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  1. Indeed. 28474 has simply “A.G N.P. 48 keys” I’m always intrigued, if frustrated, about the absence of detail in these cases.
  2. Have you mentioned it to Jim Ellis in Owen Sound? He was at one point on the look out for something similar I think. Hope all is good with you!
  3. So, recently bought via the instruments for sale pages a 48 key Anglo with a ‘proper’ A row - arranged below the D physically but only a tone higher than the G row (plus G/D) giving melodeon like fingering across the rows. Apologies for resurrecting this ancient thread but am kind of curious about Wheatstone model numbers as this one wasn’t marked AG Duet on the ledgers. (28474, 1920). Actually more compact than the instruments I owned previously but pretty intelligently laid out and doesn’t appear to be a duet conversion. Confusing.
  4. Very good beginner to intermediate accordion reeded box. This is in like new condition, but has ‘played in’ bellows. Previous owner has added Jeffries style bellows papers and it is an attractive instrument. It’s a good upgrade from a stagi and certainly better than some basic Lachenals, having metal ends and a riveted action. Designed by Andrew Norman, but not one of the signed ones so maker unknown, being G/D it is slower than an equivalent C/G box but it is capable for Morris or sessions. 6 fold bellows meant that I soon wanted to upgrade this for singing as that’s inevitably limited. 1980 but immaculate. Original case. £600 gbp including UK shipping. more photos/details/layout via email
  5. Although I’m mainly playing duet these days, I could really do with a decent G/D - hybrid considered but I really need a box to sing against so needs to have plenty of bellows, traditional reeds preferred. What’s available? (missed out timing wise on Simon’s dipper!)
  6. Is this still available? I’m in need of a G/D Anglo again I think.
  7. I have a 61 key top period Aeola (Maccann) fully restored and in concert pitch with good quality original case. Price would be about £2500 plus shipping.
  8. Now sorted with a lovely 61 key Aeola. Thanks.
  9. PM sent, my terrible timing. Looks like good size and range for what I need!
  10. PM sent, my terrible timing. Looks like good size and range for what I need!
  11. What's available? I am UK based and would prefer a wooden ended box, prefer Wheatstone over Lachenal but anything considered, - any maker, metal ends possible, other sizes considered but must go down to C on right hand. Thanks!
  12. I am selling my 1900ish 36 key Anglo in the keys of G/D it's a nice box in superb playing condition, which bears all the hallmarks of a Crabb/Shakespeare/Jeffries style concertina in terms of construction but no makers marks at all - Barleycorn suggested Shakespeare or Crabb. It has nickel silver ends, bone buttons, 6 fold modern bellows. All professionally overhauled and tuned with some rerouted levers, balanced action, all pads and valves sorted out in Nov 2017. Left hand G/G drone key makes this a nice singing box if these are your keys. It plays very well indeed with a nice tone, though the historic retune from whatever it originated in means it can't match a top end Jeffries for bite. I've priced this fairly keenly at 2500GBP but I'd be very interested in taking a mid size Maccann in exchange, and if you have something, please do drop me a line. The concertina also comes with a Hardigg storm case (Peli case) padded with foam, which looks cool and provides excellent protection. I'm based in Liverpool UK but can ship, or meet within reasonable distance. Listed elsewhere, but if sold here will make a donation to c.net
  13. looking for a Wheatstone layout anglo in G/D (or possibly even F/C) with left hand drone. Probably not after a Lachenal unless it's exceptional. what's out there?
  14. I have a late 1800s 36 key Crabb/Jeffries type with bone buttons which are worn to greater and lesser degrees. I'm competent to change the buttons myself, but is there anyone who can supply a full set of replacements? Pads and valves are done, springs next, then sorting the uneven buttons is the next job.
  15. Did you find something? I have a 61 key edeophone - same size as a 57 key Wheatstone - available.
  16. Apologies to all who contacted me. This sold very quickly and is now with a new owner. Many thanks.
  17. In the midst of cash flow issues and a thorough conversion to the joys of the duet I am seriously thinking of selling my Connor G/D anglo (with left hand G drone Key). I've edited this after some discussion about the reeds - they look identical to the reeds in my wheatstone duet, but I am unsure whether they are modern tongues in old shoes hence the edit below. The reeds speak quickly and the concertina is very loud, perfectly suited to morris and english tune playing. The layout is also wheatstone/lachenal pattern in terms of placement of accidentals. It is a stunning box, the best playing Connor I have had the pleasure to play. It uses parallel jeffries style reed pans with traditional steel reeds in brass shoes. Added to this it has six fold bellows with jeffries style papers, new bellows, new action, ebony end frames, steel buttons and stainless steel endplates. Recently had new handles and leather straps too. £1900 for quick sale. Based near Exeter or Taunton - pictures available on request, but will try and post when I get back home. Will ship insured at cost.
  18. I used to own this. It has a long and interesting but very chequered history, it is a converted (wheatstone) Jeffries duet but simply isn't worth what he is asking for it and the photos are pretty kind in terms of actual condition. It would have had to have work done on it costing equal to or exceeding what I was paid for it to come close to justifying the asking prices I've seen on eBay.
  19. Hi Evgeny - message me privately - I probably would be interested but am on quite a tight budget.
  20. More pics available on request, open to advice on asking price. Would also be potentially interested in trade of a modern acc reed c/g anglo?
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