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  1. Thanks I shall revert a b it later I had written as chatty Concertina Player, thea call me her, almost a novel, al most finished and it disappeared and now i dont feel for repeating . May do it tomorrow
  2. Hello Alex, Thank you for your advice, which which is viable and the way to go. id I would have thought, that possibly it could be also hekpful, if i would wet the thin leather stripe on the frame with some solvent or simly warm water. I hope I am right understanding that this tape is glued with water soluble ehie glue, used for glueing paper and wood in general. Afer reading your recomendation, I understand also that it does not matter to recover the leather stripe J for a impossible re-using. Shall try to do it oover the weekend and shall inform you the result afterwards. Find it funny that we are both enitled by Concertina.Net, as „chatty concertinists“. This may be correct form e, but I am sure, that you deserve a higher degree ! Looking to your perfile, I read that you are dedicating some time to restore instruments. I am starting these days to learn about Concertina repair and rsotore, learning by doing, and if you allow I may ask you one or the other question via e-mail. Once more thank you for helping me. Kind regards JD
  3. Hello, wnat to spaparate old bellows from its frames ow to realize this work conveniently, cleanly and wuthout nor dammaging bellos nor frames. Someb ody willand and preapred to give me tipp andsome advise ? Thank you i advan ce ! Joachim
  4. Like it. thank you! Shal revert to you by mail, have been traveling and exrmely busy. Please excue lat reply.
  5. Hi Sergio, Any chance to get a Sound sample ? Does have Richard Evans a website ?, if so, could you please inform the web address ? Thanks
  6. Hi Berbhard, with the tunes in mind, you mention here, the instrument should be certanly a 30 button instrument. If you do not need the b esg ones and do not want to spend over 4000 US$ and for stgarting with it, my rcommendation would be an APJ, which without saying that SWAN Phoenix and other made b y Irish Concetina Company, would not be also good chices, or valid choices, I would recommmend this ones, because thy are ofg good quality, not fancym functional and elegant, sounding very nice APJ is offering in my opinion and excellent price / quality relation. And once you stat really, I may start to drema a but a Cncertina Trio, foremd by John, you and me By the way I am playing also harmonica and also I hav e to admit that my musical talent, is of a modest level, but I ahve a lot opf fun, and rom time to also persons who listen tpo me, ar also emoted, ...... mostly in session ata late hour, when perople hav e drunk ough Guinness or whisjey and I play sentimenally some Basque Tunes or on or the othr Hymn.... At this time, late, I dare to perform solo, and as said, humidty content in th aeir raises up... Well now I am workng for learning and improving, perhaps in a future I amy allowed to start to play at abut 11 pm ot 11.39 pm Well, bye !
  7. Hi John, i do not know too many Concertina Players in Germany. Well I know some by name, but not personally. So, i am happy to read that you ar liv ing in Stuttgart, not too far away from Darmstad. In Darmstaqdt and surroundins I ama taking part in sessons , whch U would like to make you kjnow, when Coviud allow it again., Woud like to take contact with you, perhaps we can shar our good life with the Concertina. I am now hav ng Concrtinas for ab uot 20 years, but did never have time for a regualr playng and learning process. This year with 73 years i won freedom, and I am fcussd on earning using the OAIM Easy Online Concertina Lessons with teachers land courses for all degress, mainly dedicated to Irish Music. I started with Hohner 30 button Anlgo, which some day has disappeared misteriusly. I thinkn the Hohner is a good starts instrument. Later I owned a Stagi 30 buttons, with improved action, I liked very muc and had no problems with it. I know that many people don´t consider the Stagis to be serious instruments...!? Refernt to this opinion, I am conscient that years ago the Stais had soe prob lems. I own a Basari 50 Butoon G/D, whih must be ab out 50 years old. I bought oce aboout 25 years ago from USA. I love it since it has a very special sound, I guess a ew would not have the same. The G/D tuning I would mor approaite for siningn, that is my feeling. Stagi has b een overtaken by some yung people, who now under the name of Concertina Italia are going ahead tith Stagis instruments and models. But I know thay are doing efforts to improve the qualiy, make it constant and they are working on new models. I hae spoken with them and have played some of their insruments, and it is my impression they have really improved and be a bsolutely recommended. My best instrument, is Kensinton nr. 017 and to whom want to buy a top model, I wold recommend an actual Kensingtono, wiuch I consider to be one of the best. Actualy I am payling a first English mayde Vintage LÖachnal restored to a good working condition and I like its sound very muchgh. 20 button, 22, 24, 26 or 30 buttons = Qith all of them opne can make fine music. I own some old cholers and Klingnthals, I am working on, for my pleasure and I pretend to to add to a first one a couple of buttons, so it would allow at least to play thre tunigns C, G, and D. 20 b uttons, 30 or 38 b uttons, can be too muhc for many of us... Errll , enpough or a first contact ! Hope to meet you in a near futures. If you kike the idea please contact me under my mail conact.
  8. After ga ving slept v r it, an after loooking to my colection of Concetinas, I see, I could, if you, let me a 3 button, cheap , b ut wiorki9ng concertina for some time to sart with it, alloin you t get a feelin you want to go further on. t is called Tina, wood ended, C/G which I bught in Ireland. It is looking good and workig good, similr to the Wren models. I have also Tutrs an CD an online nfo,I culdshar with you. Let me kow it my offer could help you and give you some time o ake a lter mor definitve decsiion. Regards JD
  9. Hi Bernhard, i am Joachim from Germany, living nearby Darmstadt. If you would wish or like, i culd help you a bit, connecting you with the German Konzertina Forum, where you can find all kind of information a beinnger could be interested to kow. WE could eventually alsomeet and i could shw you my instrumetns and let you play and we could discuss your issue in calm and in detail. Wjat kind of Music you would like to start with,maybe mainly Folk ? Question could be if to star with a 30 b or a 40 button insrument, if used or nw. I have some expeience I could share with you. Regards Joachim
  10. I guess, thjs one is not avalable any more. Neverthelless please confirm. I am rpairng old German Concertinas, and I could wel use your spares. If any body hs to offer smeting like tis, plese inform to my mail addrss bamboomotion@gmx.de Thanks JD
  11. Thank you very much for your kind reply and nice foto of the 22 button concertina, I would say it is a Lachnal. You helped with your information, you sent me years ago. I shall try to try to realze such a modification, if i succedd postively, I may inform hjere.🙂
  12. Thank you very muhc for your reply and foto of Concertina.
  13. Helo Peter, I am searching for conact data to Peter OConnors from Ireladn You may send me this data to bamboomotion@gmx.de Thanks n advance. By the way I listended the sound of your concertina on Youtube, liked it, bueatiful. Regars JD
  14. Please excuse error, I correct bamboomotion@gmx.de Would happy if you wold try once more.
  15. I presume I never have replied proprly to your nformation, which now re-reading afer yeas, looks to me very useful. Have you modified your own 20 buton instrument to 22 button one, Is it a En glish type made A ngo or pernhaps a GErmna one. Could i get some phot of the ouside and inside s ? Thaml you in advacne for your kind attention. By the way I enjoyed lstenting your playng on Youtube. Kind regards Joachim Delp
  16. This sounds vey motivating to me. Tried to conect https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCyfaF1wA2EZagdS7E8i3ixw/featured and could not find it. Any chance to lsiten your playing anywhere, but possibly also on Youtube ? Thanks in advacne Joachim
  17. Hello Peter, my e-mail address: bambomotion@gmx.de lease contact me an d confirm that you have receved my message. I am low sight handicpped and not used to crrespond on Concetina.net By the way, I have recently bought the Tutpor yoou mention nd have found Anglo Tour in Youtube. Dou think, that in some moment we coould connect by Zoom or Skype and you might help me some moment. For me I must lean manly by ear, sce it is not easy for to red a Tune Bokk widue to my handicaped eyes. Would be nice. Still I am planing to come to UK as son Corvid allows it again and would like to have a beer with you. Kind regards Joachim Delp
  18. Thank you Takayuki Yagi, As for adding at 4 buttons to my 20 button instruments, I must move the reedblocks in order to creat the necessarty, space, I had meanwhile thought that for first trial I shall only add 2 buttons, exactly as you 6 buttons C row, 6 g-row and exactly, this otes. Thank you for the usfuel information Kind regards Joachim
  19. Thank you Jim for your information. Ihave seen several 24 button Lachenals on ebay., always as 3 row instruments. I am asking the information, since I pretend to extend 4 instruemtns, recentlc made, relatively well made, in relationship to its price, from 20 buttons to 24 buttons. Mantaining the actual form oif constructiuon, particularly, the reed blocks, as they are, there is not more space available for adding more than two reed plates on each side. Using standard parts from The original maker. This means it will be twp rows of six buttons on each side. I think the sdescription I have given about Frank Edgleys Layout for a 24 button concertina is correcdt and if so, then there are at all 3 x C# two times on the pull and one on the push. HIs layout is described as especially adapted or appriated for Irish Music. Thanks and regards Joachim
  20. , Hello Henk, I am asking for 8 tones, not only four, we speak about 4 additional buttons to an Anglo, which diatonic , or push/pull But serious again : I believe that Frank Edgley, porposes a 24 button instrument, addinto the folowing tones, on tthe folowoing buttons : C - row : (buttob 6´as you describe it) A# (Bb) / C' / (left Hand) (Button 7´) C#/D# G-Row : F' #/ G# I think this F# is the lower one,which you wopuld on buttopn 2 on the pul, left hand Right hand first button F# on the push and one more pull C# His reasons seem to be that he wants to optimize zthe Concertina for Irish Music, particularly. I agree with Bb, C#, D# and F# on the pull eventually the lower one and the jhigher opne. I would like to campare this idea and proposal to the ones Lachenal or others may hova chosen. Myself I would like to have a push A and a pull G, perhaps more than the Doubl or triple C#. Thank you Henk for giving your comment, any other idea ? Regards JOachim I understand also the push and pullk C# In continuation, since I forgot it to say : The four notes you mention in any case, me too, I would include those. The other four reeds, which ? Joachim
  21. Can anybody please tell me, which are the notes, one can expect to find on a 24 button Anglo Concertina, as Lachenal and others have built ? Thanks in advance for your advice ! Kind regards Joachuim Delp
  22. Allison, I cannot comment if or not the Cd is tobe found in Button Box. You can buy it directly from Brian sending him a personal mail or you could order on this homepage www.harbourtownrecords.com/peters.html The CD is still not listed in the Order form, but you find there also there e-mail address. I recommend it to you, I cannot imagine, that you might feel disappointed. Joachim
  23. I I recieved today my copy of Brian´s new CD and if I passed moments of an extraordinayy pleasure listening Anglo International, I am passing again in „Concertina Heven“ eenjoyings Brians playing and arrangements.  To the comments given here, by diferent more authorised Anglo Connaiseurs and Players, I would like to add :  Brian says in the booklet, page 2 : " My aim with this record is to allow the Anglo free rein on the kind of music you´d expect it to play, like morris dance tunes or jigs, but also to cajole it intoother aereas it´s less well known for, like slow airs, ragtime, music hall and baroque." This aim has been fully achieved. And I would like to say, that for me as slightly advanced beginner on the Anglo this record is an encouragement to persue my aim, which is to improve my playing every day. I think it is a "must" to listen to this for all us Concertina Players, and not only Anglo Players.  I like to listen all tunes, all the tracks of this CD, but I would give a special mention to,  as rarely to be performed on the Anglo,nevertheless My favourites on this CD are : 1) Kissing Stones and also The Spud-Spattered Piper 2) The Northern Lass 8) Winder Minuets 11)Adieu My Lovely Nancy, fine chords and harmonies 12) Morris Dance Tune 13) The Tankard of Ale 17) The Sweet Sorrow I think Brian´s playing should be definitively included in a second edition of Anglo Interantional. Thank you Brian.
  24. Thank you Russel for your suggestions. I got one Arrangement for four Voices, which appears to me quite playable and not too difficult even for beginners. It is named Tankered of Ale. I think I could share this Arrangement with you. The Music perforemd in a similar way to the sheet music I got, you cna listen on Brians Peters´CD Anglophilia. Please reply to my e-mail addresss, and if you wish to have a copy, by mail. Kind regards Joachim I thjink there must be many Players in Engalnd who should know, since there I understaqnd some use to play as a band. Anyway I think one could find intersting stuff, looking for Music arranged for Melodeons in several voices. As soon I have a chance to go to tjhe cirty I shall looj for it. I am sure I shall find something. I could share with you too. ICA may be also a source, I guess.
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