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  1. Apologies for my stumbling fingers.


    I only noticed one obvious slight stumble from which you recovered quickly and it didn't seem to rattle you at all, Playing through a mistake without allowing it to affect the rest of the piece is a good skill to have. I enjoyed listening to this and have noted tempo rubato and note length juggling as part of your style. ;)



  2. This is one for the collectors, I doubt I will ever reach the standard required to play it but it's nice to mess around with it. Ratface rides again! :D


    T:Coucou, Le
    T:Cuckoo, The
    C:L-C Daquin
    C:arr, Danny Chapman
    Z:Peter Dunk 2013
    K:G clef=treble
    |:zBcB eBcB &E,4 z2G2|gBcB eBcB &E4 z2G2|\
    gBcB eBcB &E4 z2G2|g2f2{e2f2}e2^d2 &E2F2G2A2|
    eBcB gBcB &G4 z2E2|AABA fABA &F4 z2^D2|\
    GGAG eGAG &E4 z2 C2|FFGF dFGF &D4 z2 B,2|
    EEFE cEFE &C4 z2 A,2|[1^D2E2{F2G2}F2G2 &B,2G,2F,2E,2|\
    F8 &B,F,G,A, B,A,G,F,:|[2^DEDE FGAF &B,2B,2 D2A,2|
    B2AG TF2>E2 &G,2A,2B,2z2||E8 &zB,A,B, G,B,A,B,|\
    zded gded &E,2 z2 z2 B2|bded gded &G4 z2B2|
    bded gded &G4 z2B2|b2a2{g2a2}g2f2 &G2A2B2c2|\
    gded bded & B4 z2G2|ccdc acdc &A4 z2F2|
    BdcB gdcB &G4 z2G2|e2d2{c2d2}c2B2 &c2B2A2G2|\
    Adcd z2a2 &D4 Adcd|f4 z2a2 &Ddcd Adcd|
    "3"f4 z2"2"a2 & Ddcd A"1"dc"1"d|"1"f4 z2a2 &"3"DAGA\
    FAGA|d4 z2d2 &B,GFG DGFG|B4 z2d2 &G,GFG DGFG|
    B4 z2d2 &G,GFG DGFG|B4 z2d2 &G,GFG DGFG|\
    GFGA BABc &E2E2D2C2|d2e2 {B}A2>G2 &B,2C2D2D,2|
    [G8D8] &G,2 G,A, B,A,G,F,|:zBcB eBcB & E,4 z2G2|\
    gBcB eBcB &E4 z2G2|gBcB eBcB &E4 z2G2|
    g2f2{e2f2}e2^d2 &E2F2G2A2|eBcB gBcB &G4 z2E2|\
    AABA gABA &F4 z2^D2|GGAG eGAG &E4 z2C2|
    FFGF dFGF &D4 z2B,2|EEFE cEFE &C4 z2A,2\
    |[1^D2E2F2G2 &B,2G,2F,2E,2|F8 &B,F,G,A, B,A,G,F,:|
    [2^DEDE FGAF &B,2B,2D2A,2|B2AG TF2>E2 &G,2A,2B,2z2|\
    E8 &zB,A,B, G,B,A,B,||zBAB ^GBAB &E,2z2 z2E2|
    eBAB ^GBAB &^G,4 z2E2|dBAB ^GBAB & B,4 z2E2|\
    eB^cd edcB &^G,4 z2E2|^ccBc ^AcBc &^A,4 z2F2|
    f^cBc ^AcBc &^A,4 z2 F2|e^cBc ^AcBc &^C4 z2F2|\
    e^cde fedc &^A,4 z2F2|dd^cd Bdcd &B,4 z2B,2|
    fd^cd Bdcd &D,4 z2 B,2|gd^cd Bdcd &E,4 z2B,2|\
    ^gd^cd Bdcd & =F,4 z2B,2|^afef ^cfef &^F,4 z2E,2|
    bfef dfef &D,4 z2 B,2|gafg efde &E2F2G2F2|\
    ^cdcd edcB &E4 z2G,2|^A2>B2 B2AB &F,4 B,4|
    [^c8^A8^C8] &F2FE FGFE|z"2"FGF BFGF &D4 z2D2|\
    dFGF BFGF &B,4 z2D2|dFGF BFGF &B,4 z2D2|
    d2^c2"1"B2^A2 &B,2^C2D2E2|BFGF dFGF &D4 z2 B,2|\
    EEFE ^cEFE &^C4 z2^A,2|
    DDED B"1"DED &B,4 z2B,2|(3^C2B2F2 B^A^GA &(3E,2G,2F,2 z2x2|\
    [b8F8] &B,2B,=C B,A,G,F,||
    |:zBcB eBcB &E,4 z2G2|gBcB eBcB &E4 z2G2|\
    gBcB eBcB &E4 z2G2|g2f2{e2f2}e2^d2 &E2F2G2A2|
    eBcB gBcB &G4 z2E2|AABA fABA &F4 z2^D2|\
    GGAG eGAG &E4 z2 C2|FFGF dFGF &D4 z2 B,2|
    EEFE cEFE &C4 z2 A,2|[1^D2E2{F2G2}F2G2 &B,2G,2F,2E,2|\
    F8 &B,F,G,A, B,A,G,F,:|[2^DEDE FGAF &B,2B,2 D2A,2|
    B2AG F2>E2 &G,2A,2B,2z2||[E8B,8G,8E,8]|]
  3. Now that Tune of the Month is up and running so well, a move towards Theme of the Month (ThOTM) is a healthy thing and gives everyone a chance to contribute to one or the other and indeed both of course.


    Tune of the Month = The 1812 Overture


    Theme of the Month = American Old Time


    I'd probably steer clear of the 1812 Overture because I play English and it doesn't have a special key for canon fire like some anglos. American Old Time offers me a world of opportunity to contribute at any level I am capable of.


    Adding a Theme of the Month is a great idea, it makes things much more inclusive! What shall we have first, Tunes from Monaco? Okay perhaps not. ;)

  4. So if I wanted to play the tune in G I would bring down each note by four tones? And start the tune on the G note?


    Try popping this into the Tune-O-Tron. ;)


    T:Hop and Skip
    C:Jody Kruskal
    C:Copyright 2008 ©, Jody Kruskal. All rights reserved.
    GABc|:"G"d2 dB "C"c3 A|"Em"BAGB "D"A3 F|\
    "C"GAGE "G"DEGB|"Am"AGAB "D"A4|
    "G"d2 dB "C"c3 A|"Em"BAGB "D"A3 F|\
    "C"GAGE "G"DEGB|"D"AGFA "G"G4:|
    |:"Em"BA G2 E2 G2|"G" BA G2 "D"D4|\
    "Em"BAGB "C"cdcB|"Am"AGFE "D"DFAc|
    "Em"BA G2 E2 G2|"G" BA G2 "D"D4|\
    "Em"BAGB "C"cdcB|"D"AG F2 "G"G4:|
    W:A step-hop hornpipe meant for the jaunty lumpiness of
    W:English dances. Play it with a bouncy swing for full flavour
  5. Here's a tune with a difference, thirteen measures in the A music is something I've not encountered before and I can't really tell if the tempo is anywhere near right. It's quite catchy if a little odd!


    T:Six and Sevens



    Z:Peter Dunk 2013

    B:Walsh, The Compleat Country Dancing Master Fourth Edition. 1740




    eccAAF|fcgcac|(fg) =e4|f4z2|fcgcac|(fg) =e4|f6:|

    |:cFAcfe|dfBdGB|EGcBAG|^F4 d2|gddBBG|eccedc|


    AFBFcF|dFeFfF|BdfdBe|(dc) c2>B2|B6:|


    W:Each Strain Twice. (repeats added to notation accordingly)


    For the hambo, there is no sheet ..





    Here's an abc:


    T:Hambo på logen
    C:Karl Salomonsson, text Anna Fina Wahlin
    |: D2 D>E D>C | B,2 D>G B2 | G2 G>A G>E | G2 F4 | D2 D>F E>F |
    D2 F<A d2 | d2 d>e d>c | c2 B4 | D2 D>E D>C | B,2 D<G B2 |
    G2 G>A G>F | F2 E4 | c2 c>B A>c | B2 B>A G>B | A2 A>F D>F | G2 G4 :|
    |: B>c d2 dB | GA B4 | G>A B2 A>G | G2 F4 |
    w:Stem fi-o-len du spel-man glad och sätt far-ten på strå-ken
    A>B c2 c>B | AG F4 | F>G F2 E>F | E2 D3 D |
    w:Här är vän-nen och här är jag Vi ska dan-sa som hog-en. Det
    B,>C D2 DC |B,D G3 G | F>G A2 A2 | G2 A2 B2 |
    w:sprit-tar gläd-je från topp till tå och det vär-mer i blo-gen. Men
    c>d e2 c>c | B>c d2 B2 | A>B c>A F>A | G2 G4 :|
    w:ing-en-ting går väl upp än-då e-mot en ham-bo på-å lo-gen
    |: B,2 B,>C B,>A, | G,2 B,>D G>D | B,2 B,>C B,>G, | A,2 D4 | F2 F>D ^C>D |
    F2 A<G F2 | F2 F>G F>E | E2 D4 | B,2 B,>C B,>A, | G,2 B,>D G>D |
    B,2 B,>C B,>A, | A,2 C4 | E2 E>D E>A | G2 G>F G>D | C2 C>D C>A, | B,2 B,4 :|
    |: G>A B2 BG | DA G3 D | B,>D G2 D>B, | B,2 A,4 |
    F>G A2 AG | FE D4 | D>E D2 C>A, | G,2 B,4 |
    G,>A, B,2 B,A |GC B,4 | D>E F>D C2 | B,2 C2 D2 | E>F G2 G2 | G>A B2 G2 |
    F>G A>F D>C | B,2 B,4 :|
  7. Watch this


    Play This:


    T:I've Lost My Love and I Care Not
    A, | D2 D DCA, | F3 F2 G | A>BA AGF | c3 A2d |
    c2 A A>GF | G>AG GEC | F2D E>CA, | F3 D2 ||
    c | d>ed dcA | .c2 c cAc | d>ed dcA | c3 A2 d |
    c2 A A>GF | G>AG GEC | F2D E>CA, | F3 D2 c |
    d>ed dcA | .c2 c cfe | d>ed dcA | cAG A2 d |
    c2 A A>GF | G>AG GEC | F2D E>CA, | F3 D2 |]
    W:Tune for "The Nightingale" (Fieldtown) as performed by Hexham Morris.
    W:Playing order: A (to yourself) AB AB AB
  8. By the way, my sense of that extra beat is that the four 8th notes B-A-G-F# are the third beat of the previous measure, not the first beat of the next measure, as my friend Peter has notated it.



    You know the more I think about this the stranger it seems. I don't recall ever transcribing this tune, I don't have it in any of my abc files, I don't have a printed copy of the music and I can't transcribe by ear! I'm beginning to wonder if someone used one of my headers because it had all of the right info in it and couldn't be bothered to delete the Z: field. There is a file that's note for note the same on the Session, the only difference is that the few bars of music in 6/4 in 'my' file is shown in 3/2 on the Session version. Weird!

  9. This post is a bit tongue in cheek as the piece is so incredibly hard to play but I do love these variation sets. This comes from volume 2 of Kohler's Violin Repository and is by far the longest piece of its kind I've ever come across. This one should get Profrat reaching for his concertina!


    Dirge, the PDF is here! All three pages of it.



    T:Maggy Lawder - With Variations
    T:Köhler's Violin Repository, volume 2, 1885
    uA2 |\
    (d3e)d2f2 (d3e)d2f2 | (.e3.f) (gfed) c4 (e2fg) | f2d2d2A2 (d3e)d2f2 | (a3b)a2g2 f4 (a2f2) |
    g3ag2b2 f3gf2a2 | (.e3.f) (gfed) c4 (e2c2) | (dcBA) (BAGF) GFED E2g2 | (fga2) e2f2 d4 D2 :|
    [P:1]|: ug2 |\
    (fga2) d2g2 (fga2) d2f2 | (.e3.f) (gfed) c4 (e2fg) | (fga2) d2g2 (fg)af defg | (.a3.B) (abag) f4 (a2f2) |
    gfga gbag fefg fagf | edef gfed c4 (e2c2) | (dcBA) (BAGF) GFED E2g2 | (fga2) e2f2 d4 D2 :|
    [P:2]|: (uAF) |\
    (D3E)D2fg agfe defd | e2E2 gfed c4 e2AF | (D3E)D2fg agfe defg | (.a3.B) (abag) f4 (a2f2) |
    gfga gbag fefg fagf | e^def gfe=d c4 (e2c2) | (dcBA) (BAGF) GFED E2g2 | fgaf edef d4 D2 :|
    [P:3]|: ug2 |\
    fgaf dAeg fgaf dAdf | egfa gfed c4 (e2af) | fgaf dAeg fgaf defg | (.a3.B) (abag) (.f3.g) (bagf) |
    gfga gbag fefg fagf | e^def gfe=d c4 (e2af) | (dcBA) (BAGF) GFED E2g2 | fgaf edef d4 D2 :|
    [P:4]|: (FE) | DFA2 dfa2 DFA2 dfa2 | egfa gbed cBcd e2(ag) |\
    fd ({e}dc/d/) Ad ({e}dc/d/) FdEd Dd {e}dc/d/ | (ad)e'd c'bag fefg afga |
    bgdg bgd'b afdf afd'f | egfa gfed cBcd eage | (dcBA) (BAGF) GFED Ebag | fgaf efge d4 D2 :|
    [P:5]|: (ufg) |\
    a2fd a2ge afdA dfaf | egfa gbed cBcd efge | afdA dfaf afdA defg | ad'c'b abag fefg ab=c'a |
    (gd)(bd) (gd)(bg) (fd)(ad) (fd)(af) | egfa gbed cBcd eage | (dcBA) (BAGF) GFED Ebag | fgaf efge d4 D2 :|
    [P:6]|: (uag) |\
    fadf AdFA (D3E)D2f2 | (ed)ef gfed c4 (e2ag) | fadf AdFA (DF).A.d (FA).d.f | (Ad).f.g (ab).a.g ~f4 {ef}(af) |
    (gb)(bd') (d'b)(bg) (fa)(ad') (d'a)(af) | (egfa) (g/a/b/a/g/f/e/d/) c4 {Bc}(e2af) |\
    (dcBA) (BAGF) GFED CB,A,g | fadf egce d4 D4 :|
    [P:7]|: (uag) |\
    fAaf dAeA fAaf dAfA | eAef gfed cBcd ebag | fAaf dAeA fAaf dAfA | a^gab aba=g fefg bagf |
    gdBd gbag fdAd fagf | eAce gfed cBcd e2(af) | (dcBA) (BAGF) GFED CB,A,g | fadf egce d4 D2 :|
    [P:8]|:[M:2/4][L:1/16][Q:1/4=70]"Slowly"A2 |\
    (d3e)d2f2 | (d3e)d2f2 | e2(ba gfed) | ^c2e2(a3g) |\
    f2d2 (dA)fe | (d3^c) (defg) | (a3b) (abag) | (~^f3g) (bagf) |
    (ge)(eb) (bg)(ge) | (fd)(da) (af)(fd) | (egfa) (gb/a/g/f/e/d/) | (^cAce) (a3c) |\
    (d=cBA) (BAGF) | (ED^C=B, A,2)(ag) | (fagf) (egfe) | (d4 {^cd}) D2 :|
    [P:9]|: (ag) |\
    fgaf d2(ag) | fgaf d2f2 | (e3f) (gfed) | ^c2e2(a3g) |\
    (fg)fe dAag | fed^c defg | (a3b) (abag) | (~^f3g) (bagf) | gag^f gebg |
    =fgfe fdaf | (egfa) (gb/a/g/f/e/d/) | (^cAce a)(A=Bc) |\
    (d=cBA) (BAGF) | (ED)^CE HA,2 (ag) | (fagf) (egfe) | (d/f/d/A/F/d/A/F/) D2 :|
    [P:10]|:[M:C][L:1/16][Q:1/4=100]"Lively"A2 |\
    dedc dAfA dedc dAfA | e^def gfe=d cBcd efge | fdcd Adcd egce defg | a^gab aba=g fefg bagf |
    gafa gbag fgeg fagf | e^def gbeg cf=df eage | (dcBA) (BAGF) (G>A B/A/G/F/ E)(bag) | fadf fgce d(c/B/A/G/F/E/ D2) :|
    [P:11]|: ug2 |\
    fgaf dAeA fgaf dAfA | eAef gfed cAcd efga | fgaf dAeA fgaf defg | a^gab aba=g fefg bagf |
    gafa gbag fgeg fagf | e^def gbeg ce=df eage | (dcBA) (BAGF) (G>A B/A/G/F/ E)(bag) | fadf egce (dc/B/A/G/F/E/ D2 :|
    [P:12]|: [M:2/4][L:1/16][Q:1/4=70] u(3ABc |\
    (3ded (3cBc (3dAd (3fAf | (3ded (3cBc (3dAd (3fAf | (3eB^d (3eBf (3gBf (3eB=d | (3dAB (3cAd (3eAe (3gfe |
    (3fad (3dcd (3ceA (3ABc | (3dAd (3cAc (3dAd (3efg | (3afg (3abc' (3d'c'b (3abg | (3fdf (3gdg (3ade (3fga |
    (3bGB (3dBd (3gdg (3bag | (3aFA (3dAd (3fdf (3agf | (3eB^d (3eBf (3gBf (3eB=d | (3cAB (3cAd (3eba (3gfe |
    (3ded (3cBA (3BcB (3AGF | (3GAG (3FED (3CEA (3ceg | (3fag (3fed (3egf (3edc | (3daf (3dAF D2 :|
    [P:13]|: (3uefg | (3fAg (3aAf \
    (3dAf (3eAg | (3fAg (3aAf (3dAc (3dAf | (3eB^d (3eBf (3gBf (3eB=d | (3cAB (3cAd (3eAc (3efg |
    (3fAg (3aAf (3dAf (3eAg | (3fAg (3aAf (3dAc (3dAf | (3afg (3abc' (3d'c'b (3abg | (3fde (3fdg (3ade (3fga |
    (3gdf (3gda (3gdb (3bag | (3fde (3fdg (3fda (3agf | (3eB^d (3eBf (3gBf (3eB=d | (3cAB (3cAd (3eba (3gfe |
    (3dDc (3BDA (3BDA (3GDF | (3GAB (3AGF H[E2A,2]g2 | (3fag (3fed (3egf (3edc | (3daf (3dAF [D2D2] :|
    Edit: Typo
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