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  1. Hi, huge fan of your work, have two of your books so far. Are you planning on doing another book anytime soon? or do you take requests for adding tablature to songs?

    1. gcoover


      Hey Drew, glad you like them! There are always several in the works - a tutor with Cohen Braithwaite-Kilcoyne is probably next, then a book of Phil Ham's playing, a book of Swiss tunes, church tunes, etc.


      I'm happy to take a look at a request, but no guarantees I can make it work!



    2. GrantDrew


      Those sound so exciting! I was hoping you could look into Bosun bill from Sea of Thieves or any more of the Sea of Thieves songs. I've found some sheet music online but actually writing out the fingerings seems impossible. That game is what actually inspired me to start learning the concertina and I loved the Grogg Mayles you have in your pirate songs book.

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