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  1. Pgidley

    Wooden Ended Jeffries In Flat Keys

    Hey Richard Thanks for the reply - is your Bb/F a 26 button? How does it compare to the typical 30 button metal ended model in terms of response and tone?
  2. Pgidley

    Concertina Jeffries Maker 39 bits

    Your price isn't showing up. Are you a scammer? Tell the truth!
  3. Pgidley

    34 button anglo - Maker and date

    Good eye, those do look like Jones papers, as well as the endframe stamp.
  4. Pgidley

    34 button anglo - Maker and date

    I think that is a Lachenal "Special AngloModel." Do the extra buttons play notes, or are they novelty sounds? The bellows look to be in good shape. I've never had my hands on one, but I've heard that they were meant to rival Jeffries. You can see it mentioned in this 1930 price list http://www.concertina.com/pricelists/lachenal/Lachenal-Pricelist-All-c1930.pdf It could also be a New Model - "The finest Anglo that has ever been produced" -- bold claim! It doesn't fit exactly the description of either, but could be somewhere in between. And they may have varied over the years. Here is another thread that talks about them:
  5. Pgidley


    My ears are ringing just thinking about it.
  6. Pgidley

    Irish Music On Wheatstone System?

    Liam O'Brien from Miltown Malbay plays a Wheatstone.
  7. Pgidley

    Irish Music On Wheatstone System?

    Florence Fahy plays a Wheatstone.
  8. Pgidley

    31 Button Crabb C/g

    I've lowered the price.
  9. Pgidley

    31 Button Crabb C/g

    This is the same concertina that I have listed for trade at http://www.concertina.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=20214, but for clarity I'll start a new thread. I bought this instrument unrestored and sent it to Greg Jowaisas. He did an outstanding job giving it a full overhaul, and built a top notch set of bellows for it. Its C/G Jeffries layout with a C drone on the left hand thumb button. It has no outward markings, but the reedpan is stamped T. Bostock, and correspondence with Geoff Crabb confirms that it was built by John Crabb. Bostock was a reseller who did not build concertinas, but built lovely banjos. Its in 1/5 comma meantone, which is a perfect temperment for this instrument. It is a quick, loud and responsive instrument with a lovely tone. I'll post up some sound samples shortly. It pains me to sell it, but I will have another C/G coming soon and I want to have funds available for a Bb/F when I find the right one. 400 I'll be in St Louis on April 20th weekend for the Tionol, and in Ireland May 12-22. Asking $4750 USD/3800 Euro/3300 GBP. I am in Canada, so if I ship it we would need to sort out CAD funds, but if I deliver it I would take any currency.
  10. Pgidley

    Looking For A Bb/f, Possible Trade For A C/g

    I've uploaded some better photos, the others were a bit blurry. Thanks Pat
  11. Pgidley

    Looking For A Bb/f, Possible Trade For A C/g

    Thanks Robin, I sent you a PM with my email contact.
  12. I currently play a lovely C/G 31 button concertina, a very early Crabb that was overhauled by Greg Jowaisas, with beautiful new bellows and tuned in 1/5 comma meantone. I love the concertina, but as luck would have it, I have another long awaited C/G from a contemporary maker coming my way this spring. Since I don't have a need for two C/G anglos, I thought I'd put the feelers out there: What I'm looking for is a really nice Bb/F concertina. I'd prefer a Jeffries, but I would consider others in the same class. I'm not interested in anything with more than 39 buttons, and tend to prefer a standard 31 button. I would offer the Crabb as a trade, but could also sell the Crabb separately for a cash deal. I'm in no rush, but I thought it'd be good to see if anyone is out there. If I can save one Bb/F from getting converted to C/G, I'd be happy. I'll be in Ireland in May, and probably in England for a day or two as well. Here's a few photos of the Crabb
  13. I bought this Lachenal 2 years ago from Greg Jowiasas. It's been fully restored by him, with newer six fold bellows. I also had him swap the accidentals to Jeffries layout, as that is what I'm used to. It's a really nice player, but I now have a Crabb. Located in Canada but able to ship from USA (I love on the border). Asking $1200 USD. Will post pics and sound samples this weekend. Sold pending payment.
  14. Pgidley

    Colin Dipper Instrument #47 C/g Anglo

    No, when there was a picture of the other side of the instrument there is an additional button on the inside of the left hand C row.
  15. Pgidley

    Colin Dipper Instrument #47 C/g Anglo

    Is it 30 buttons or 31? What is the extra button?