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  1. Just wanted to add my congratulations to Bob for being accepted into the Guild. Keep up the good work! I suspect that the new Tedrow will be center stage at another Seattle session. Tom
  2. A pint at my feet. The music reels in my head. My muse haunts the pub.
  3. Hey David, Last time I saw to Bertram he was playing bandoneon for an Argentine Tango group at Seattle's Folklife Festival. At that time he was still living in Port Townsend. I found a website that has short description of Bertram's obsession with the music of tango maestro Astor Piazolla. http://www.tangoheart.com/press.htm If you decide to take up the bandoneon, I'll take that Dickenson Wheatstone off your hands for you
  4. Debbie, You may have inherited a valuable antique concertina. The Wheatstone Linota is one of the most sought after concertinas ever made. Many prominent musicians regard them as simply the best ever built. I would recommend that you have it looked at, by one of the reputable shops listed on Concertina.net. They can both appraise and repair it, if needed. Then, I would second Jim Lucas' advice and learn to play it! Tom Scott
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