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    Anglo Concrtina, Germany Concertina Playing and repairing, contact to nice persons, who could share their knowledge with and thus help me improve my capabiities.
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    D64354 Reinheim, Germany

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About Me

Nice guy 😀

Biggeswt love and passion apart my dearest Laady, and fam ily, Concrtinsa, Free Redd Music.


Concetina Player, Anglo and Geman, advanced begier, inspite of the years I am trying to improve my playing.


Working very intensivle, al teh years, ow has arrived the moment, qith 73 years, tjat I am alowed to dedicate more time to  one of the tings i like realy most, Lerning to play and earing to repaire and matain Concdrtinas.


Type opf Miusic I like to play:


General Folk, Basque Tunes, German Folk, English and Irish.


Actualy I am playng on Chinese and Grman made Concertinas, alll of them low cost,.


Ascutally I wait for a restored Lachenal 30 Buttons C/G


and one beautiful Lachenal 20 buttons, which I have sent to

en glad for revison and bringing into good conditon.


Also I have recently orderd an AJP.


Occasional playing My friend´s Kensington, wonderfu instrument

and B astari 40 buttons G/D.


Interested to become contact to pesons, who could help me tie to time, to advance n my playing and repairing.



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