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  1. Alan, everything about changing your email address in 'My Controls' looks fairly straightforward. If you have changed your email address and you are now able to log on but your email contacts via the board don't work I suggest you contact Paul and report a possible problem with the software. I'll try and send an email via the link in your profile and see what happens ... Pete.
  2. I would venture to suggest that the asking price is very reasonable. So who's going to lend me 2 grand?
  3. A melodeon isn't a one row accordion in the English idiom. It's a diatonic button accordion, the number of rows isn't even considered. 'Most' people here would describe a 'melodeon' as a two or two and a half row button diatonic squeeze-box available in a variety of keys - oh, and there are also one row boxes but we don't talk about those ...
  4. Is this a baritone/treble or a treble extended down? If that doesn't make sense, is the C below middle C on the left hand (baritone/treble) or the right hand?
  5. Hello Dan, welcome to the forum. Which particular flavour of concertina rocks your boat? As a music teacher I bet you've gone for the English although duets appeal to many formally trained musicians. I'll be picking your brains about rhythms soon enough!
  6. I don't play anglo so it's all a mystery to me but if Danny Chapman was to make a similar video playing an English I think it would make more sense from the lower angle. Nice playing by the way.
  7. Now I'm all intrigued and wondering what your original post said.
  8. Is this a Wiki duet concertina? I've not seen a MacCann with less than 46 buttons and it does have six rows (sort of) but it does look kind of odd.
  9. We call them apartments over here Crikey! Someone from t'other side of the pond (if a little to the north) that understands proper English, whatever next.
  10. I'm no expert on this but the layouts look quite different to me. The MacCann has six rows of buttons and the Crane five, I've not paid much attention to the Hayden but I have a vague recollection that it looks more like an anglo layout than anything. A duet midi concertina could but made but not an all systems one I fear. I wouldn't be at all surprised to see Concertina Connection bring out a Hayden midi in the fullness of time though.
  11. A while ago I bought a 1916 model 2 Wheatstone 48 key treble - rosewood ends, nickel buttons, brass reeds. I was quite surprised to find that all 96 reeds were valved, and they all looked original or at least quite old. I thought it might have been re-valved by an inexperienced repairer who didn't realise that the top few notes on each side aren't usually valved at all (as I understand it). Recently I came across a mid range Lachenal 48 key treble - rosewood ends with metal inlays, nickel buttons, 5 fold bellows. Quite a nice looking thing but needs a fair bit of attention to get it back into playing condition. Again it has valves fitted to all 96 reeds. Did I misunderstand the description I read somewhere that said that the higher reeds in a treble (a few on each side) weren't fitted with valves at all, or have I found two fairly good quality instruments that have suffered at the hands of inexpert repairers?
  12. The title of this thread has never been more apt. Just look at this! I was quite interested in this item as I need spares for a couple of instruments - but not that much, I went to just over a hundred but would certainly spend no more. Chris must be laughing his socks off.
  13. Sorry Robin I didn't realize we'd jumped back to the first of the Aeolas and I missed any reference to a serial number for that one. I agree the entry is odd and there are several other entries on the same page which are similar but the fact remains that a tenor concertina has only 48 keys. A 56 key tenor can only be a tenor/treble as far as I'm aware, if it was a tenor extended down that would be the same as an extended baritone wouldn't it?
  14. I've made up two of the David Leese kits with excellent results and the price is very reasonable. Thoroughly recommended.
  15. I don't know if we're looking at different things here but I read the entry for 30022 as 'Octo' which is shorthand for the octagonal Aeola.
  16. It's a lovely instrument and I would consider the price to be very fair. Again if I had the cash I would be diving in at the buy it now price. It is a later model than the other one, but it's still firmly in Wheatstone's 'golden era'.
  17. A tenor would only have 48 keys. A 56 key tenor is by definition a tenor/treble.
  18. I think m3838 is being modest or missed the point of your question. He made a great little video that shows how it works. Nifty and well thought out; as a left hander I'd have the strap over my right shoulder to keep the right hand end of the concertina in a fixed position.
  19. This tenor/treble Edeophone is a much better indicator of market value I would think. I'd have expected see this for sale from a dealer at around £2200-£2300 and make a little less in an auction. I would have thought the best price the Aeola would have brought to be about £2600 but people do get carried away when bidding now and again. I'd be surprised if this is a sign of things to come.
  20. Neil Wayne is now in on the bidding for this one, it will be an interesting sale to watch.
  21. Quite a nice looking box now that the detailed pics have been added. It will be interesting to see what it sells for.
  22. I forget to mention that the original subject of this thread is back on at a starting price of 99p!
  23. Whilst not quite as outlandish as some offerings, this new listing is perhaps a tad ambitious. It's from one of the usual suspects.
  24. It's like a comedy of errors John. The original workshop start time of 2.15 was put back an hour to 3.15 because of a scheduling cockup so you might easily have made it for the whole thing. Sounds like you'd had enough squeezing for one day though! Stopped at Northiam station eh? I work at the other end of the village! No doubt we'll run into each other at an ICA meeting in Canterbury before too long ...
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