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  1. Hello - I am selling My Wheastone style Wakker A1 Anglo purchased in April 2007. I am finding my C/G 30 plus C drone key is not being used as I thought it might and this beautiful instrument needs a playing home. It is a superb concertina - light, strident but sweet toned, modelled on a top period Wheatstone Linota. It has raised ebonised ends, and classic concertina tone. It is in excellent, nearly new condition, perfect tune with minor surface scratches and finger marks between some buttons. More details can be found at http://www.wakker-co...nas.com/A-1.htm Model W-A1 Standard configuration: * 30 key Wheatstone layout + C Drone * Radial Reedpan * 7 fold All Leather Bellows * Raided hardwood ends * Tuning: see options. * Long scale reeds: steel tongue in individual * brass frames * Domed metal keys/delrin® cores. If you purchased this concertina right now lead time is 2 to 3 years and with all options on this concertina the price would be in excess of $5500.00 ASKING $4800.00 plus shipping and insurance charges
  2. THIS HAS BEEN SOLD GEUNS.WAKKER (Concertina Connection) in Holland, made this instrument for me 11/19/2001 .30 button C/G Amboyna ended, Wheatstone Layout played with big pleasure each day at home or in private to be sold in original box with original receipt.SOLD AS IS as its been played and enjoyed , selling to purchase new Wakker Anglo. This has been a great concertina.BEST OFFER For more information and details . EMAIL step222@juno.com PHOTOS http://s68.photobucket.com/albums/i2/step222/Concertina/ Thanks Len Crowley
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