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  1. Hey Rod, if you're coming to Old Pal be sure and bring your Jeffries Duet - we'll fire the opening salvo in Jeffries Duet World Domination!



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    2. gcoover


      It's going to be a mighty sound - especially with me in C and you in Bb!!!

    3. saguaro_squeezer


      Just call it really wet tuning, ... for the melodeon set!

    4. gcoover


      Drowning in cacophony!

  2. Aloha Hidetoshi,


    Hope you are still playing Jeffries Duet!


    I plan to write a book about how to play it, would love to have a quote or two from you about it, maybe even a photo to put in the book?


    I am in Hawaii now, so if you ever come to Honolulu let me know!

    Gary Coover



  3. Hey Rod,

    Thanks for the nice words about the book - I'll have to hire you to be on my PR team!


    Any thoughts on what would help make the tab less confusing? I know it leaves the timing of some of the accompaniments up to the player's discretion. I tried including the left hand music notes at one point but it just got too cluttered, and too crazy as to which clef or ledger lines - the big problem with middle C being in the middle of the left side. But at least "Stately Southerner" has it all - nicked straight from the singing Tim Hart and Maddy Prior!



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