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  1. I have a Morse "Ceili", C/G anglo concertina with Jeffries layout, Rosewood stain with fitted case (#494) for sale. It was made for me in July 2007 and has been used for less than 5 hours. Perfect condition. I paid $1,825 (and waited several months for construction). I would be happy to accept $1,325. I can provide pictures etc as necessary.
  2. Great - this was exactly the type of guidance I was seeking - many thanks, N
  3. Sorry, I was meaning design features (ratio of length to depth, ratio of length either side of fulcrum etc)
  4. I have embarked on an ambitious project to construct a 30 key anglo and I am planning to construct the action levers de novo out of brass (as described by Henrik Muller) but I am seeking guidance on the profile. Can anyone help? Thanks, Nigel Logan nigel@old-lyme.com
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