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  1. Jim Lucas, I loke the Button Box Instruments and Bob TEdrtows too, but I think there is at least one more who should be considered int Dollar Aerea : FRAN C. EDGLEY hIS IUNSTRUMENTS SEEM TO HAVE VERY NICE SOUND. Regards Joachim
  2. Sharron, me too, and I know others who did the same. And there are many others which are as beautiful. Morgana, Yes I got aware of different timing and speed and it is very pleasant to listen to your playing. I find that the contyrast of the speedier part as Mary plays it makes a beautiful contrast to the first slower one and I find that she is doping in a way, that it soiund very light (not heavy) the fingers dancing over the keys. For me it is not easy to perform this part and even mmore difficult to come close to her ease of doing it. Well wityh the years.... Would like to hear mroe from yhou. Now do not say, please, "and I from you".....althoug I promis to do it before summer. Acciudentaly, I am listening in this precise instant Mary Macnamaras p``laying the tune again and shall give attention..... wait a moment... The bello work.accents, the sound of her instrument, graceful, well I confirm my previous statement : It is not the speed I could not achieve, but the accents, that needs to be worked a lot on. Cheers Joachim Now I am listening the Golden Eagle Hornpipe, and again..I feel she has a certain grace, which apart from talent, must be the result of years playing and I presume the biggest difference to my playing is how she uses the bellows.
  3. Debbie, Doubting, but nevertheless : I am actually not using much my Chemnitzer, but don't relly thiunk to sell it, since it is beuatiful and from time to time I enjoy it. Actually I am concentrating very much on my anglo playing. If you give your phone number and we could speak, I might offer you my instrument as a loan for learning until uyou know what you wish to buy. in condition that the instrument will be well treated and you p``ay for transport back and forwar, which can amount one way about 50 US$. Kind regards Joachim Delp
  4. Debbie, I am an Anglo Player and do not know much about Chemnitzers, aklso recently I bought one from the ebay in Germany. About Stagi I know a bit more. Well better siad about the actual instruments. Good enough to start with and enjoy a lot for uyears. Depending on money it mauy be a good start, in condtion that the instrtument jhas good bellows,is airtight and in tune. Actually I know _Stagis only wiuth steel Accordeon reeds. Depending on porice range cheaper or better ones. Myh Chemnitzer is made by a famous and reputated maker in Eastyern Germany called Succesors of C F. Lange, suyccesor of Uhlig, I do not in which year, but possibly in the 20ies or 30ies has 39 buttons = 78 voices, two reeds per vopice is in excelent condition, bellows as new. I bought it for about 300 US$ and spent another 90 Euros for Reparis and Tuning. There are two Homepages one in German language, I don't know if you can use it. The other one is to be ffound in this Honpage as a link. I do not rember at the moment the address. I am ready to find it for you if you could not, but you should have it easier than me sionce IU suffer from a low sight problem. There you will fin a FAQ, which wikll answer all your questions. Let me know if I could help. Kind regards Joachim Delp P.D. On the German ebay www.ebay.de you will fiond offers, I could help sending you a list of offers with translatiuons. I also know some German Maker, making new ones for about 2500 Euros I read somewhere that new amrican Chemnitzers can cost upo to 7000 Us$
  5. Good morning Morgana, Wonderful Co,mputer World and Internet. I liek also Mary Mcnamaras playing and this tune has been the first I have learned from her CD. Thank you for sharing your playing with pothers. I played along with you and the harp. I like your playing and the sound of your Concertina. I miss the second part, where Mary changes speed and Mary makes her fingeers spriong over the keys lightly and precisely. That is a bit more difficult ?! I have not leaqrned until now either. Butg you have reminded me to this tune, and I shall retakje it and not stop until the quicker graceful part also is under control of my fingers. Excuse, perhaps I am wrong and you know alrteady, but there were no more space for recording it. In any case i do not wish to critc, I admire your courage and well doing, and IU would like to estimulate you to go ahead with this part too. Kind regards Joachim Delp Bravo ! Bravo ! Beste bat Beste bat (In the Basque labuage meaning "another one, one more !! This thing starts to function
  6. Impressive, very imporessive ! So many persons doing so much music. One day we should all meet and and have a big fiest and concert. Astonished and "maravillado" (marvelled ?) I am about your Homepage, Kurt. Muy poor old Computer could not support the effort to transmit your Music to me, but only a bit..and I liked so much, that I made two decsions : To buy a new computer To perserverte on my Anglo learning but seriouysly consider to buy some day a Duet, perhaps a Crane. I tjhinkl Jim Lucdsa can give me some advise. Thank you Kurt ! Kind regards Joachim
  7. Kurt, I have no idea,. more than about my own situation. But do not forget we dio what we like and even in some case what we most like (also perhapsm because aother things we might like more, we have no chance to do it, as oftren as we might like) Many of us maybe elder and retired. Some of us maybe young and still not married. Possibly of us have an higher income than average. I got aware that relatively many Concertina Players are working with Computers. Many of us might be more intelligent than average. Some of us may be on the limits to risk their mariage (occasionally me) Well, I do not know to answer your question. My case : 56 years, still hard working, my own business, but not too succesfull for the moment, so in consequence not rich, but I own at present timefour Concertinas, two Anglo, one German and one Chemnitzer, so not really of different system. In the next days I shakll receive a G/D tuned Concertina, and one more which needs to be restored. IO am working actually 5 1/2 days - 6 days a week about 10 - 12 hours dayly. But I almost don view televisonm. I pñlay the Concertina between 1/2 h to one hour dayly, on Sunday and Saturdays up to 2 - 3 hours. When envolved in rpoblems with the machines I am building, I must renounce poccasionally to play. But even then, I have one Concertina always with me and a find a moment, I play a tune for five or ten minutes, just not to forget what I have learned the days before. I am a slightly advance beginner. As I said, my family (four children) and my dog occasionalyh are suffering and t may think that I am ill from Concertinitis. Sometimes I do not eat, ion order to win time for the Concertina. Actually I am not makling soport as I used to do. Satisfied with the reply ? Kind regards Joachim
  8. Sharron, also risking to be indiscrete, why will you make wait our friends so long. Your CD'¡s are very,. biut very enjoyable. The more I am listening to your palyiung, the mroe I like it. And I am starting to play along with you. Regards Joachim
  9. Daniekl and henk, you have said, wghat I wouyld ike to have saud. In this place also remember Mr. Bernet and Aklex C. Jones, cooperating with Note sheets tio Alan's Tiutor tapoe and the CD in "C". Thank Alan. Henk, I shalll come back to my iuntiatial thread and prpoosal and shall try to develo it rther with your and others colaboractyion. Thank you for your intitiative about this forum. I would invite also beginners to play and tell us how they are ñlearning and where they foiind difficulties. We all can learn. Cordiallyu Joachim Delp
  10. Henk, finally I have learned how to enter into this forum and have been even able to liusten yourm playing, although with some limitation due to the capacity of my Computer. I enjouyed listening to your and the Manoline and platyed along with you. This days I am lurning two new flings, which I got on a tape a bit in tutor form. Will prepare copy for yiou. Now I am out of time, have to leave home and take care about my dog and my Concertina. Sjhall listen the other tunes and comment and ask you favours. Cordially Jochim Delp
  11. Good luck and a lot of enjoyment to you Alexandra. ! Congratulaions to you Bob ! My Grandson and my latest daugther, both 9 years, are starting to play Concertina with me. Sahll inform to you Bob about progress and some day they might play with Alecandra ? Kind regards Jochim
  12. Shannon, Are you again in condit9on to play ? Is your elbow o.k. Kind regards Jocahim Delp
  13. Dreaming to be named at once with people like Bush, Aznar, Sadam, Goethe, kant and, and...Leader ! PRESIDENT....A VIP, , Privilegios, Gratis flight yo the International Concertina Events. Sounds great !! Good Night ! Shall go to homne, eat a bit, sleep and dream sweetly. That's Humur, do not know if specifically German humour or simply mine, but again seriously : I am convinced about the ideas here exposed and many of the ideas can be realised, and some of us will profit it and enjoy it. I think that this project could bring some life into the Concertina World (a part of it) and if I am wrong, it is certainly worth to be tried and undertaken. As I have commmented ion a previous message in this thread, I have already profitted, thanks to Henk - for his Tutorial CD with Irish Tunes (mainly) Alan - for his tape Sharon - for her CDs Alex - for the CD in B, now he will send a corected one in C Harry Scurfioeld- I got a first teching MD Jim - for Tunes composed by himself and a tape (this has been long before proposing the present topic) I have got then promis of some recording of Slow Airs, guess I must remember him And I owe my own recordings (you do not miss nothing), and some Basque Music. Will fulfill my proimisses, but need still a coupkle of weeks. Certainly, therte is one aspect, I have experienced and others will make the same experience : It can be a little bit too much, if we do not concentrate. I shall be busy for a (long) while to digest all the material mentioned above. And : One of the ideas I would like to consider is : In our Forum a chapter (section) Ofgfers and Demands Perhaps a monthly or each two months ONE specific Tune, we might decide to learn several or all of the members of this new group and allow to see <(listen) how each of us has resolved to play this common tune.and expereinces. Well, better to stop by now, the time is running, my wife might wish to phone me and I anm in the Internet, which means at the present time, my phone line is occupioed, and she might get suspisous.where is my husband again... and I think she knows the answer. her husband is ill, crazy sufering fromj Concertinitis and there is no medicinm against it. O.K. Good night, BNye, Bye, Adios, Auf Wiederswhen, Ciao etc. Joachim Delp Willing to share my treasures
  14. Hi friends, the Concertina World will live a revolution ! It seems that at the end my proposal finds interest of intelligent people and somehow this thing will start. Alex, Henk, Richar, Jim and all the others who are showing interesty : I am delighteed with your responses, and this iunspite of the fact, that I only could read part of your messages. That is due to the my stupid low sight problem and my finnacila incapacity to get better organized with my computer. IU must print out asnything befgore reaqding it under my ca,mara. So I got aware only today that there more replies, wellno I could see that theyn all are recent dates 6 and 7 of JHanuary, practically a gift from "Holy 3 Kinghs" who yesterday brought the giofts and presents to Children in the Catholic World, here in Spain too. My printer is run out of toner, and when I try to send the messages to the diskette 3 1/2 my computer gets crtazy since some few hours, if not I could read the messages in my second computer and print out in my second printer, etc. Tomorrow I should get toner, than I can print and read. We need coordination and there are many good ideas in your messages, which I could not develkop myself. But there are the friuends for. erhaps we do not need to complicate things from the beginning lets get starteds. If there is anybody more capable tahn me, happy to fhabve him as the Coordinateotr. I would be very glad if I would be allowed to coordinate tjhis stuff, sionce I feel a lot of illusiion about as you may see from most of my contributions to this forum. I am sure I could account on your help. But I repeat, anybody else, could be better than me, but I insits somehow the iodeas must be coordinated. If you allow by Sunday I shall have stuydied all the contribuitions and make a resumary., perhaps starting a new Topic or Poll or how it ever is called correctly. In the past time I dreamt about this matter and I had a messge in mind, which later IO did not write, wanting to avoid to be judged to be too euphorical etc. motivated by your meesages : Yes I drema about Learning, motivation, friendship, human touch, Humour,. Annual Gatherings of the one day famous ICMI&LTC (I hasd something better in mind and in the hurry I do not re,ber), meaning something like the Internationa Concertina Music Interchangers & Learners and Teacghers _Comunity, Anual Gatherings (excuse if I repeat something but I cannot cpontrol well enough reading my opwn stuff, only when spending more time than I have now, but I am sure your are tolerant, challenges etyc.etc. I repeat I could not read well enough all the last messages, I even do not rember i detail all the thibngs I had proposed in the beginning, with the rest of the toner and after removing it until my hands got black, I could print the bigger part,; there fore I ask, have this matter of coordinateion been already considered ? Do you agree with me that some kjind of Coordination is needed ? Is there somebody who wants to take this over ? Should I begiunn to try to do the job with your help ? (We could alsways be democratic later and vote our Cordionator) I insist I would be very proud to try to give my best for the purpose, but I sahll not be hurted or ioffended if spombebody more suitable than me would do it in my place. I am a quick shooter (Pistol) but IO know there will be also somebody quicker than me. So this is not the point. But now haviong realized the existing interest, I would like to get this started and to avoid that it be born dead. Excuse the writing (typing errors - my eyesm, the hurry, alos I am hungry,m have not found the time to eat and here it is relatively late after a days job) Excuse also the length of the message. I have reacted totalluy spontanous, without thinking before. Thanks to you and regards Joachim Delpo
  15. Mr. Mark Davies, Hope with you that there will a good response and that this session will be repeated a fortnight later. Have to travel to England abnout this time and wpuild like to attend. Would you please advise in the forum, if or not there will be more sessipons. Kind regards Joachim Delp
  16. Have you gpot the CD.? Anglo in the Dark. I have this and have others from Harry. I think has given you the e-mail address. If not, I am in contact with Harry can ask him if he has a copy or if he would allow me to burn you a copy. Kind regards Joachim Delp
  17. Chris, hope to meet you soon, latest in Sweden. Please bring your Herrington with you and your wife too, Would like to listen and to learn from you. Kind regards Joachim Delp Couyldnt you send me a MD recording ? I sahll certainly send you back siomething intertsting.
  18. I always wonder why nobody of the big players here offers a recording of his playing to the newbie. Iam ready to offer you my performance, which might help you to play it soon better than me. ¡Always hjomepages anmd Tune-O-Trone, no human touche ! Grum,ble !! Kind regards Jochim Delp
  19. William, I had problems with my computer. I looked myseklf in google and found the page of the Amecian Dealer of the instrumetn. Before reading Stephens post, my comment would have been : I must rectify muy previous post, since have been confused. I had notice about this instrument speaking with Juergen Suttner and also with a Company which was supposed to be the manufactuer. Chris we arew not speaking about a 20 button 200 Dollar instrument We are speaking about a Wheatstohne, perhaps low model reproduction, with 30 keyas and a serious action. William, this cannot be compoared to the Stagi,whioch are nice instruments in my opinion. I owned several. Practicaklly all of the modern Concertinas are uysing Accordion reeds, only a few have accordion reeds which are manullay tuned by the manufacturer. I myself own a medium range Concertina about 1750 Euros and it does not sound as the old vintage instrumetns. Some of the new ones are coming close. Anmyway a Accordion reed in the Concertina body and Concertyina reed chambers sounds good. Stephen hss certaily not done this effort, just to produce a cheap, low quality instrument. Well Stephen is explaining better than me. I tried to fiund hinm in order to advise about this discussion and give him a chance to explain, without knowing jhim personally. My impression is that his project is interesting and I wouyld like to test one. If he can sell you one or the American dealer has one, I would probabnly buy it, certaionly being a beginner. There are other nice instruments I might prefer but they cost double price at least. Kind regards Joachim Delp
  20. William, have received your e-mail but have no time to reply today. Will do it tomorrow. But meanwhile I have read Chris reply and what he says confirms the little bit I knew : It is produced in Germany, by one of the last producer of German Concertinas. The quality prioce / relationship will be o.k. but impossible to expect that the 200 or 250 US$ Cioncertina can compare with the medium class you mention. For a starting piurpose it could work. Regards Joachim Delp
  21. Stephen, Michael, if you have a look to my proposal "IUnterchanging, Learning Tunes, you can see that I tried to propose something similar inNobvember. Stepehne, let' s try it outside of the Forum. Here is my address Joachim Delp P.O.Box, 39 E-20.400 Tolosa (Gipuzkoa) Spain Send me the notes of the Tunme you propose and if you wish play it and record it on a tape as good as you know it, (or on a mini-disc. I shall do my best to learn and to comment to you my experience and ask you about yours. Why we are so shy to record our not perfect playing and expoise it to critics and advise and to consolate us, that others fight with the same difficulties we do ? As a non expert wioth computer and with a relative low sight problem and lck of time I do not handle my computer as good as I should, but I am learning. I can recpord sound clips into the computer and I guess also send via Internet. I shall learn it withion short. I also have a sopft ware, to record more perfectly into the computer, but fdo not master it by now. But pateince and lets correpsond. Me might ionform to the forum from time to time waht we are doing and gradually others mighty join to our group. And then we shall found ouir ICLTA and can organize annula gatherings.... well for the m0ment only a jioke. Michaekl you will join too. Less discussion , more action, please. Kind regards Joachim Delp You may answer here or by privbate message
  22. Stephen and Michaeñl, Have a look here Kiund regards Joachinm Delp
  23. Stephen and Michaeñl, Have a look here Kiund regards Joachinm Delp
  24. Hi, you can find in this web a Concertina FAQ, which will give you all the informatiopn you might need. Your questiuon sounds to me very gereic and thus difficulkt to answer. If you wish you may direct cobncrete questions to me . My address : JoachimDelp@aol.com Kind regards Joachim Delp
  25. Hi Lester, thank you for beautiful webs (information) you have send in your thread. Shall look to it with more time the coming days abd revert. Me too, tomorrow evening have to play as SOLO PEFOMRE ON MY ANGLO, KNOWING THE KEYS i PLAY, BUT ALSO ON MY cHMNIOTZER RECENTLY PURCHASE WITHOUT EVEN KNOWING IN WHICH KJEYS THE INSTRUMET IS TUNED, ALSO IT SEEMS TO BE A g/f (VERY STRABGE ?!), WILL FIND IT OUT. nO TIME NOW, MUST PLAY, IT SPOUND GOOD ANYWAY. mERRY cHRISMAS TO YOU ALL jOACHIM dELP
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