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  1. I like it Bill, its cool. Would look great on the mantelpiece. Doubt its a player though, obviously.
  2. I wish people would keep their thoughts on an instruments value to themselves. If you don't think it's worth it or can't afford it, don't buy it. I think the price is fair given the rarity. It's a beauty.
  3. Ah yes I've used UPS for the last few, next time I'll go with Canada Post/USPS. Normally, when the border is open, I just toodle across to Minnesota and visit the nice USPS lady.
  4. Hey Bill! What do you do for insurance value? I've sent instruments across the border Canada to USA and back and had to pay the HST % on the declared insurance value. It was a pretty insignificant amount so I just paid it and avoided the hassle, but I'll be sending another instrument that I'll want to insure for a bit more. It would suck to pay taxes on both directions, even though I can avoid duties.
  5. It's a constant battle to keep the humidity up in a house where the outside humidity is low. Wood heat is another big problem, and the only remedy is to have a kettle on the woodstove and a room humidifier running full blast. Even then with temperatures down to -20C or lower, at some point we just have to do our best, and right now my hygrometer is reading 34%, despite best efforts. I once had a banjo spontaneously split down the neck while sitting leaned against a wall. Scared the lights out of me, it sounded like a lightning clap going off in my living room. Maybe it was some dar
  6. NP: Nickle Plated KVWS: Key Valve and Wrist Strap (which are present still, nice)
  7. I think you'd be surprised how well a long-format in-depth video essay on the construction of a concertina would be received. The shift in media over the last number of years has allowed for more niche topics, and they tend to be popular. Check out Primitive Technology on Youtube as an example. There is something meditative about watching a skilled craftsman work, without the need for any dialogue or interpretation. An example similar to what I'm picturing, by Cormac Begley (with a Dipper cameo): I can say personally that any conversation I
  8. Hey Robin From Colin's explanation, the tapered reeds bring some of the upper partials under control and contribute a bit more sweetness to the tone. The main intent in going with the tapered reeds vs parallel was to provide more control over dynamic range. All of these seem to be at the expense of volume, but from my comparisons, the instrument can be louder than both of my Jeffries (both bone button, so not the loudest Jeffs), so maybe its more a loss in initial attack of the note rather than total dB. Either way I think it was a great decision, as I can find no fault in the tone
  9. I enjoyed watching your instrument being built on Alex's page. A lot of work went into it! Here is my new Dipper. Hard to describe how happy I am with it. I guess the best way to describe it is that it plays and sounds as good as it looks. 
  10. C/G two octaves low? Must sound incredible.
  11. What is that big monster, a Lachenal bass? Would love to hear it. Here's my little Christmas heap
  12. Sold, a contribution will be made to C-Net!
  13. This C/G anglo bears no makers name, but has internal stamps of T. Bostock, who was a musical instrument retailer. My own and others opinion is that this is a John Crabb, but ultimately it is a mystery. The instrument has bellows built by Greg Jowaisas in 2017, and they are nicely played in and absolute top-notch in quality. Greg also tuned it to 1/5 meantone intonation, which is lovely sounding, and did his usual work replacing valves and pads at that time. It is Jeffries layout, with a C drone. As is typical with these early bone button models, the the action board is mahogany.
  14. So am I reading right from the diagram that the rows are, from the outside in, F, Ab, Bb, C? The only others like this that I'm aware of are Ab/Eb/Bb/F, but no doubt there are others with vastly more experience than myself on this forum who may have seen more of these. With such a unique layout, in original tuning, and in remarkably good condition, it would be bordering on criminal to make drastic changes to this instrument. It's in good hands luckily!
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