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  1. Concertina Players from all over the World !!! Well more reasonably from Germany and Neigbour Countries ! Dear Friends, I am back ! I got a job after quite a long time. I am back to Life and also back to Concertina.net, although I did not give up and have gone ahead playing and learning to play the Concertina, and since I had to give away my a bit better Concertinas, I am leaning to handle my cheap Chinese ones and sometimes they start to sound good. Whe I startred tzo play the Anglo, it has been easier to progresss with the better ones, now I know a bit better, I find ways to take advantage about the Chinese ones. Well, to the point : Henk and I plan to meet about the 10 and/or 11 / 12 of December, here in my place REINHEIM, not far away from DArmstadt and Frankfurt/Main. Henk and I we sould enjoy to have more Players and Friends with us. I hope at least one more German Player will be with us. I could organize something, would do my best, to make you have a nice weekend in GErmany, eventually sleeping in the Forest in reasonable price Guesthouse, organized by Odenwald Freunde, meaning Friends of our local mopuntains. or alternatively in a cheap Hotel in m,y town. Here is a local group of amateuer Musicians who like Irish Music, I could make them join us and otherws. We could make Music, speak about the isntruments and eventually visit our beautiful Xmas Markets in our surroundings. We have also Irish Pubs in DArmstadt and possibly I copuld also organize a session or somethjing like a session. Jim, Jonatahan, Erwin and who more ? Let me know the soonest possible your interst and I shall organize or better said improvise somehting we all may enjoy, sopmething with a spontanous character, as I am. I cannot tell you nothing about cost in this moments, but I would estimatze apart of travel cost, the stage here, may not come more expwnsive than 70 - 120 Euros ???? I also can contact the KonzertinaNetz, German Concertinanet, and maybe some of this groupment may come also. Cordially and excitedly Joachim Delp Please excuse typing errors. Hurry together wirtth my sight proble.-..
  2. Fabian, where you are living in France ? Being a very good book, Bertram Levy´s Desmystified Anglo" is written fopr the 30 button concertina. As already said, you wwill find here in the net all the information y<ou need, also Chris Timson FAQ. Int the Links, you wuill find a Frabnh Honmepage in FRranch Langauge, written by a French Concertina Player, I think it is called mroe or less Concertina in #Fance. For the 20 button Anglo, I would recommmend also Frank Edgleys Tutor, which you will find easyy on Frank´s Hoepage and can order directly from him too. If you give me youor address, I cxan send you a copy of a page fo the Fraench Magayine LÁccordeon, sjhowing you where to buy a Beginners Tutor inb France in French. My eyes are ill so for me it is an extra effort to find, to locate more precisely tjhis information for you. Also I am in ghuur now. Burt i f you have probelms to find, what I mention, I can helo youz later on, on Sunday. I have also some CD edited by Henk van Aalen, he made it for me, this great man, playing Irish Tunes and some other at Learning Speed and on normal Speed. You might find it helpful. I am allowed to burn a copy. Enjoy your Concertina and let us know about your progress. Kind regards Joachim
  3. Frank, Ken, Tom, thank you all. Frank for making this beautiful instrument and ionfroming, Tom for editing this geat report and nintersting muscial Audio files, Ken for making it easy and quick to arrive to the pages. What a visual and accoustic pleasure. Regards Joachim
  4. Dear Henk and dear Mr. Bellows, Thank you for your reply. Henk, always helpful, I shall take. To be wise ? Me ? Can the heart be wise ? Mr. Bellows : Your advice seems to practical. I bought a nice old Anglo Lachenal with a 5 fold bellow, which does not work. It has been cheap. It looks nice, a pity to destroy. But I guess I shall do so with the result that of a dying bellow may be borne new ones. Kind regards Joachim Delp
  5. I plan to teach children to play the Concertina. I have my own ideas about it, but practically no expereoince. Who has expereionce, ideas, suggestions for this purpose. Limit the instrument to a 20 key instrument ? The children will be about 8 - 12 years old. Any Tutor to be recommended. Preparing a own one, what should it contain for a first part ? Any Tutor for other instruments, whioch might serve as an example ? Wellany comment and suggestion will be gratefully received. Thanks in advance and kind regaresd Joachim
  6. Hi All, Tring to find who might be willing to share his knowledge with me and others, helpiong to learn to make bellows. I am ready to travel in order to meet with the person, who might be rady to show me. Although I think that the firtst steps could be resolved also in distance. Curious to see if there is any response to this request. Kind regards and thanks in advance for the attention. Joachim
  7. Hi All, I am searching for Bellow Makers, apart of the Instrument Majers. Who can inform ? The intention is to buy on a regular basi a small number of bwellows at a ressinable pricve. Thanks in advance for the attention Joachim
  8. Dear All, As you may have seen, I had offered my Tedrow Baritone for sale. I played all the time mainly myC/G treble Concertina and very little the Tedrow Baritone I own. There has not been much response or interst Luckily nobody wanted to buy it and after haviong sold my C/G Treble, I am playing more the Baritonme and I am learning : - My TEDROW made Baritone is good, and with exception of the lowseste two reed, even quick. It sounds lvely and even majestic. I knoqw that Bo has build in the fionest Antonelli reeds he could get and those reeds are sounding depending on the oplayer sweet, similar to a Flute perhapsx or evfen a clarinet, and it cvan play very loud and never unpleasant. So thank you Bob. Up to know I had not get aware the good and well made instrumetn you have given to me. - Yesterday I had the chance to play together with another G/D tuned Concertina, playing Folk Music and Shanties. We did it on a public place, and I earned my first buck as street musician - Later in the day I learend to play a Slow Air in the G Row in D and well I have nio better word than "beutiful", charming. I shall go ahead to discover my TEdrow Baritone. If you loiok for an payable Baritone Anglo, I want to recommed the TEdrow warmly. This I say sioncerely and convinced,. Thanks Bob. But the real intention of the Topic is : When I bought mine, which might have been the first Baritone Bob has made, I thought that Bob would sell many of them, that it would be a commercial succes for him. I have not spoken with him recently, but I guess it is not as I havwe thouhgt. And the very reduced interst in my offer, does confirm this impression. I ask : WHY ? And more important for me I ask to Britone Anglo Players to tell me, how, for waht kind of Music they do use their Baritones ?. And eventually I would like to listen some more Baritone Anglos. Regards Joachim
  9. I do not wish to sell my Baritone anymore. Now, when my C/G Anglo has been sold, and I play the >Baritone more than before, I am diswcovering it. It is beautiful and I shall stay with it. Luckily there have anywy not been offers fo it. I imaigned it form beginning, but also I am surprised. Sjhall start a new topioc about tjhis. Joachim
  10. Thank you Paul, Alos this day did not end without lerning something new. Joachim
  11. The Geuns-Wakker has been sold. Thank you for your interest. Joachim Delp
  12. Thanks for assistance and help.- Very impüortant that you have corrected my e-mail addres, Jim. Thank. And Henk too for indicating where to listen the instrument. Kind regards Joachim
  13. Offer for sale my Tedrow Barfitone 30 keys, black wood, beautiful and strong sound. As new, little used, purchased about a year ago, together with box. US$ 1.500,--, postage included everywhere. For more information see Bob TEdrow´s page or ask me for more information and/or fotographs. My e-mail address : Joaychim Delp@aol.com
  14. GEUNS.WAKKER (Concertina Connection) in Holland, made this instrument for me about two years ago. Amboyna ended, Jeffries Outlay, played with big pleasure each day at home or in private, never in sessions, in perfect estate together with original box. For more information see the WEb of Concertina Connection or ask me for more details and fotographs. Asking price 1550 Us $, included postage, everywhere. e-mail address JoachimDelp@aol.com
  15. Well, Miro, now that I know that it is an Anglo, a bit (buit not too much) surprisingly with 24 keys (which make, ?), I offer my help once more. UI hve material I would like to share with you. You can write to my email addres : JoachimDelp@terra.es and if you wuish giove me your post addres and perhaps also your phone numnber for a quicker exchange of ideas. I have Tutors for the beginenr several tyops, tapes, CDs, private tutor recordings. Would be nice to help and also listen to your musci. REgards Joachim If teh first address for some reason would not work here is a second one : JoachimDelp@aol.com
  16. You have pruchased one of the best mad and best sounding instrumetns among the modern makers using Accordeon reeds. Be happy with it. I do not wish to say there ar not other good makers. GThere are. But Marcus is fine. It juimped off the shelve into your arms Kind regards >Joachim
  17. Dyen Dobry, Miro, Wellcome ! Me and manyu others here will be ready to help and get started. But as Samantha says it would be good whjat kind of concertina do you have. If it is Anglo I have a lot of material a can volunteerly share with you. Tutors, recordings. Private tutor recordings (on learning sped), etc. Would be a real pleasure. Where ion Poland do you live ? Sweden is not far away. At the end of April 23 . 24 of April there will bve a Squeeze in ion the South of Sweden, meeting people from SCOTLAND , Engalnd, USA, Danmark, Sweden, Notrway, Switzerland, Germ,any and other (?!). It is not expensive and beginenrs re wellcome ! Do you play any other instrument ? Bring it with you, There aer plñayed from Pipes, to Violñins, Harmocinas, Melodeons, Accordeons, Rhytmical instruments like as Bodhran, Bones, Flutes, etc. Could be a nice beginning. Regarsd Jochim
  18. Wellcome ! Congratulations ! And let's know about your progress ! And look to the Tunes & Songs Formu. Waiting the day, how much time ever it may take - youi will record something for us. Joachim
  19. Stuart, thank you for the nice present you have given to most of us right for the Eater time. I have to work and make my living, so I could not listen to al your songs But tomorrow will be here a fiest, I shall be nevertheless be working, but in between I am already expecting to listen to your playing. Someday I shall try to learn to do it in a simialr way. I am already trying, but still far way. Thank you for the enjoyument and enriching contiuition to this formy. Reagards Joachim
  20. I received 6 mails, asking for yur Phone number. For nice Ladies and two Gentlemen They wish to come and play and sing and dance I have lost your phone nr. Please give it to me in order to sychornize our sechedules. Where can we bring to sleept the Ladies ? Well, serious, this time I shall come truely, so many things to speak and to interchange and to learn and to enjoy. GIVE ME YOUR PHONE NUMBER sEE YOU SOON ! jOACHIM cAN i SAY YES TO THE lADIES AND THE gENTLEMEN TOO ? One of the boys is Russian, he thinks to bring loads of Vodka !
  21. Henk, I only discovered this post today. Thanks for the nice tune. I plan to come to Germany from the 22th of March untilabout the 5th of April. Would like to meet you at least one evening and play together. And would like to record on MD the tunes you have recently published here. And to look with you about the REcording software. And to play you a nice Polka set, I am learning in these moemnts. And to play a tune, where in order to achieve the speed, I had aslo to learn to play using all three rows. Tah we can compete who plays it quicker, and drink a beer. Will it be possible ? Joachim
  22. Lisa, I am teaching to my daughtetr, whoi is now 9 years old, and we staareted ehen she has been 7. I am also teaching to my grandson who is 6 years old. My daughter stareted with an old, and cheap German Corcertina 20 buttons. I simpy changed the leather bands, shortening them. Now she has got a nice 20 button Stagi C-1, nicely finished and of sweet sound, I enjoyu to play, coming even with leather bellos for a reasonable price. There is coming an old Lachenal, whioch I must try to repair for her. The Granson has started this year with a Chrismas Present, also a Stagi , made in plastic, and coloured blue, red or yellow, amde for kids. It is no toy. It can be really used for starting with a 5/56 old kid. This one cost here in Europe about 150 Euros, or about 180 - 185 US$. Have a look to Stagis website toi see the models I mention : www.brunnermusica.com The model I mean, has the number PL-4-2 and is announced as a "special concertina for children". Kind regards Joachim
  23. Hi all, have been very busy these days trying to make the money for a living and more Coincertina stuff. So I gort aware late about this thread. Excellent !! Thank you Al, thank you Henk and thanks to all contributior. Up to a certain point it is a satisfaction me thjinkiong that all this is related to the thread I posted in December, "Interchanging Music, Learning, TEaching adn Making Friends". By the other hand it seems that this kind of ideas were anyway floating in the air. However, great that this project may came to bea realityy. Now I understand Henkm, why you could not answer to my qustion how to use the recording software. I shall find out with patience. A pitty, that I cxannot help with the organisation and more than any with the computer stuff. It costed me about 30 - 45 minutes to read all the contributions. Imagine ! But it has been worthwhile. Here a short resum, what I woould like to find in this new page : 1. Music perforwemd by us ourselfes at any level. 2. Encouragement to Bweginners to makje us listen their incipient playing and read there questions. 3. Tutor recording, I mean : We have Alln's recordings I have a Tutor Cd from Henk, which I guess he would not mind to shatre with opthers And I mysefl I am preparing withthe help of my friend Mike Murphy, who lives in Spain some tapes, recorded at learning speed, intermedium speed and real speed. ACtuallay a very enjoyable Polka Set, but also other Irish Music. I got a Tutor MD from a known Player, in order to learn from his Cds. Askinmg him, asking opthers, I risk to say that there is a chance that we might get other material. I think to listen nice Music, performed on Concertinas, in general , we would not reallyh need thios project. But to to know each opther better and getting to be friends and to learn from each other, this what really makes sense to me. I think it should be even possible that somebody comes up with teh question : I would like to leatrn to play this and this tune, who is willing to play it for and record and send to this new page, so me and others can learn it. But nobody should get this "stuff" if not willibng to present after a certain time the results of the efforts done by the one who helps and the one whjo has asjked for. Me individually already I am "pressing, begging" a number of persons to do this for me and I have got some results. I have got music from Jim Lucas, when he visited me about a couple of yuears ago in Spain, an a kind of tutor tape. Tunes he composed himself and perforemd on huis English system Concertina and after trting it ion my anglo over the rows without a real succes, no I ghave learned thanks to him, to play across the rows, and can achieve an acceptable speed and give the real character to the tune. Well from the four he has gfiven to me, I learned only one correctly up to now, but go ahead with opthers. It has been a great experience, which I think would be very inttersting to share with other beginners or slightly advamced beginenrs. For me it has been a "key" or "cruciakl" experiebnce, opneing me the dorfrs for much more. And weithout this help, I think It would have takem me a lot of more time to reach there. Now I start to apply this expereince on other tunes. mixing as it intersts me the over the rows push-`pull style and continuos phrasing. I think you undertand that I s do not really want to speak abnout myself, but explain the exprerience, I think could be very valuable for others. And I feel qyuite enthusiastic about this GREAT project. Henk, I guess it will keep you busy ! Whats your ipinion P.D. : I thought already to open my onw Homepage for the purpose. Once the project comes to be reality, it should be published on the General Discussioopn Foprum, inviting people to share the experience . THOUSAN THANKS !!
  24. Me too !!, Congratulations Morgana. Yes that's fun ! After playing around on my Concertina for about two years now, I amking the experience you are telling here. Each day easier to catch the tunes by listening recordings ! And as you say different fingerings, come eeasy, relatibvely ! I am learning actuallay on four differnt tunes I got by a friend abuot 18 months ago, he plñayed on the English system Coincertina, quite fast and fluently, Than I learend to play those tunes over the row, pushing and pyulling all the time, but never I could achieve the necesary speed and the real character. Now I use all three rows and I got it ! I hope I can record them and bring them to the Tunes & Sopngs Forum in a next future, but I must ask for allowance to the friend and composer of thos tunes. Would be very interesting to disccus the nig numbetrs of fingerings possible and to explain to those who still have not found the way. Hope I can share it with you all soon. Regards Joachim Kids : steady and constant effort and dedications leads to cuccess !, I hve been told as boy and now I can see iti is really ture ç Joachim
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