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  1. Price reduced 1/30/17 to $2050. Also I had mistakenly stated wood as cocobola, it is actually pau ferro wood Mike McNamara
  2. see listing for edgley professional G/D on this forum US to UK and exchange rate are barriers, but......
  3. email address change

  4. not sure if i am PM able , so please try.
  5. For sale. Not used much, and as it has aged in the case, I have aged on the outside of the case. My window of opportunity to become Jody Kruskal or Noel Hill like has passed, so I would like to get this into the hands of one who will play it. Serial number 304. $2850 $2650 $2500 $2350 $2200 $2050 7 fold bellows, Jeffries layout, pau ferro wood GD Concertina 8/22 Price reduced 10/24 price reduced 12/26 Price reduced to $2200. 01/30 Price reduced to $2050 Corrected also to note wood is pau ferro, not cocobola 05/012017 Price reduced to $1950 SOLD
  6. http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/robertsjohn - John Roberts does some shantys
  7. Yahoo Webpage Banner has a person (cartoonish) who rides a bike across, then plays a concertina, notes spilling out in a cartoonish way. Can't figure out the tune - also something about wearing purple
  8. A way to remember that I was told reel goes BLACK and DECKer BLACK and DECKer BLACK and DECKer BLACK and DECKer etc A jig goes Jig i ty jig i ty jig i ty jig i ty jig i ty jig i ty jig i ty jig i ty Might help
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