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    English folk, Morris<br />I play Anglo and am struggling with a Maccan Duet, probably will stick with the Anglo
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  1. I don't think Duets are inherently harder to learn but if, like me, you started life playing an anglo, then changing to a totally different system requires a lot of mental athletics to forget the muscle memory and learn anew. Of course that is not to say that its impossible, I'm sure there are many who can do this easily - just not me
  2. A word of caution regarding Customs duties. I bought a concertina from the UK last year and hand carried it back to Canada. As Paul said I was charged the GST/PST (sales tax 15%), however, I was also charged 7% import duty. I think you may be able to get zero import duty but you have to know which product category to classify your purchase. The Customs agent classified my concertina as "Musical instrument" not unreasonable I thought but maybe there was a better classification which would have been zero duty. Any ideas?
  3. Hmmm! this needs some thought! maybe we should take an early Jeffries tube to Kilburn! Dave
  4. Hi All, Thanks to Richard once more for a great workshop. This is the first one I have attended and it was certainly worth the drive from New Brunswick, Canada. I thought the organisation of the whole event was great - don't change anything. I'm already looking forward to the Squeeze-in. If anyone hears of any sessions up this way let me know - This weekend has reminded me just how much I miss them. Paul & Robin see you in TO in a couple of weeks!!
  5. Does anyone know anything about the 40 button Crabb currently advertised on Ebay? It has 10 fold bellows which seems unusual
  6. Hi, I'm looking for a Hayden Duet. How much are you asking and where are you?
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