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  1. <blush> well, thanks I'm only really interested as Bb/F and Ab/Eb boxes are currently available in 26 key configs, which are lovely for singing for me, as well as the fact I can *afford* a 26 key Ab Jeffries, but not a 40 key one
  2. Intersting - so there are three empty reed chambers. hmm.
  3. well seeing as It is possible to play irish music on a 26 key,after all who use the top three buttons on the right hand side,the really squeaky ones.I reckon 26 keys concertina[if it doesnt need any repair] at that price is worth it.verey soon people will be copping on to 26 keys and they will become a lot more expensive. in fact if Ihad tthe money Iwould buy it myself Not bad, but I'd expect a 30 key lachenal to not be much more in the mahogany configuration, whilst put off by the inordinately high price I was more tempted by this. http://www.themusicroom-online.co.uk/produ...roducts_id/4219 Played it and loved it, but a lot of bread for a 26 key jones.
  4. I think somewhat less than that to restore - new bellows are available from about $300 unless you want to go down a perfect replica route, the rest isn't likely to run to 2k, though as bidding has now passed the $2500 mark, the question of good value is certainly valid!!!
  5. Hi folks. I've recently come across a couple of 26 key boxes, which whilst obviously slightly restrictive were nonetheless excellent. Does anyone have any idea what are "fair" prices for these? One was a Jeffries, the other a Jones. On another line, given that some 26 key boxes clearly use uncut endplates from 30 key instruments can they be extended? What, for example does a 26 key jeffries reedpan look like. Idle curiosity. cheers Gav
  6. I'd be more concerned that the photo of them appears to have been taken through a big hole in the bellows... But what do you think of it? Crabb, Jeffries copy? I'd say Crabb, 1890ish. Apart from being a ) 26 key and b ) in terrible condition, it's a ringer for the 30 key 1890 Bb/F I sold to Greg Jowaisas. Geoff told me that Crabb were making Jeffries endplates and other parts at this time anyway, hence the similarities. As previously mentioned the right hand cartouche/uncut fretwork suggests Crabb.
  7. I'd totally agree. Looks to me like late 19th century Crabb endplates. Certainly not very Wheatstone. Not sure what state it is in - reed shoes look like they are popping out of the boards which may be warped.
  8. the bonus with the bag I bought is that the two single hard cases fit inside snugly, don't move about and you effectively then have a double hard case with a canvas outer and shoulder straps.
  9. Though I'm guessing this is a long dead thread, I thought I'd share my discovery of the day - I have now acquired a G/D and a C/G and want to be able to cart both about with me to sessions. Having looked into various double case options they all seemed a little prohibitive price-wise. I took a bit of a risk on a double bass drum pedal bag off ebay, and having now received it it is a perfect fit for my two hard cases - like a glove and means the two seperate cases zip together into a single unit. I imagine you can pick one of these up for about $20-30. The weight of two hard cases may be marginally more than that of a custom double but I'm really happy with the flexibility of just zipping a box shaped bag around the two cases. And I don't have two spare cases kicking about... the bag I bought was this one, thought there may be a number of other options if you search for double pedal case or bongo case. http://tinyurl.com/4g2f57 hope it helps someone.
  10. thanks guys. My post was from 2004 - thankfully I've acquired a concertina (or two, hopefully) since then. thanks anyhow. Gav
  11. gavdav


    yikes. blast from the past, that is either the dead ringer (and a pretty rare one) for the first box I ever bought, or the very one. Wish I still owned it, and you wouldn't believe what I originally paid... sob...
  12. I had the chance to play the listed instrument when I was in Canada recently - far better than just about any lachenal I've ever played. Nice, solid action and a good sound. Certainly I've played some wheatstones that were no better. aesthetics are personal taste.
  13. For accordion reeded boxes by well known makers I'm looking around the $1400-$1800 mark, however I've undoubtedly benefitted from the weak US dollar.
  14. Simply that the second hand market is cheaper than the new market! ...and having bought a well priced C/G on here recently and seen similar G/Ds over the past few months thought it was worth asking...
  15. It sounds like a great box, however, significantly above my price bracket, and undoubtedly an instrument I'd struggle to do justice to!
  16. Well, I'm back into anglo playing in a big way and am looking for an affordable G/D box for session playing. I would prefer to pay by paypal, due to sticking it on my credit card! I'm based in the UK and am looking for something with a fast, solid action, so a lachenal is unlikely to suit. Happy with accordion reeds - Marcus, Tedrow, Morse, Edgley etc. anyone have anything they need to part with? Cheers Gav
  17. as title suggests. I'm UK based but looking for a playable box with a nice action for duets with G/C diatonic accordion. I have a good quality Crabb on loan but would liek something of my own for takign out. Recently played Morse and Marcus boxes and previously tried all the others. If anyone has anyhting to offer, regardless of location please drop me a personal mesage or reply here. many thanks Gav
  18. apologies to all those who tried to email me over this - I thought I'd got zero response, then checked the email account to which my mail is actually forwarded. <cue embarrassment> For those who enquired, the box is still available, and those wishing to contact me should use the following address gavindavenport@argonaut-sheffield.com I'll take photos this weekend and forward them to those who enquired. all the best Gavin
  19. forgot to say: I'd also consider takign a good quality accordion reeded concertina in part exchange against this if someone is looking to upgrade. C/G preferably but G/D considered. e.g. Marcus, norman, tedrow, etc.
  20. John Crabb, 1889 31 key (Bb/Bb drone on left thumb) for sale. This is a beautiful looking, sounding and playing box, and just about everyone who has ever played it has fallen in love with it. It is almost all original, with nickel ends, bone buttons and gold tooled leather bellows. It was fully overhauled and tuned by Andy Norman about 18 months ago, who placed an insurance value of £3500 sterling on it, and described its performance as better than new. I've put this up for sale a few times (Was recently on slae at the Music Room, UK for £3000), then ended up not wanting to part with it, but as I play a number of other instruments and this is sitting in its case far too much and should go to someone for whom Concertina is their first instrument. It would suit a singer or someone wanting to play in old keys. The box is fast and responsive with a loud but warm tone. I would like to get £2200 or a near offer. This is a first quality vintage instrument. more info and photos can be provided on request.
  21. Frank, Out of curiosity, what sort of price does a box in this tuning run to? I played one of your boxes in the pub in Goderich last summer and was blown away by it. (I was a youngish English chap playing at the festival). A/E sounds like my perfect singing box. (though it is fair to point out my wife/bank manager may not agree ) Gav
  22. anyone in the UK wanting a good quality soft case/gig bag, I no longer have use for this one which has seen very little use due to flight case. I think it has been used twice and cost me around thirty pounds a year ago. black nylon zipped outer with plush grey padded interior, excellent condition. please email me to arrange. thanks Gavin
  23. yes, apologies, the instrument is in Bb and F. I listed the instrument on the old buy/sell board which seems to be still up and running, and listed the keys in the advert heading, with pasting across to this group as well I simply forgot. would also consider trade in part for a three row D/G Castagnari melodeon (dony, mory, handry etc.) Gav
  24. just listed my much loved but little played 1889 (john?) Crabb Anglo. This really needs to be played, but as I'm playing guitar and cittern every hour that god sends, the little box never gets out. its a superb instrument and needs to go to a good home, hence me listing it here and not ebaying it! The insurance valuation in 2002 was £3-3.5k, I'm after £2750 (yes, i'm in the U.K.) its a truly lovely, amazing instrument, but it shouldn't be sat in a box, as it all too often is. Ad duplicated here: "Stunning Condition, fully restored and in modern concert pitch, this is a professional level instrument. Serial number is 8340, dated at 1889. Nickel silver ends, dark (ebony??) frames, bone buttons. The instrument has 6 fold gold tooled black leather bellows, "Jeffries Pattern" bellows papers, a very fast action and a loud but warm tone. The ends are unstamped as was common at this period of manufacture but the endplates are of the typical, familiar Jeffries pattern. Externally the concertina is indistinguishable from Jeffries concertinas of the same period, but is stamped with the Crabb mark on one of the soundboards. The instrument has 31 keys (30 plus left hand Bb drone), and was fullly restored in 2002 by A.C. Norman and Co. who placed an insurance value of £3000-3500 on the instrument at that time. At some point in the instruments history a small wooden bush was added to the wind key/air button. this has been sympathetically restored by Andy Norman and actually improves the instrument's playability. Other changes from original condition are a small piece of wood missing from the right hand handrest, some minor wear to the gold tooling on the base of the bellows. These are all very minor for an instrument of this age. With the combination of fast action and open tone, it is equally suitable for players wanting to play in the English or Irish styles, and would make a superb instruemnt for song accompaniment. Everyone who has played the instrument has loved it, and it usually gets mistaken for a Jeffries. The instrument is provided with a fully blocked, foam lined, padded custom made modern aluminium edged flightcase. I'm very reluctant to sell, but need to do work on the house and this is not the most session friendly key, and this quality instrument deserves to be played far more frequently than I manage. Digital photographs available on request. Please note price is in GBP. £2750, postage to be negotiated." thanks Gavin
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