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  1. Some leads: http://www.concertina.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=4852&hl=%2Bhenrik+%2Bstagi http://www.concertina.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=2718&hl=%2Bhenrik+%2Bstagi http://www.concertina.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=250&view=findpost&p=2067&hl=%2Bhenrik+%2Bstagi
  2. Video hopping after this I came upon this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0gT-xMlIDYM Boeremusiek played on an english. In 2 other videos he plays anglo.
  3. Three quick videos all recorded with one take! Anglo: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YggeLp-Y-G8 Bass: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vjd7kmq1ZiU Treble: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vHZ7VSwtn-Q
  4. One point to consider: screwed in reeds v. waxed in reeds. Do you want to be able to tune reeds etc yourself or leave it to an accordion tech. or learn new skills working on the hidden reed at the back. Graham
  5. Thank you for all the compliments. Yes I do play for dance though not often now, but never this tune. What caused me most problems was the 2nd time through, where I am swapping tune from right to left hand. I have no idea about chords. Graham
  6. I have been playing this tune at times for last 30 years, it still took about 30 takes but it was easier when I remembered to 1 A and 2 Bs. Graham
  7. It is a good chance, that it was Roy Whiteley: http://www.accordionmagic.com/index.html who is in Cheshire. Graham
  8. Here is my attempt: I use the zoom on the camera to get further away to reduce volume but wasn't far enough. I wish I had more control over what my left hand does. I tried for jolly. Graham
  9. Have to ask Paul and Ken about that. Offhand, I see no way to vote multiple times, and as administrator of this forum, I apparently don't have the ability to manipulate the vote. I'll investigate. Jim - there are not too many votes acutally, but too many voters - that's why I believe that there had been five "null" votes because of having had a look at the result before having voted oneself - I seem to recall having been warned against doing so whilst opening the poll thread for the very first time... I did view results first and have been prevented from casting a vote. Graham
  10. I've added a couple more: and just because the camera was set up:
  11. What?! Really? That's not something that is shown on their site, as far I can see. When you say "look like" - do you mean a single reed on a single, tapered reed shoe, brass or dural, not riveted? /Henrik http://www.harmonikas.cz/harmonium.htm ? and reed sets on this page http://www.suttnerconcertinas.com/parts.html
  12. I have an Olympus LS-10. Large record and stop buttons, clear display, runs on 2 AA batteries, remote control, and has speakers to check recordings on SD card. I think there is now a later model. Cheers Graham I
  13. Interesting, but I think it's also much more complex (more different kinds of parts). I also have some specific thoughts regarding specific details of WW's "improvements", but they're going to wait. Meanwhile, I'm looking forward to others' comments. Hmm... no further comments from others, as yet. Then again, I've only just posted the additional photos. Would anyone else like to speculate as to 1) why this design didn't replace or at least take a place alongside its predecessor, which remains relatively unchanged even today, or 2) the likely consequences of the various new features -- either separately or together -- incorporated into this instrument? 2 comments: Only just noticed mixture of brass and steel reed shoes. How are the reeds attached on the steel shoes? Tuning is going to be difficult with valves in place and you need to retune after replacing valves.
  14. There is no chamber wall for the valve to get stuck against if it goes too far. Graham
  15. Peacocks have now been on sale for at least 3 days. Graham
  16. Some time ago I took the threaded plate, which is screwed to the bellows frame, out and then squeezed the plated on to the end bolt in a vice. Result good threads on 2 sides which gave me no further trouble for rest of time I had concertina ( G/D C Jeffries ) Graham ( advice warning trade Farmer )
  17. Following your link I spotted this, a good photo to add to your collection. Graham
  18. Horses for courses I reckon .. Maybe next fore me is voice recognition where you sing a tune as you remember it and get a record in one of these forms. It's probably out their now , please let me know. Try tunepal: http://tunepal.org/tunepal/index.php
  19. Suttner had reeds sets on his price list. You could try harmonium reeds from http://www.harmonikas.cz/ Graham
  20. Just to show an example link http://www.concertina.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=2576&st=0&p=25584entry25584 to my attempted sale of a Wheatstone F/C. Graham
  21. Well whoever bought it, they didn't think for too long, posted and sold in 24 minutes. Graham
  22. I would have taken the risk and paid by paypal. Graham
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