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  1. I have a lachenal cg 20 button with a broken reed. It's the right hand draw D reed in the C row. Is anyone out there selling spare parts that might have one?
  2. Sorry. I thought I mentioned that I was in the U.S., Maryland to be more precise. Thank you for the response; I'll check the button box.
  3. Hello, Can anyone tell me where I can find replacement brass reeds? I have an old C/G 20B Lachenal (~1905) with a broken D reed on the right-side C-row. Thanks, Steve
  4. I'm sorry I forgot to mention that it is a 20 Button. I'm not sure about the wood. It is a more complex design. I can send you some pictures, if you like. I tried to attach some to my post, but it didn't work.
  5. I have a Lachenal C/G Anglo Concertina for sale. It dates somewhere in the late 1890's. I purchased it from Homewood music a few months ago. It has been recently tuned and is in really nice condition. It does have a small crack or two in the wood, which is not unusual for an intrument over 100 years old. It does not affect its playing. The bellows are in good shape. Please email me for pics and sound clips. I'm asking $650 obo.
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