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  1. Daft bat! *The preceding comment should keep Wolf occupied for several months* please notify me when he twigs it!
  2. Wolf I'm shocked! Does this help? I'm sure it will make you aware of the beauty of the tune! Best wishes to you and yours for the coming year. Halsway Carol
  3. X:1 T:Jesusita en Chihuahua P:intro ABACCDCA/2BA/2 A:Mexico M:C Q:1/4=135 K:G P:intro \def\userTu#1{\tie#1d1}% %\def\userTu#1{}% d>_d cB AG FE|.D2 .d2 .D2 z2\ \setdoublebar |\ P:A "G"B2 ce d2 ^cd|gd ^cd "D"fe ^de|a2 ge g2 fc| "D"fc Bc "G"ed _dc|B2 "D"ce "G"d2 fg|bg fg "C"a e2 e| ag fe "G"gd ^cd|"D"eg fa "G"gz gz::\ P:B L:1/16 "A7"a4 g4 "D"f2^ef g2f2|"A7"e2^de f2e2 "D"=dd^cB A4|\ "A"a4 g4 "D"f2^ef g2f2|"A"e2^de f2e2 "D"=d2a2 d'4::\ P:C K:C L:1/8 %"C"[TE4G4][EG][CE][DF][EG]|"F"[TF4A4][FA][DF][EG][FA]|\ "C"[TE4G4][EG][CE][DF][EG]|"F"[TF4A4][FA][DF][EG][FA]|\ L:1/4 "G"[G2B2] [FA] [GB]|1 "C"[F2A2] [E2G2]:|2 "C"[E4c4]|:\ K:G P:D L:1/16 %\mulooseness=1 "D"DEFG ABcd "G"edBG D2g2|"D"fdcA D2f2 "G"edBG .D4|\ "D"DEFG ABcd "G"edBG D2g2|"D"fd^cd b2a2 "G"g8:|
  4. X:1 T:The Orphan R:jig M:6/8 L:1/8 Q:3/8=100 K:Emin B,|E2 E EFB,|GFG AGA|B3 ABA|GFG EDB,| A,2 E EDB,|G3 AGA|B3 ABA|GED E2 B,| E2 E EFB,|G3 AGA|B3 ABA|GE/F/G EDB,| A,2 E EDB,|G3 AGA|B3 ABA|GED E3| efe dBA|GAB dBd|edB AGA|BdB AGF| G2 F EDB,|G3 AGA|BdB ABA|GED E3| [g3B] dBA|GAB dBd|edB AGA|B3 AGF| G2 F EDB,|G3 AGA|B3 ABA|GED E3|
  5. X: 0 T: Halsway Schottiche T: Halsway Carol C: Nigel Eaton O: England M: 4/4 L: 1/8 K:D A2GF EDEF | B2A2E2FG | B2A2 GFED | G2F2E4 | A2GF EDEF |G2F2E2F2 | D2EF GFED | F2E2 D4 | A2GF EDEF | B2A2E2FG | B2A2 GFED | G2F2E4 | A2GF EDEF |GEF2E2FE | D2EF GFED | F2E2 D3 d| cd A3 dcd | G2GA F2FG |E2FG AGFE | G2F2 E3d | cd A2 ABcd | G2GA F2FG | E2FG AGFE | F2E2 D3d | cdA3dcd |G2GA F3G| E2FG AGFE | G2F2E3d | cdA2 ABcd | G2GA F2FG| E2FG AGFE | F2E2D4 |]
  6. This is a quirky tune that manages to have the feel of odd meter which it isn't of course. Quirky tunes are sometimes popular so maybe someone will like it. X:165 T:Sally in Our Alley. Walsh 4 Volume 2.165 M:3/4 L:1/8 Z:Peter Dunk 2014 B:Walsh, The Compleat Country Dancing Master Fourth Edition. 1740 Q:1/4=140 K:C zg/f/ ef|(e2 d)(e/d/) cd|(c2 c)(c/B/) AG|FEDC Cc-|c2:| |:ze/f/ ge|agfe fd|gfed ec|fedc BG-| G2 zg/f/ ef|(e2d)(e/d/) cd|(c2B)e/f/ gd|fedc Gc-|c2:| W: W:Each Strain Twice. (repeats added to notation accordingly)
  7. Please Note: Let it Snow may be subject to copyright, I have an abc file but message me for a copy as I don't want to post it here. If it's voted in as tune of the month the situation would require clarification. X:1 T:In the Bleak Midwinter R:March C:Gustav Holst 1906 O:Germany Z:Paul Hardy's Xmas Tunebook 2012 (see www.paulhardy.net). Creative Commons cc by-nc-sa licenced. M:4/4 L:1/4 Q:1/4=120 K:G "G" B>c d B|"Em" A2 G z|"Am" A>B A E|"C" A2- "D" A z|"G" B>c d B|"Em" A2 G z|"C" A B "D7" A>G|"G" G4| "C" c>B c d|e2 "Em" B2|"G" d B A G|"D" F3 z|"G" B>c d B|"Em" A2 G z|"C" A B "D" A>G|"G" G4|] W:In the bleak midwinter frosty wind made moan, W:Earth stood hard as iron, water like a stone; W:Snow had fallen, snow on snow, snow on snow, W:In the bleak midwinter, long a go. W: W:(Christina Rosetti, 1872) X: 1 T: Abbots Bromley Horn Dance [Em] N: From the Nottingham Music Database S: EFDSS M: 6/8 K: Em e \ | "Em"B2e G2e | "Em"B2e E2G | "Am"FGA "Em"GAB \ |1,3 "B7"AGF "Em"G2 :|2,4 "B7"AGF "Em"E2 :| \ e \ | "Am"c2e cde | "Am"A2c ABc \ | "D"FGA "(Em)"GFE | DEF "Bm"B,2g | | "Em"e2g efg | "Am"c2e cde \ | "G"dcB "D"AGF | "Em"E3 E2 |: \ A \ "Em"BcB "Am"c3 | "Em"BcB "Am"e3 | "Em"BcB "B7"AGF \ |1 "Em"G3 "B7"G2 :|2 "Em"E3 E2 |] X:1 T:Bourrée dite Aurore Sand R:Bourrée à 2 temps Z:abc transcription Simon Wascher N:please mail errors to: simon.wascher@chello.at M:2/4 L:1/8 K:Gm D|G3/2A/2 Bc|d3d|d3/2g/2 ^fg|d3d|e3/2d/2 cA|B3/2A/2 GB|A3/2G/2 AB|G3:| | |d3/2c/2 Bc|d3/2c/2 Bc|d3/2c/2 de|d3/2c/2 Bc|d3/2c/2 Bc|d3/2c/2 Bc|d3/2c/2 BA|G:|
  8. Whoops! I missed a bar out of the last line of Sally's Fancy. Try it now if it didn't make sense!
  9. This is a jolly little tune in a minor sort of way, I transcribed this today from a book published in 1740 so it may have a bit of dust left in the corners. X:150 T:Sally's Fancy. Walsh 4 Volume 2.150 M:6/8 L:1/8 Z:vmp. Peter Dunk 2014 B:Walsh, The Compleat Country Dancing Master Fourth Edition. 1740 Q:3/8=105 K:Am cBA ceB|cBA ^GBE|ABc B2A|B2^GE3|edc def| edc BdG|cde dcB|c2c c3::GFE CGC|GFE CGC| ABc B2A|B2^G E3|cec BdB|cec BdB|ceA ^GEG|A2A A3:| W: W:Each Strain Twice. (repeats added to notation accordingly) Edited to include missing bar!
  10. Ruediger, I think you do yourself and many other players on the forum an injustice by feeling that your comments on Tune of the Month entries might be inappropriate because there are a few good players on the block so they take precedence! Alan Day is a wondrous anglo player who can advise on musical interpretation and style for a given tune but he can't help me with the technical aspects of playing an English concertina because he doesn't play one. Alan doesn't read music either so if three versions of a tune are posted he won't be able to pass comment on them unless midi files are added too. Dr. David Barnert is a formidable musician with a deep understanding of musical theory and an uncanny ability to transcribe a tune on the fly from a recording that is simply breathtaking. Any comments he made about musical style and interpretation I would listen to but he's so over my head in ability that I might not be able do as he suggests. David plays Hayden duet which once again isn't my system, I'm not sure if he has played English in the past but as far as I'm aware he probably won't understand my abiding fear of fifth jumps! I know little of Randy Stein other than that he is an awesome player of the English concertina and a fluent master of his craft, more than capable of passing comments on TotM contributions but as far as I'm aware has limited himself to making contributions himself rather than commenting. Good musicians (and there are many more thay haven't been named here) contribute to TotM and ThotM as and when it suits them. They would be horrified to discover that their mere presence was sufficient to drive other commentators away! Chill and enjoy the tunes! Edit: typos as always!
  11. Yes John, well spotted! Now corrected in the post.
  12. Here's a cracking tune! X:1 T:Hommage A Gilles Laprise C:Phillippe Bruneau R:reel M:4/4 L:1/8 K:Dmaj |:a3 a gfeg|fefg afdf|edef gecA|defg agfg| a2 aa gfeg|fefg afdf|edef gecA|[1 dfec defg:|[2 dfec d3 A|| |:Afed B3 B|Bgfe a2 aa|Afed cAce|ageg fafd| Afed B2 BB|Bgfe a3 a|Afed cAce|[1 agec d2 dd:|[2 agec d2 d2|] Edited to correct error in the code (Thanks to John and Patrick for picking it up!)
  13. Sadly the MandolinTab converter screws it up too. Bit by bit all of the online converters are being corrupted and if you want to continue using abc files it's imperative that you download and use one of the dedicated and FREE software packages that make life so much easier to work with abc! Q for The Winter Night Schottische would be Q:1/4=140. Download and get used to: ABC Explorer (my recomendation) Easy ABC - a close second ABC Navigator - my least favourite bit of software but it is well proven and totally bomb proof! Ignore this at your peril, the online convertors are being made toast one by one! Pete.
  14. http://s279.photobucket.com/user/p_m_dunk/media/Rosedetail.jpg.html?sort=3&o=1 http://s279.photobucket.com/user/p_m_dunk/media/Dulcimer.jpg.html?sort=3&o=0
  15. Well I own a hammered dulcimer that I made myself under expert tuition 25 years ago but I never got to grips with it, a great shame to be honest.
  16. I'm not yet convinced by this tune but that went a long way towards making me like it Graham! Whatever it is you're doing (I don't play anglo) keep on doing it because I was almost mesmerised by the end of the video.
  17. Looks as if the closing tag - was missing from your post.
  18. Yes, quite so! We have often been at loggerheads in the past Jim but here you are spot on. If maki's knowledge of musical theory is sketchy enough to ask for the notes that make up the basic triad of a minor chord then pointing out that the notes involved might be otherwise named and still sound the same in another key just muddies the waters. Introducing notes which are in fact double sharps or double flats and why it is correct to name them so starts to make things even more incomprehensible to a novice. Little by little we learn.
  19. Oh it certainly is, but you should look upon it simply as that, different. It's just another experience that is (properly) odd at first but oh so easy to become captivated by. Your first time out playing with WCCP was probably proper daunting, with Claire Wren at the helm everything must have scared the living daylights out of you but I bet you came away with a bit of a buzz you can't properly explain? A certain something that makes you want to go back there again and not feel quite so intimidated this time? G'wan, it's now several months down the line and you know you want to!
  20. I think it very important here that we don't loose sight of the fact that were honoured to be joined on this forum by a number of members for whom English is a second or even third language so nit-picking terminology is very unfair. I'm blown away by all of the contributions made on this forum by concertina players from all parts of the world, let's be nice and keep it that way!
  21. X:1 T:Minuet in G Major C:JS Bach M:3/4 L:1/8 %%barnumbers 0 Q:1/4=160 K:G (d2 GABc|d2).G2.G2|!<(!(e2cdef!<)!|g2).G2.G2| (c2 dcBA|B2)(cBAG|F2) (GABG|A6)| (d2 GABc|d2).G2.G2|!<(!(e2cdef!<)!|g2)G2G2| (c2 dcBA|B2)(cBAG|A2) (BAGF|G6):| |:b2 (ga bg|a2) (de fd|g2)(ef gd|^c2 Bc A2)| !<(!(AB ^cd ef|!<)!g2).f2.e2|.f2(A2^c2|d6)| d2 (GF G2)|e2 (GF G2)|.d2.c2.B2|(AG FG A2)| !<(!(DE FG AB|.c2).B2.A2!<)!|!f!(cd) .G2.F2|G6:|
  22. For those who like a good 3/2 hornpipe here's one that I came across recently, it may well have been on this very forum but I really can't recall. X:1 T:Downfall of a Ginn, a Hornpipe, The C:Ravenscroft S:Walsh 1731 M:3/2 L:1/8 Q:1/2=85 K:G E4G4B4|e2dc BAGF G2E2|gfeg fe^dfe2B2|A2cB AGFE^D2B,2| E4G4B4|e2dc BAGFG2E2|gfeg fe^dfe2BA|GFEG B,2^D2E4|| G4B4d4|g2fe dcBA B2G2|bagb agfa g2dc|BAGBD2F2G4| BA^G^F EdcB c2A2| AGFE DcBA B2G2|gfeg fe^dfe2BA|GFEGB,2^D2E4||
  23. Addenum. Large turned brass screws on the thumb straps of the 'mahogany' ended 'tina say clearly to me 'not Wheatstone' At one time I would have said 'Lachenal' without a doubt but these days I work on fact alone. I'll stick with 'not Wheatstone'!
  24. I do find posts like this challenging. A link to an auction house website, a lot number and a sale date. Go to website, enter lot number into search window, nothing. Go to sale date page, enter lot number, I get an error. If you got as far as finding the lot including photos why can't you post a link straight to the sale item? Given that the pictures show the left hand end of an instrument with ebony or ebonised ends and an entire 48 button English with dark brown (possibly Mahogany) ends I'm not quite sure what's for sale here. I think I'd walk away from this unless it sells for silly cheap!
  25. I'm now turning off notifications from this thread (and probably the whole forum) so I'm unlikely to reply again any time soon. Best, Pete. Edit: typo
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