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  1. So, he meant "bi-sonoric"?! Thanks for the explanation. ocd
  2. I am puzzled by this statement. The standard Rheinische-lage Argentinian bandoneon is completely chromatic. The notes are in really weird places, but they are all there. ocd
  3. Rooting around in youtube I discovered the videos of angloconc: http://www.youtube.com/user/angloconc I he a member here? (Doing a search I found two topics on which "angloconc" has been mentioned with no details.) Thanks anyway for very enjoyable music. ocd
  4. Please, what are the left and right hand ranges? Thanks, ocd
  5. Oh don't undersell your wares! 'Unlike most other Lachenals, even the fanciest' is closer. As I understand it a Lach of this age would only have rivetted action by special order from the factory or because someone thought well enough of it to get it specially converted later in life. Either way it goes with the interesting bespoke layout to say loudly that someone thought very highly of this instrument. I have to say that I find this discussion most rivetting. Chris I am hooked on it myself. ocd
  6. I believe that the Harmonetta is closer in spirit to an Autoharp: ocd
  7. A spokeshave is a very common tool used by leather workers to thin leather, so using a plane is not far off being a conventional method. Rats! I thought I was been weird. Must try harder. ocd
  8. Last week I had to make new straps for a duet concertina (the originals had been cut too short by a previous owner). I found a belt (the kind one wears around the waist) that was the right width but a bit too thick. After unsuccesfully attempting to build a skiving implement out of the blade of a wall-paper scraper (four inches wide, very sharp, provided with holes for mounting), a two-by-four and assorted hardware, I ended up thinning the leather at the ends using a wood plane (#4 smoother). I also cut the leather to shape using a band-saw. "If the only tool you have is a hammer..." ocd
  9. I found this recording: http://new.music.yahoo.com/reuben-shaw/tracks/cavalleria-rusticana--177174707 (The interface is a bit quirky: if it does not start playing immediately, look for a tab at the bottom right and click on it.) The sheet music is here: http://www.concertina.com/stanley/stanley-intermezzo-from-cavalleria-rusticana.pdf The lowest note is the second F below middle C. I guess it is a 71 button concertina. Does anybody of any other recordings by Shaw? Thanks, ocd
  10. Arrived from Germany this evening: a metal-ended Chidley-Maccann (80 buttons = 79 notes + air); 37 notes on the left hand (going down to the second C below middle C); 42 notes on the right (G below middle-C to the third C above middle-C); 7 lbs. and 10 3/4" from side-to-side; beautiful sweet sound, despite the metal ends. I have been looking for this instrument for a long time. (See my new avatar.) I will have to make new straps as the original ones were cut short and are too small for my, admittedly huge, hands. Thanks to conzertino for a perfect transaction. ocd
  11. Just wondering if the arrangement in the link below satisfies the requirements of being a separate accompaniment? http://www.concertinaconnection.com/arranging.htm Or is accompaniment = oom-pah? ocd
  12. Gerardo, This was posted just recently: http://www.youtube.com/user/concertinaballads#p/a/u/0/Nl5syRSmN9o Just to make sure that we are all on the same page, do you consider that melody and accompaniment? ocd
  13. I though I could tell, but I have changed my mind. I think I am failing the test of being able to rotate thing in my head. ocd
  14. Is the arrangement your own? I like it a lot. ocd
  15. I do not like how it sounds: the sound is muted, the timbre is dull. It does not sound like any concertina or accordion I have played before. I much prefer the sound of the Elise. It must be a matter of taste. "De gustibus non est disputandum." ocd
  16. I got my Stagi Hayden from the Button Box and it is still a very painful instrument to play. Yes, it has all those buttons, but they are no good if one cringes at the thought of trying to make music with it. I just got a second Hand Elise and I am really enjoying messing with it. ocd
  17. Existence proof by example: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J1DwsN9iWV8&feature=mfu_in_order&list=UL ocd
  18. As you have just recieved your Wim Wakker, can I ask how long you had to wait for it ? Geoff Going through my email: my order went to Wim on Feb '08. Of course, his waiting time might have changed since then. ocd
  19. Wim's instruments are fantastic. I just received a beautiful baritone English concertina from him. I requested and got a beautiful mellow sound. I had to open it to adjust a rattling reed (humidity change) and spent a fun time admiring the construction. I think you should try them if you get a chance. ocd
  20. Nice picture of a beautiful Maccan concertina. It looks very much like my avatar. I have seen videos of Steve Turner playing an English concertina. Does he also play the Maccan or was that just a random picture? ocd
  21. Wow. That's maddening. What if you right-click the link and choose "Save link/target as..."? I got that to work on my end just now. -J It finally worked using a different browser! ocd
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