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  1. So am I reading right from the diagram that the rows are, from the outside in, F, Ab, Bb, C? The only others like this that I'm aware of are Ab/Eb/Bb/F, but no doubt there are others with vastly more experience than myself on this forum who may have seen more of these. With such a unique layout, in original tuning, and in remarkably good condition, it would be bordering on criminal to make drastic changes to this instrument. It's in good hands luckily!
  2. Charles Jeffries died about 1906, and instruments with the C. Jeffries Maker, 23 Praed St, were made as late as 1908. So yours would be between 1893-1908.
  3. I had a Bb/F, also turned up here in Canada, with similar looking black bellows. Perhaps you're onto something there. I had seen the ad for yours in NS and was curious, but the 4th row turned me off enough to not bother.
  4. We're losing too many great ones lately. May their music live on.
  5. Pgidley


    More photos would be helpful to get an idea of its condition
  6. Lovely photo as always, Peter. I wish I had gotten to meet them both. Your recording with Kitty was a big influence on me taking up the concertina to begin with, starting with a borrowed 20 button that belonged to Nick Brown's grandfather (so pipers are to be held responsible on multiple counts for bringing this fiddler to the dark side). Anyhow, I Just heard back from Custy's, and they do have copies in the store, so will be updating the stock on the website tomorrow. Hurray!
  7. Thanks Peter, I'll send an email off to Custy's. I don't know how that release flew under my radar for so long, I've always been a fan of her playing, and wish there were more players like her (along with Kitty Hayes, and Mary Mac etc).
  8. If anyone could point me to a source for this album, I would greatly appreciate it. Custys in Ennis is out of stock, and I don't see any other sources. If any family or friends of hers are planning a reprint, I can wait, or if not, I'd love a digital copy. Thanks, PG
  9. If you can do with 30 buttons, the spacing on a 30 button Jeffries, or a modern maker following that pattern, is very nice. I have long fingers, and while I can get used to a Wheatstone and manage fine with it, I feel very comfortable on my Jeffries with 30 bone buttons. However watch at Liam O'Brien play his Wheatstone. He's a big lad! There's also a lot to be said about the height of your palm rest. That may have a bigger impact on comfort than button spacing alone.
  10. It'd be around 1903 with that serial number. Strike that, I was looking at English serial numbers. We'd have to see some photos to give much more idea of value - a lot comes down to condition and individual playing characteristics.
  11. Who made your Bb/F Baritone, Richard?
  12. Interesting that the reeds weren't great. I thought their Class C was "Extra Superior". What's the serial number range on that instrument?
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