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  1. Hello Alan Its a standard treble, so the lowest note is G below middle C. Alan
  2. I am currently advertising my Aeola (Model 17, 48 keys, Reg. No. 34801, 1937) on the buy & sell forum and someone has asked me what type of action it has, hook type of rivet type. I have absolutely no idea, so I took one of the ends off but could not work out how to get at the mechanism. At that point, I got nervous and put it back together again! Can someone help with this question please?
  3. A lot of people are viewing my post, but very few have contacted me. If you need more information please let me know. And remember, I am open to offers!
  4. Dear Sir, May I know when this instrument is made? Does it need any further restoration? Chi Hello Chi The Wheatstone day book shows that the instrument left their factory on 31st December 1937. As far as I am aware, it needs no further restoration. It has just been checked over by Marcus Music, who fixed a couple of rattling valves. Alan
  5. A couple more points.... It comes with a modern soft case. I thought the original box was a bit fragile for carting around sessions! It does still have the original wrist straps, which look as though they have hardly been used.
  6. It is in beautiful condition. I bought it from Marcus Music about 20 years ago, but have been playing it less and less so it is time to let it go. It has recently been back to Marcus for a check-up. It just needed a couple of values sorting out. I live near Chippenham, North Wiltshire. I am very happy for you to come and have a look (and of course have a play!). I am asking £1,750 or nearest offer. Here are some pictures
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