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  1. Thanks to everyone who contributed to this thread. I got a lot of useful advice and plenty of ideas. Here's what I've decided to do: 1. To keep on with the English concertina as my main instrument and to persevere with learning to play Irish music on the EC. 2. As a background activity, and as time and funds permit, to experiment with Anglo and Button Accordion. Lawrence
  2. I agree with Alan. Shortly after starting to learn the concertina I started a band. A bit premature you may think! The prereq for being in the band was that you must *not* be able to play your instrument. The line up is concertina, harp (now there is a challenge...), flute/whistle and guitar. We are called "Hell Combes" because we used to live in a place called Elcombes. To begin with we were pretty dreadful but now, 18 months later, we actually enjoy listening to ourselves. We haven't yet played in public (apart from with friends, including playing carols at a get together on Christmas day). At the moment we are working on putting together an imaginary gig. We've gone back to some of our early, simple tunes and are learning them by heart and polishing them up to be able to play about an hours worth of music with not many mistakes. We all agree that the band has been the biggest single influence in improving our playing. We've also all found that it's one of the most fun things we do. Lawrence
  3. Thanks Helen. Maybe I'm wrong but I get the impression that more people start with English and then take up Anglo than vice versa. Is this other folk's experience? Lawrence
  4. Jim, Thank you for your very comprehensive and thought-provoking reply to my post. I really appreciate the time and trouble you've taken over answering my question. To answer some of your questions, I live in Hampshire in England. I have easy access to Anglo teachers but not to English - I'm mostly self taught although I've attended quite a few courses and workshops. What would I like to sound like? My ambitions are not too high. I'd just like to be able to sit down to play with some Irish musicians and not sound out of place. But I 'd also like to be able to do it without having to spend 10 times as much effort learning to get the right sound as an Anglo player would. I think I'll try to follow your suggestion of borrowing or renting an Anglo if I can find a source in the UK. Again, thanks for your help. Lawrence PS I won't give up the whistle - although I have to confess that my whistle playing has suffered badly since I started plaing the concertina!
  5. I took up the English concertina about two years ago. I've been working pretty hard at it and am now at a reasonable post-beginner standard and can play most tunes I set my mind to at a basic level. I did a bit of research and chose the English over the Anglo because I imagined I wanted to play a wide range of different types of music and I thought the English would be better for this. As it turns out I've become mainly interested in playing Irish music. I'm now regretting that I didn't go down the Anglo route. I'm finding that other players of roughly my standard on the Anglo are playing with a much more authentic Irish sound. I've no trouble with the concept of the ornamentation (I was brought up in Ireland and I have a reasonable feel for the ornamentation which comes naturally on the whistle which I play a little) but I find it very hard to play naturally on the English. I’m now considering several options: 1. Persist with the English concertina and work at it until I’m successful with Irish music. 2. Sell at least one of my two nice Wheatstones and start over again with Anglo. 3. Keep up the English concertina but complement it by taking up another instrument for Irish Music. I’ve been thinking in terms of a B/C melodeon. (However to be honest I don’t find the sound as appealing as the concertina.) Has anyone had a similar experience or would anyone like to add their thoughts or advice? Lawrence
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