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  1. 2 hours ago, David Barnert said:

    I know very little about Jeffries Duets, but that would be my first guess, too. The pictured price list includes a 58-key Duet, and this one has 58 keys. I know of no other duet system with curved rows like an anglo. Someone with more familiarity with Jeffries Duets should be able to say whether the chord diagrams in the pictured open notebook make sense on a Jeffries Duet.

    I've just counted the buttons and it's a 51 button.

  2. Simple suggestion. Keep it for a year. Learn to play it or re-evaluate in a year's time. The 'faux' part of the description is not entirely clear, though. Is it a fake or a Crabb or an unknown?  It sounds pretty good and so does your playing. By the way, if it's a Crabb it's worth a lot more than £3000.  (Barleycorn is selling one at £4000)

  3. I've put the following on Ebay

    Wheatstone 46 button MacCann, rosewood or fruitwood ends, concert pitch, beautiful sound.


    34 button Jones Anglo, rosewood ends, metal buttons, steel reeds. Wonderful mellow and smooth tone. Brilliantly restored by Alex Holden of Burnley and these parts.


    If you mention c-net I will send a donation.


    Cheers, Frank Downes

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  4. Hi there. I'm pretty sure Chris Algar won the ebay auction for Sean O'Fearghail's Bb/F and he got it for a snip in terms of historic prices for this quality of concertina. Why not get in touch with him and make him an offer? I've bought a couple of concertinas off him and he's always very decent and reasonable.



  5. post-369-090488200 1288175607_thumb.jpgI need to sell an excellent A2 Suttner which I bought 3 years ago. It's a metal-ended 30 button plus drone in C/G and with Jeffries layout and reed pan design. Sevenfold bellows. Actually, it has not been played much and never out of the house.


    I play my Wheatstone duet more these days and I also need to fund some concertina restoration work since I bought a wooden ended Jeffries a while back that needs serious work on it. I'm not that good a player and it seems a pity it's not being used as this is a quality instrument with a sweet and responsive voice.


    I'm asking 3,400 GBP for this which is slightly above the 2008 prices on Suttner's web site. I Have the original purchase receipt for the concertina and anyone wishing to try it out prior to sale is welcome to come to Liverpool. I will leave this on Cnet and see whether I need to use an auction site. Donation to cnet if it sells.







    Concertina no longer available.

  6. Hi There,


    I bought this concertina because it has almost an almost identical design in its wooden end plates to the unusual metal ended Jeffries 26 button c/g that I already have. When it arrived, I could see no maker's mark. I opened it up and noted the similarities in action box design, reed pan, riveted lever action etc between the two concertinas. The design of the wooden handstrap block is also a very similar shape, which I think may be a bit of a give away. I then matched one of the reeds against the same reed from my own concertina and noted they matched exactly in dimension and elements. I then matched this reed against Wheatstone and Lachenal reeds and there was no resemblance there. I put the reed into my metal ended Jeffries and it played exactly in tune and with the same timbre (so it's in concert pitch). I'm therefore pretty sure this is a Jeffries, but without the maker's mark I don't know if it would carry the same value as my other Jeffries. I would welcome some views on this.


    I intend to refurbish and restore this concertina and hope to do most of it myself. If it needs new ends made, then so be it. I'll let you know how it goes.





  7. 30 key C/G Anglo Concertina. Connor box fitted with Wheatstone reeds by Barleycorn concertinas.

    Fully serviced by Steve Dickinson. Immaculate condition and sound.

    £1550 ono.

    Private sale

    E-Mail: stephen.hunt23@btinternet.com

    wondering if it's been sold as yet. What kind of ends?





  8. oh, i would love to have one just like this with jeffries fingering....

    I believe Frank himself is still taking orders. :)


    Absolutely brilliant playing by Asher Perkins in that great Irish American style. I'd put him right at the top on the basis of the samples on Frank's website.

  9. I have an English concertina: nicely carved light wood ends (not mahogany or rosewood), slightly damaged; rough fourfold bellows; brass reeds; coloured bone/ivory buttons; levered (saddle?) action. This has the number 385 inside. No maker's name or information about this. I think it's a very early Lachenal, but could this also be a Wheatstone?

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