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    concertina, sailing, President of the Ashland Macintosh User's Group. Gynecologist in practice part time in Ashland. Wound care physician.
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    Ashland, Oregon

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I was born in New Jersey, USA but spent most of my growing up years in Las Vegas, Nevada. My father was a musician and he taught all of his 5 children to play woodwind instruments. I began learning the flute at 5 years of age. At 13 I began playing the bassoon. At 15 I began playing the guitar. My husband loves to sail, and so I thought that playing the concertina on the sailboat would be fun (sea shanties, etc.). In the summer of 2006 I borrowed a concertina from another physician in the Rogue Valley and discovered (through the Internet) that Noel Hill teaches a class here in Oregon. I went to the class and have been to his class every year since. I love playing the concertina. I love playing Irish Traditional Music. Each piece is like its own individual puzzle. There are some beginner puzzles and some really advanced puzzles. But, they all sound lovely, and are uplifting. I find the learning of pieces is very hypnotic. I can practice scales for a good half hour or longer...... always trying to get that equal sound, equal duration to the notes.

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