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  1. Thank's Dowright, having a look at her album now. Looks like she also plays the harp.
  2. I heard a few clips of Bernie playing with some pupils on Youtube. Her playing is lovely, just the style I like. I'm wondering if anyone has any other recordings of her they could share or point me to? She doesn't seem to have recorded any commercial recordings, as far as I can tell. There must be some private recordings out there.
  3. Photos posted for you Stephen, let me know what you think.
  4. That'd make a good album cover for Cormac Begley...and His Wonderful Family of Concertinas.
  5. Hey Stephen, certainly happy to post some pictures. The last photo is next to my early unmarked C/G, likely a Crabb. It has a T. Bostock stamp inside and the action and sides are entirely mahogany (with ebony veneer). The reed dimensions are very similar, but the Jeffries has more aggressive undercutting in the reed frames, and the reed tongues have blue tempering colour. The Jeffries tone is quite different than the Crabb, though they play roughly about the same. The fretwork on the Crabb is a little more finely cut than the Jeffries. The Jeffries action is typical sycamore construction, and it has a wonderful warm honk, being in Bb/F. Other difference I just remembered is the Crabb has an Eb and D# on the LHS accidental row, whereas the Jeffries is the typical later Jeffries layout.
  6. I was wondering about those chamfers. My earlier, bone button Jeffries does not have them. I wonder at what point they started adding them and what the goal was.
  7. Yea, could be. I'm curious if anyone has seen a Crabb 4 digit number written on the reedpan like this on a Jeffries. I understand most were stamped later and pencilled in earlier on (and erased) and if I'm safe to correlate it to Crabb's dating. It would give me a date of 1886 - 100 years older than I am.
  8. Hey folks, I have this 31 button Jeffries with a number written on the reedpan. The way it has bled into the wood makes me think its sharpie or some kind of modern marker, but the number looks vaguely like a 4 digit number starting with 8. It could have been a stamp that has been smudged off. If I look up that number in Geoff Crabb's dating guide, the date is consistent with this style of Jeffries (31 ivory buttons, sycamore action). Has anyone found a Crabb 4 digit number stamped in one of these instruments? Where would it normally be found, or have you seen similar written numbers inside?
  9. Hmm sounds like you'd be better off getting in touch with Colin Dipper for your custom build!
  10. jbrent, best to start a new thread for that question rather than in a thread in the buy/sell. But, what kind of music do you want to play? Where in Ontario are you, I'm on the US border too, near Minnesota!
  11. Just to add another to the pile, my C/G Crabb that Greg Jowaisas restored for me and tuned to 1/5th comma meantone in the process has been fabulous, and I wouldn't dream of going back to equal temperament if given the choice. The only downside I can think of is when a fiddler wants to tune to my A, I have to give them a D to get things close to A440.
  12. I read it more as Eve-een, but I've been wrong before - once!
  13. Yes I have a lovely metal ended 30 button C/G Crabb, early in manufacture relative to most Crabbs and very responsive and with its own unique tone. My plan all along has been to sell it for a Bb/F Jeffries once my spot on the wait list of a contemporary maker comes up, however I'll be sad to let this one go when that time comes.
  14. As a Crabb owner and player, that is awesome to hear. Now I even more desire a Bb/F! What a great tone, and great tune selections.
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