correcting obvious mistakes you should limit yourself to expressing personal preferences not doing down perfectly good Apps because they don't do exactly what you want them to. You seem pretty intelligent, I look forward to buying the perfect ABC App when you've written it. Make it cross platform though because I use both Windows and Mac
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