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  1. Hi Michael,

    I suspect that your pain is going to be musculoskeletal rather than cardiac in origin, especially if the pain is relieved by an anti-inflammatory like ibuprofen.


    Here's some information from UpToDate, a medical resource that I subscribe to.

    Angina is often characterized more as a discomfort than pain, and may be difficult to describe. Terms frequently used by patients include squeezing, tightness, pressure, constriction, strangling, burning, heart burn, fullness in the chest, band-like sensation, knot in the center of the chest, lump in throat, ache, heavy weight on chest (elephant sitting on chest), and toothache (when there is radiation to the lower jaw). In some cases, the patient cannot qualify the nature of the discomfort, but places his or her fist in the center of the chest, known as the "Levine sign."


    The following additional characteristics are typically seen:

    Angina is typically gradual in onset, with the intensity of the discomfort increasing over several minutes. In contrast, noncardiac pain is often of greatest intensity at its onset.


    Angina is a constant discomfort that does not change with respiration or position. It is generally not described as sharp, dull-aching, knife-like, stabbing, or pins and needles-like. In a report of patients presenting to the emergency department, "sharp" or "stabbing" pain was a low risk description.


    I'll send you an UpToDate monograph on the evaluation of musculoskeletal chest pain.....that might be helpful.


    Yvonne Fried, M.D.

    (and concertina player)

  2. Really lovely voice! And I love the rhythm of the song.


    I'm stuck here in the Portland, Oregon airport........my flight was cancelled and I'm sitting below a large flat panel display of a Nascar car race with lots of noisy engines....waiting for 3 hours for another flight. (But, it's close to the electrical outlet, so my computer isn't running out of juice.)


    I'm wishing that I was playing my concertina, but one of the buttons is sticking so I tried opening the box this morning, and now it's worse :-(


    So, listening to your song and nodding my head with the beat is greatly improving my spirits!


    Keep up the good work.



  3. So, it looks like the winner of the auction, bid 10 seconds before the auction closed. Is that a special bidding technique that he/she used? The previous bid was placed 38 minutes before. Does bidder #4 just wait it out so as not to drive up the price at the very end; and then somehow manages to "dunk" it 10 seconds before the close?


    Anyone want to comment on the technique of bidding on eBay? If I ever wanted to get a concertina that was being auctioned this way, it would seem prudent to know the ins and outs of bidding. :-)



  4. Thanks for the input so far.


    As for where I am, I'm in Ames, Iowa, United States. Pretty close to the center of the contiguous 48 states of the U.S., for those of you outside of America.

    Noel Hill comes to the Midwest every summer and teaches there for a week. You can check out his website for dates. I took his class as a beginner in the summer of 2006 and really enjoy the concertina. After a day's work, it's wonderful to know that you can make music.



  5. one respondent noted that the whole thing was irrelevant. . . .and perhaps it is.

    "It's not irrelevant, it's a hippopotamus"

    ( Flanders and Swan )



    Not being familiar with Flanders and Swan (I live in Ashland, Oregon......far from Britain), I looked up Flanders and Swan in Wikipedia and thoroughly enjoyed reading about them. Here's one of their songs: "Have some Madeira M'Dear" — a song about seduction, full of complex word-play, including three oft-quoted examples of syllepsis. And then if you look up syllepsis (which I also don't know anything about........) in Wikipedia you get a reference to zeugma of which syllepsis is a specific kind. And here's a fun syllepsis: "You can leave in a taxi. If you can't get a taxi, you can leave in a huff. If that's too soon, you can leave in a minute and a huff." - Groucho Marx, from Duck Soup


    I love reading these messages; almost as much as I enjoy playing the concertina. :-)



  6. I was checking eBay tonight and found this listing. I looked at concertina.net and didn't see that it had been noted here, yet. So, FWIW..........


    There are some nice pictures. Right now, the bid is GBP 2,000. Only one person has bid so far. It's a 7 day listing and bidding started on 8/25/07.




    Item number: 300145084379


    C. Jeffries 30 button anglo-chromatic concertina with drone. Completely refurbished in April 2007 by C and R Dipper Concertinas. Pitch is C and G tuning (A = 440 Hz). For details of refurbishment, any questions or more pictures please do not hesitate to contact me or call 01225423056. Concertina can be viewed in Bath (Avon, England) so call ahead to make an appointment. Alternatively try 07772446131 if no answer on landline.

  7. I use a Mac with a video camera and iChat. I have often wondered how it would work to have lessons on the Anglo concertina using this technology. I have video discussions with my family frequently. I would like to try doing an iChat video conference with someone who has a Mac and who plays concertina. I think that it could actually work out quite well for purposes of teaching and learning.



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