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    Anglo concertina, especially Irish and exploring chording.... I have a Baritone that I love to use for backup...<br><br>Traditional Irish music...<br><br>Piano, especially blues, Boogie Woogie and improvisation...<br><br>Using music to support environmental efforts. See www.musemusic.org
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    Near Ann Arbor, Michigan

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  1. Oops, sorry, I don't think I replied to you earlier. I'm asking $2500 for the MacCann...



  2. Saguaro,

    I'll be around for the next couple of weeks so we should be able to connect. I'm always excited about meeting new concertina players. Call/text me at 248-705-0046 close to when you are coming in town and we can connect on a time and place... Thanks,


  3. Craig, there's a good possibility I might be coming up to our office in Livonia in the next couple of weeks. If so, could we get together and I might have a look at your Lachenal?

  4. I've updated the orginal post with links to two more pictures (reeds on the 2nd side and one picture of the action)... Any further ideas on what we have here would be appreciated! Thanks, Craig
  5. Now that's what I like to see, some community sleuthing here! I'll get some additional pics that may be of value. My guess is that the handles are not original to the instrument. Note that the top of the concertina has the thumb screws for tightening the strap (like a Jeffries), but the handles have the tightening screw for the strap on the bottom... More ideas welcomed! Thanks, Craig
  6. I've added more pics to the original listing and have set a $2500 price. Thanks, Craig
  7. Rod, no I have not sold it yet. I've had interest but no buyers yet. It's a really sweet sounding box in great shape so half of me wants to hold onto it banking on the fact that I'll have the gumption to play it some day, but realistically it's not getting played and should be... There aren't enough good concertinas out there to have one sitting in a box in my living room!

  8. Hi Craig, have you had any interest in your Lachenal? I had to sell my Crabb and Wheatstone this spring for some medical bills but would love to talk to your about yours since my current 35 button Lachenal has a very sweet tone. Kind regards, Rod Wagoner

  9. Hi Craig - What are you asking for your Maccann Duet?

  10. Andrew, I've looked and there is no C&S number stamped into the bar on either strap. The bars have worn, and at one point repainted. I can't say for certain if they are the original bars, but I suspect they are since they seem to be fairly well fitted to the raised wooden ends and I can't see the point of ever replacing them. The serial number #3889 on the metal insert on the outside, is also stamped onto reed pan and the bellows frame. Hope this helps. Thanks, Craig
  11. ocd, I updated the original posting with a page reference to a pdf on the site with the exact layout. Please let me know if you need anything else. Thanks, Craig
  12. Note: posting recently updated with more pics... Greetings. I am selling a 60b MacCann duet (32 treble + 28 bass). The instrument was fully refurbished in 2006 by the button box (new bellows, pads, valves) and I haven't played it since then. To accommodate the large number of buttons the concertina is a bit bigger than a standard box, measuring 7 inches across the end. The steel reeds give a nice sweet tone. Normal wear for a vintage instrument. The straps are original C. Wheatstone & Co. I've looked inside the concertina but there are no markings to indicate Wheatstone or otherwise. I'm selling this because I've never invested the time to learn the MacCann system. I gravitated toward the Jeffries Duet system and didn't want to get my brain wrapped around another duet button scheme. It has been sitting in it's box unplayed in my living room for the last six years since the refurbishment and I wanted to get it out to someone who would play it. For a button layout, see page 23 here. This 60 button concertina is exactly like that layout of the 62 button on this page except does not have the G#2 and the G2 shown in the dashed circles above the first two columns of buttons on the treble side. For a couple of more pics look here and here. Please see pics attached and let me know if you have any questions. I'm asking $2500 for the box. Thanks, Craig
  13. Greetings... I just posted for sale a 55b Crane Duet... Please let me know if you are interested... I'm in the states but can ship safe & insured... Thanks, Craig
  14. Lachenal “Triumph” Duet concertina. Completely refurbished in mechanics, cosmetics and tuning in October, 2006 by the Button Box, and hasn't been played since. A somewhat rare larger version with 55 keys (30 in right and 25 on left) plus air button. Gorgeous raised wooden ends, 7 fold-bellows, steel reeds. Instrument # 3889 is clearly marked on a metal plate on the left side of the concertina. In looking for concertina dating information, a rough cut estimation yields 1921 as the manufacturing date. The same number is stamped on the reed pans. There are minor scratches and scuffs as would be expected from of an instrument of this age, but it is in amazingly quite good cosmetic shape. The bellows are air tight. When I buy concertinas, I always look for mellow and rich tones – and that is why I got this one. I also really like the feel of the buttons on this instrument – smooth and solid. A wonderful instrument for solo play and for ensembles – it won’t blow-out the other players in your group. In excellent shape, ready to play. In perfect tune, A=440. It is a Crane tuning system can was adopted by the Salvation Army under the name “Triumph” from 1912, and eventually Wheatstone was claiming it was because of “the disposition of the keys being more suited to the playing of sacred music”. For background on Triumph duets, see http://www.concertina.com/crane-duet/. For the button layout, look at the “55 stud” diagram in here. It has been outside of it's box about 5 times since I had it refurbished. Price is $3150 plus insurance and shipping. If sold through Concertina Net, I’ll make a donation to Paul for his great work on our collective behalf. Please let me know if you have any questions. Thanks, Craig Wagner
  15. I'm glad you have the Custom #2. I've tried them all and really like this one. Let the war continue. Craig
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