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  1. PM sent. If they ever get around to scanning the Mundy manuscript and putting it online I'd be very interested in taking a look at it!
  2. A PDF copy of Leadley Vol. 4 is now available for download here.
  3. The manuscripts are in a private collection and there are seven of them. I didn't realise that the tunes in the Fiddler of Helperby were included in this transciption as I only saw the twenty or so pages that I transcribed. Here is ChrisP's comment on my post in another forum. "A little clarification before you wander off looking for it. It was one of the seven tunebooks belonging to Leadley. James Merryweather and Matt Seattle published a selection of dance tunes from these in the book "The Fiddler of Helperby", which is now out of print. Our transcription includes the tunes selected for the book, but also the ones considered off topic, by way of providing context. And there are indeed many fine hornpipes in there, plus Peter's eight page mammoth transcription of spidery ledger line hell." I doubt that there is online access to scans of all seven volumes otherwise Chris would have linked to it on Folkopedia. I will ask the question but I'll be very surprised if any other manuscripts have been made available otherwise we'd be transcribing them now!
  4. One of Lawrence Leadley's manuscripts that wasn't included in the well known "Fiddler of Helperby" book has been transcribed by The Village Music Project and is now available online. Here is a link to the abc file, if anyone would like a PDF version then give me a shout and I'll make one up. This volume contained a mixture of dance tunes and longer classical pieces which gave us some headaches! It also "contains material that had been popular for some time, as well as up to the minute sets of quadrilles and polkas, and many very fine hornpipes." to quote ChrisP Leadley Vol. 4
  5. I haven't been keeping up with the forum of late Don so any content that aligns itself with recent discussions on here is entirely coincidental. James Fitton is an English dance band musician and composer, read this. As for 'tallship' who he? Well to be honest it's me! That was my handle on this forum and many others for many years, for the last couple of years I've reverted to my own name. Am I now famous, or better still infamous?
  6. I haven't posted for a while, here are a series of jigs called Rainbow Jigs, written by James Fitton who kindly gave me permission to share the abc, a PDF and an mp3 file of the whole thing. ABC X:10 T:Rainbow Jigs C:James Fitton B:Tunes, Arrangements and Songs 2016 M:6/8 L:1/8 Z:Peter Dunk 2016 %%barnumbers 0 Q:3/8=100 K:G "No. One Red Jig"\ "G"gfg "C"edc|"G"B2G G2"C"c/B/|"D"A2D D2d/c/|"G"B2G G2f| "Em"gfg "C"age|"G"ded BAG|"D"ABc def|"G"g2b g3:| |:"G"GFG ABc|"G"d2g g2 "Bm"f/g/|"D"a2d d2 b/a/|"G"d2g g2F| "Em"GFG "D"ABc|"G"d2g g2"Em"f/g/|"D"a2D DEF|"G"G2B G3:| % |:"No. Two Orange Jig"\ "Am"A2c E2A|"Am"agf "C"edc|"Am"A2c "Em"B2A|"G"GFG "C"EFG| "Am"A2B "D"A2G|"Em"EFG "C"EFG|"Am"c2c "G"B2B|"Am"AEG A3:| |:"Am"a3 "G"g3|"Am"cBA "Em"GFE|"Am"a3 "G"g3|"C"egf e3| "Am"a2c B2A|"G"g2B A2G|"C"e3 "D"d3|"G"BAG "Am"A3:| % |:"No. Three Yellow Jig"\ "Bm"B3F3|"D"DEF "C"GcA|"Bm"B3F3|"G"dcA "C"GFG| "Bm"BFF BdF|"Am"AEE edc|"Bm"B3 "Am"AAB|"C"cBA "Bm"B3:| "Bm"f3B3|"D"ffg "C"fed|"Bm"f3 Bfg|"Am"age "Bm"f3| "Em"gfe "D"fdd|"D"fed "Em"eBB|"D"f3 "Am"e3|"D"FGA "Bm"B3:| % |:"No. Four Green Jig"\ "C"c2E "G"GFG|"Am"AGA "Bm"BAB|"C"c2c cde|"G"dcB "D"A2G| "C"eGe "Am"cBA|"Am"cEc "Em"EFG|"C"cEA "G"G3-|GED "C"C3:| "C"C2G GFG|"C"c2G GFG|"Am"C2G GFG|"C"E2D C3| "C"cEA G3-|"C"GEG GFG|"Am"cEA G3-|"C"GED C3:| % |:"No. Five Blue Jig"\ "D"D2A BAA|"C"cBA "G"GFG|"D"D2A BAA|"C"c2c "G"B2B| "D"D2d dcB|"Bm"AGA FGA|"G"BAB "Em"GFE|"D"D2D D3:| |:"D"d2A AGA|"C"cBA "G"GFG|"D"d2A AGA|"C"c2B "G"c2B| "D"A2D DEc|"C"G2C CEc|"G"BcA "C"GFE|"D"D2D D3:| % |:"No. Six Indigo Jig"\ "Em"EGB "D"AGF|"Em"G2E E3|"C"edB "G"BAG|"D"A3 "G"B3| "Em"eBd "G"BAG|"D"AGA "Em"GFE|"C" DEG "D"FED|"C"E2D "Em"E3:| "Em"eef "D"gfd|"C"e2d "Em"e3|"C"eef "Em"edc|"G"B3B3| "C"gfe c3|"Bm"fed B3|"D"AAB "Bm"GFD|"C"E2D "Em"E3:| % |:"No. Seven Purple Jig"\ "F#"FGA "G"B2A|"Em"G2A "F#"F3|"D"FGA "C"G2F|"Bm"B3 "F#"B3| "Bm"fed AGF|"C"cBA GFE|"G"GAB "Em"G2E|"F#"F3F3:| |:"Bm"fed "G"B2A|"Em"B2G "D"F3|"Bm"fed "G"B2A|"Bm"B3B3| "F#"ABc def|"Em"GAB cde|"G"BAG "Em"F2E|"F#"F3F3:| PDF mp3
  7. I find it slightly surreal when someone resurrects a thread that's nine years old. Orm, has it really taken you four years of reading old threads to find this? You need to get a life mate, I mean seriously!
  8. Here's a nice little waltz to finish the year off with, Happy New Year all! X:19 T:Mad'm. Buonaparte's Waltz. Preston 1803.507 M:3/8 L:1/16 Z:vmp. Peter Dunk 2015 B:Preston's Twenty Four Country Dances For The Year 1803 Q:1/8=85 K:Bb de|fdB2 bg|fdB2 fd|ecAFAc|e2d2 de|fdB2bg| fdB2 fd|ecAFAc|{A}B4::AB|cAFAce|dBFBdf|gegebg| =efef AB|cAFAce|dBFBdf|gegebg|B4::F2|B2d2f2| fgfed2|c2B2c2|d2B2F2|B2d2f2|fgfed2|c2B2c2|B4:| (The name isn't a typo, that's as is in the original book.)
  9. Really? New to me I have to say, and as a fellow Tyke I can't even claim it's because I'm from a different part of the country, only another part of the county.
  10. You may find something of interest in two threads from melodeon.net started by Peter 'Stormy' Hyde on the subject of using (boat building) foam panels in instrument construction. I'm not sure why but some comments have been removed from the first one making it a bit slow to get started. http://forum.melodeon.net/index.php/topic,342.msg2589.html#msg2589 http://forum.melodeon.net/index.php/topic,7117.msg88495.html#msg88495
  11. This is correct in as far as it goes but surely modes could start on any of the twelve notes in an octave and would then be a mixture of black and white notes on a keyboard?
  12. GbH is a well known member of melodeon.net. I shall ask him! Guy was too busy today to comment!
  13. GbH is a well known member of melodeon.net. I shall ask him!
  14. A huge thank you to Chuck Boody for providing a much more compact index and crib sheet!
  15. Don't miss this little gem: Words and a rubbish midi track here Nicely sung here.
  16. Hi Les, the tune is actually called St Clement and was written seperately from the words of the hymn. I adapted a piano arrangement to make it into a four part piece for a concertina band a couple of years ago, you may have some fun multi tracking it! (It's all in treble clef btw, we don't use bass cleff for band stuff.) St. Clement.pdf
  17. Hi Chuck, I tried halving the number of pages by having two columns per page of only two bars per tune but the font size can't be changed and some of the longer titles ran into each other! I'll try and share a folder in my box with you and send a link. Edit: Box folder now shared, check your email inbox.
  18. The error has been reported and all of my files linked to in this thread have been corrected.
  19. Hi Wolf, no apology necessary, the tune only appears once and it is a coding error so I'll report it. Well spotted, thank you! Pete.
  20. Hi Wolf, I can see that the first note should be f not d, is there anything else? If not I'll report this error to Chris P and it will be corrected!
  21. An 88 page(!) incipits file, Playford Omnibus Index.pdf, is now in the Box folder. The Index shows the first four bars of each tune. A text index showing page numbers would be handier! Edit: typo
  22. Update: If it helps Chuck I've just combined all three volumes into one ABC file, sorted it into alphabetical order by title and renumbered the X: fields. It's in the Box folder as Playford Omnibus.abc I'm tempted to create an incipits PDF so that may be in there too by the time you read this!
  23. Hi Chuck, I've added the ABC files to the Box folder with the PDFs in. The PDFs were exported directly from ABC Explorer and as far as I'm aware no format files are created in the process. Perhaps it's best if you simply produce your own indexed PDFs and I'll adopt those! I'm looking forward to the omnibus edition!
  24. Hi, I've owned a Jackie and still own a Jack alongside several vintage concertinas. The button spacing and spring pressure of the Jack and Jackie are very close to those of my Wheatstones (although they all vary fractionally). The very slight difference would be forgotton about after a few minutes of playing any individual concertina. I would use three fingers for a stretched triad like D maj with the F# in the middle but only two fingers for close triads like G maj and C maj. This seems very natural and easy to me but perhaps my fingertips are larger than yours. Edited to add that I would use just one finger to play the 'open fifth' Wolf mentions above.
  25. Here's a fine rendition albeit slower than I would play it but pehaps it's bonnier at a slower pace. The Recruiting Officer
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