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  1. Due to the Low Sight problem I suffer for over a year, it costs me some effort tollow the forum duely. I make mistakes, I am learning to overcome or better said to avoid. So I did not find the last messages, not getting aware that there is already a secoind page. Please excuse. Helen and Jim, yuo both are right ! Without being able to explain thiungs academically, I state : In the Spanish Language, which I use mainly in my daily life, I would have said concurso, I guess in French could be used Concours. Concurso/competicion : Concurso de belleya Beuaty Contest Competiocion deportuiva , Sports competition Concurso de coches Antiguos - Contest of Antiqwue Cars (Beauty, Elegance) Competicion de coches = carrera, Raciong competition Concurso de Concertinas, probably would more refer to the instruments, in its beauty, and quality etc. Competion de Concertinas, would probably refer more to the Players and Makers. Concurso de Musica Musical Contest KONKURS in the German languuage means in fact Bankrupcy, we might all get bankrupte pretending to go to Hawai, competing with the most bveautiful concertinas, eventually buyiung new specially for the contest, but certianly I did not think in this possibility, when saying the word. Regards Joachim
  2. Richard, I have been to lazy or too busy to look to the dictionaire and I thought this word might ber understood as I meant. Well I wanted to say some kind of competition with awards according to various categories :_ Best Concertinas, Players, Makers most handsome Player more or less serious. A Street Gig sounds nice ! Regards Joachim
  3. concours ? Excuse, I have been to busy or lazy to look to the dictionary, Ricahrd. I thought in some kind of competition, establishing differnt categories. I do not feel sure abourt it, but somebody might like it. Street Gig sounds nice ! Regards Joachim
  4. Hello again, my proposal does not find for the moment the response I thought. I insist : Where are the beginners needing help in form of special Tutor Recortdings, which I have got for the Anglo Concertina ? Are there no Semi-advanced Players wanting to learn new Tunes, who would appreciate that a more advanced player would assisst them with a recording which could explain and advise aboutr fingering and play the dificult passages at a slower speed ? Nobody intertstzed to interchange ionternationally tunes and get into a closer contact with players over the world ? I have received by private mail one or the other offer for help in my prohect. Thanbk you. Forgive if I am bopring you. Kind regards Joachim Delp
  5. Hi Folks, once doing this kind of effort, should we try to organize something really speciual unique ? Must it be only a weekend, could it not be extended to a full week ? Previous training and learnign of CommonTunes for Group Playing Some special Hawain Tune ? Workshops Concourse (not very serious) but ? Some might like As Morgana says lets go ahead brainstorming ! Would like to read your ideas ! Kind regards Joachim Delp
  6. Yes, it is conveniet to ask for off season. I repeat my arguments in favour of December : 1. Onbe year in front for saving 2. As far as I know there are very few Concertina Meeting in Decmber anywhere 3.I do not know, but imagine that possibily when in Eurpe and also parts ofg USA it will be cold and wet, there might nice wheather, which I do not mind too much for Concertina Playing 4.Such an event, such a venture must be merited. So after a year of motivated working will come the premium Last not least in Decmeber is my birthday. (a lotlle joke) These reasons are making me the campaign for December. I would try to adapt to any other month, but I think it would be good to have some months ion front for makuing the money. Consequently and as a father of kids still in School age, I think it should be in any case after summer holydas. Ref. Ireland I agree totally with you. Henk let´see if we can go together to Mrs. Crottys Festival next year. Seems to be a great event. Regardes Joachim
  7. European attendees might eventually start from the same airport and might obtain a reduced Group Tarif ? A bit early to ask for this, but I suppose it very possible. Joachim
  8. Thank you very much for kind advise. Due to low sight problem I have been unable to check it thotoughfully but it appaears to be very intersting and useful web. Regards Joachim
  9. Crazy idea, great idea ! Fidji or Hawai isnot really important. Richard Morses proposal Hawai sounds good to me. New Year as a date, perhaps problematic to all of us, who we have family. Cannot imagine to celebrate New Year separatzed from my family, until now. You never know. Imagine there will be more playerws in same psoition. #But December souinds good, giving timer to save money, end of a hopefully succesful year, having been workoing all the motivated by this great idea, could it be a well merited premium (My birthday is in December also !!) Resuming : Highly interested top meet more crazy Concertina Players and other Music plöaying or singing persons in Hawai in December 2004. Jim and Richard could organize it. I am reaady to help, wherever it could be possible. Full of expectation and hope it might come true IU send you all kind regards Joachim Delp
  10. After having answered to Ryan yesterday, also it came to my mind, that a Bandoneon might be the rioght instrument for Ryan. But consioder Size and weight. I feel pretty sure that there are no Anglos double reeded on the shelf. Nevertheless as promissed, Ryan, I shall confirm you if I have found the right man to produce what you have been initially interested in good quality and for around 1000 US$. I cannot agree that the Stagis or German ones, relartively cheap, necesarily will get easy out of tunign. I had a Honer for twenty years and no problem. I played Stagis, no problem I own a German one, made in Eastern Germany, ex DDR, I made it examine, as I bought from soembody using it as decoration for about 5 year. It was o.k and sound nice. Listen to the song perforenmd by Harry Scurfield on his CD "Anglo in the Dark", called Two Tennors / Officers Polka nr. 9. It is perforemd on a Stagi C-2 double reeded. It sounds intersting. I owned also a Stagi Hayden Duett and the quality was o.k. for a non profgessional use. By the other hand why not to use a small Melodeon ? Regards Joachim
  11. Hi, Jim you can account also on my vote as Chairman and Organiyzer for the First Fidji Squeeze-in. This year it might be too late to organize it properly. How about 2004. Will start tio save soime money. Cordially Joachim
  12. Tony, is it an old or a recent model ? Can you e-mail a photo ? Is it Anglo or English, I mean diatonic changin tone when activcating a button and opening and closing the bellows or has it the same tone when opening and closing ? Any idea about the tuning ? Knowing the instrument you are speaking about, it should be no problem to help you. Kind regards Joachim
  13. David, I feel we are misunderstanding completely. No I do not want to travel as much as needed. No there are not enough Concertina Players around. For the moment in Spainmn IO know about one and heard about another one. In Germnay might be about 40 players. My proposal is to overcome this difficulty by interchjanging Recordings, proivate recordings performed by ourselfeds, helping us each other to improve our skill and knowledge. In any case thank you sinderely for all your pacience and your offer to sned me some sound file. I shall mail you priovately tomorrow, sionce it is now near midnight and I feel really tired. No I di not get aware that I could magnify your note sheet. Thanks for the advise4. Good night ! Kind regards Joachim
  14. Ryan, you mention that you would like to play the accordeon and later you ask for a Stagi C-2. A stagi C-2 is a 20 mbutton German type Concertina. I myself have the interest to find a 25 button (fully chromatic) or 30 button Concertina with two or three reeds per tone, but as far I have researched this kind of instrumetn ios not usual, it would be Custom Tailored. Still this year I shall vist (or latest Januiary 2004) Stagi in Italy. I am also in contract with a German Concertina producer in Eastern Germany, who has done something halfway in th e past. I have the address of a man also located in Eastern Germany, who might be able and willing to produice something as you wish and me too. I thopught to cointact him this week. If you get any supllementary info please report to me. I shall comunicate you the result of my researches. ok? Kiond regards Jopachim Delp
  15. David, thank you once more for kind attention. Perhaps it is me, who is unable to explain correctly, due my not correct English or because I am just too complicated. The point is : I understand that your opinion that one Conceretina player in a session is just enough. ( I hoipe you do not think it maybe too much) I understand your opinion and can agree with you at least in part. But, my intention is to promote INTERCHANGE OF FAVOURITE TUNES, I would like that more advance players would help beginners, something more practical and pragmatic than just theoretic discussions. I think we Concertina Players are nice, helpfuil people and we are happy about any new comer and do not wnat to loose him. I wonder if my proposal really cannot be understood, as I express it, or it is just too many words and nobody finishes to read it or simply there is no interst for. In any case, I offer my assistance to any begionner in the limits proper to my degree of experience. Thank you very much for the information you are giving abnout the Tune Jamaica Farewell. I have a low sight problem and it is difficult or almost impossible to read the notes in a really usefukl way. I ask you kindliest, you as an advanced member of this comunity, pleqase play the music for me in the differnte versions you know it and record it on a Tape, CD or MD, and if you can, please give soime assitance about the difficulties you nsee for a advanced beginner, he might find, trying to play the tune on a 30 button Anglo, Jeffries outlay. Eventually you couold play the parts in a slower speed and than the whole in a normal speed. This could be a start for my project, which I think can be useful to many of us. I offer to compensate your efforts with some Basque Music, recorded and performed by more or less professional players and also a trial made by myself for you. Thank you once more and please forgive my bad Englilsh and also typing errors, since I cannot see properly the keyboard. Kind regards Joachim Delp
  16. Hi Andy, I have attended the Scandinavian Squeeze in 2002. Great experience ? I had registered for the same 2003 and could not attend at the end and I regret it very much. Have you been there, Jim told me about an South African Anglo Player, performing astonishingly all kind of music on his 30 button Anglo. He is called Zak. Would like to get in contact witjh hinmj, can you helpo ? I attended also KILVE 2003 and participated in a worlshop given by Harr Scurfield, which I am still benefitting. BUT ........... that is not the question, Currently it is quite an effort to travel once a year and teh rest of year ? SSQI is a weekend, just a weekend, and the other 362 days of trhe year ? Thnak you for comment and if you have made any recording of Scandinavian Squeeze in 2003, may I have a copy ? I hope to be there in 2004. Cordially Joachim
  17. As a slightly advanced beginner, but berginner, frequently I ahve been asked politely or not poltely to stop my playing. Until now this has been more frequent that the positive experience to be asked to go ahead. Thhis summer playiong outsiode togerther with a friend, we have received some applaus. Recnetly during a biorthday dinner among friends, O made people sing with me and we enjoyed it all together very much. Remark : It was not in the dark and after too much Red Wine ! But the nicest moment has been some few days ago, when going to school to teke my 9 year old daughter home, walking by foot - in time - with the Concertina hanging on the shoulder, since I should have soime waiting time. When I arrived to the School, I had still about 15 minutes to wait, nobody to be seen, so I took out my little Anglo and stared to waqrm up. Then the children came to the yard out of their classrooms, joined me, asked me to play their favourite children songs and started to sing with me, singing well and about half an hour concert, I finished and extremely politely I heard with pleasure an dsurprise say to me : We enjoyed very much with you............. I replied : And I with you............. It was for me a premium for all my efforts and a copmpensation for all the negative expriences. And imagine 7 - 10 year old kids, girls and boys nicely singing, about 15 of them around and sincerley enjoyxung and politely thanking. Nowaday kids !!! It has been a pleasure to read your experiences. Regards Joachim Delp
  18. Dear Mr. Dave Barnett, thank you for your comments. I understand perfectly well, what you are saying about more than one Concertina Players in Sessions and I accept fully BUT what I wanted to say really was, that players outisede from "Concertina Aereas" have rearely a opportunity to meet other Concertina Players and to benefit from their experience and to learn. Farewell Jamaica : That sounds very interesting to me, what you are saying about this tune converted in Island Mary. Can you give me any hint where to find this version ? Thanks and Regards Joachim Delp
  19. Dear Perry, I have CD version of Mrs. Crotty. I can sent you a copy if you wish Kind regards Joachim Delp
  20. Good Morning Concertina World, My own experiences learning the Concertina for the last 18 nmotnhs, and reading the topic "Favourite Tunes, leads me to write : I presume that most Concertina Players can be found in UK, IOreland, USA, Canada, South-Africa and Australia. I know about some few players in Germany, Swityerland, Sweden, Danmark, France, Italy, Spain................... Perhaps with exception UK and Ireland, most of us will not have a reguzlkar chance to meet other Concertina Players and to particpate in sessions. Concertina Teachers are frequently not easy to be found nearby our residence. Consequently it is not easy to learn from other players in person, in a traditional human way. We are learning with the help of our Books, Tutors, attending workshops and listening recorded music. The Playerts living out of the Anglo-Saxon and Celtic Aereas, must not necesaryly know about irish Music, Morris Dance and other Anglo Traditional Music. Teh Players with Anglo-Celtic roots might be interested to learn more than than the usual stuff. I guess, there are many among us, who would prefer to learn by ear, fior whatever eason, even knowing to read note-sheets. Not all of us are specially talented for Music, but enjoy it...................and could leran more efficiently with some help. Learning (self-teaching) from CDs recoprded by more or less professional Players is not alway easy, although you are prepared to listen hundreds of times. In any case it is very time consuming. I mself have received this kind of help by the Dutch Player Henk van Aalten, who has recorded for me a first CD mainly with Irish Tunes, more or less as a Teaching CD, explaining the Tune, advising about some special fingering and other difficulties, playing slowly the parts and some more difficult passage and finally playing at speed. That has been a very efficient help. Alos working a CD-Rom Tutor from Ireland has been helpfuil All these observations make me proppose, to oipen a new Forum, dedicated to the "International Concertina Music Interchanging Players" or ICMIP or I invite you, to comunicate me your offers and demands for - Teaching favourite Tunes Learning favourite Tunes I am ready to bring these offers and demands togehter, to intermediate and to organiye, alos with the help of the new formu chapter I have said before. Players willing to help and teach, should be prepared to record on Tape, CD or ND their favourite Tunes in the way described, when above speaking about Henk´s CD. The exact recording mean should be agreed according to the avaibility from both parts. Eventually also the PC could be used with music recorded in MP3 format. The Player who wants to learn, should at first place be reqady to work and to inform about his progress. He might be able to offer his favourite tunes and if not in compensation he might offer recordings of his local, regional, national Traditional Music. There are other ideas which come to my mind spontanously and which might be examined and developped, like as : - An annual Meeting of the participants of the ICMIP Forum - Som,e kind of Concourses and Awards to the most active Participants. - Recording periodically CD´s with the Tunes perforemd by the Learners - Group Playing via Internet and whatever you might propose. This projhect - if it comes true - might ioncrease the efficieny of Learning, win new Concertina Adapts, and friends, etc. I mself, a Player born in Germany, living in mainly in Spain, I am leraning Irish and Basque Tunes and Dances, some Klezmer and some Russina Tunes. Actually I am working on a CD titled "Anglo in the DArk" performed by Harry Scurfield, playing some French Music, some Klezmer, some Jazzish, all with iontersting Chord playing and Octave Playing, He has been helpig me already a bit over the phone. In the next future I think to arrange some songs performed by Harry Bellafonte, e.g. "Farewell Jamaica", nice, sweet, soft but moving rythm............ As you see, IO am openm minded and for me there are not one favourite Tune, almost any music can emopte me and enrich me. And this brings me to the idea, that the Professional Players might also be approached if they could dedicate to ICMIP some teacahing CD with or without payment. Well, please think about my proposalm, let me have your comments, critics and impüroving ideas and hopefully let´s start.............. My e.mail address JopachimDelp@aol.com My postal address : J.Delp P.O.Box, 39 E-20.400 Tolosa (Gipuzkoa) Spain I am waiting for your CD´s TApes or MD´s or MP3 records. Thank you for your attention ! Cordially Joachim Delp . And Frankl Edgle edits A Traditional Irish Tune Bool with CD, recording the tunes played at a lower speed and at desriable speed.
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