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  2. Hello I am building a concertina case. I had a skilled artisan make the wooden box and I am finishing the exterior and creating a padded interior. I am doing my best to make a functional padded interior that doesn't look too sloppy and unprofessional and it is a real challenge. My question is in regards to using contact cement which I assume is widely used in this type of project. Does the odor and vapors of the contact cement dissipate and disappear eventually over a few days? It seems like that is what is happening. I guess the solvent is slowly evaporating. Is that so. My concern is that the fumes of the cement will continue to be present and do damage to the concertina when it is locked up inside the box. I am concerned about the varnishes, rubber materials and anything that the solvent of contact cement might react with. Is this a concern or do all the vapors evaporate after a few days of exposure to the air? Thanks, Richard
  3. Hello I love playing my Lachenal Ab/Eb. It has a lovely tone. and as some have said is like hugging a dryer on spin cycle. Here is little video I posted a few years ago. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=acxSP5baJ9Q Richard
  4. Hello I would like to have a standard style concertina case made for my smaller Carroll concertina. I am seeking a case that offers reasonable cushioning but being no bigger than it needs to be. The instrument should be a snug fit. If anyone can make one or knows someone who can please contact me. Thanks, Richard
  5. Roman Here are some photos of my small Lachenal 26 button that you asked for.
  6. Hi Roman This is Richard who wrote the intitial thread that asked for a 26 button smaller instrument. FYI I finally found one. It took a year of correspondance with a very nice fellow in England. And I finally got a 26 button Lachenal that is quit small but not a miniature. It is one of the best Lachenals that I have tried (in my brief history). Good luck. Richard
  7. Hello Pardon me for asking a silly question..... But if you cannot even decipher the maker how did you assume you should suggest $3,500.00 as the asking price? RG
  8. Hi I have been looking for a strong case that is only as big as it needs to be. I bet Button Box has some generic cases that would work with a bit of customizing the interior to hold your instrument snugly. I recently have had Greg Jowaisas, a member here, make me 2 cases that precisely fit 2 of my concertinas. I recommend him. It costs a bit more for a custom sized case but I think it is worth it to best ensure the longevity and condition of a good concertina which should last centuries. Richard
  9. Hello I have 2 great instructional CD roms from MAD FOR TRAD: Concertina CDROM tutorial by Nial Valleley and B/C Button Accordion CDROM by Derek Hickey Both of these are very good. I have hardly used them. $10 each + $3 shipping (USA) Thanks, Richard
  10. Hello I am cleaning out my accumulation of instructional books. For the Bertam Levy book + 2 CDs (barely touched) I would like $15 plus $5 for shipping. For the others I will accept a total of $7.50 each (shipping included) Please contact me through Cnet message. Thanks, richard
  11. Hello I have just returned from a great trip to Ireland and I want to recommend a wonderful CD I found of Young musicians from East Clare who have been students with the great Mary Mac Namara who is a very influential musician and teacher there. "The album is a fundraiser for music exchanges with young musicians from other countries" "Unfolding" Young Music From East Clare http://www.custysmusic.com/product-info.php?pid737.html Thanks, Richard
  12. Hello I am selling the wonderful sturdy professional concertina case that came with my fantastic Carroll concertina. This is a very good looking and tough case, and in like-new condition. These were designed and made for Carroll Concertinas and as everything that comes from Wally it is superb. It is in a hexagonal shape which makes a lot of sense for an Anglo concertina. It has 2 front latches and two strong hinges. It shuts very tightly. I am selling this because It is externally very big for my small Carroll concertina, and I'd like to acquire a case that just fits the concertina to make it easier to transport.This case's interior is custom fitted for the smaller model and interior padding can be adjusted to hold a bigger concertina. The external dimensions: 7.5 inches tall 8.25 inches deep 9.5 inches wide It seems the interior has some base padding to which supplements are added so the smaller size instrument will fit snugly. The supplemental padding seems like it can be removed easily. Here are the approximate measurements of the interior with just the base padding. This should give you and idea of what will fit with the base padding. I can give you the interior measurements without any padding on request. Interior dimensions with base padding.(approximately) 6.5 inches high 7 inches deep 8.5 inches wide $200.00 plus shipping Please contact me through Concertina.net Thanks, Richard
  13. Hello I need to water proof a fabric so when I glue it to a surface the glue will not penetrate and discolor and alter the fabric. I imagine this is done when installing the lining of a concertina case, I am not making a case, but I thought someone here might have a hint on a product or method to do this. I thought maybe some sort of suede waterproofing product? Thanks, Richard
  14. Hello Two points: As concertina nuts we should be more understanding, AND it looks delicious! Richard
  15. Hi Here is my 26 button Lachenal "mini". It is 5.25" across the flats. The brochure you linked to, Jim,lists a 26 button smaller instrument as 5.5" accross the flats. I believe this one is from around 1900. It is very light and It really plays easily and is quick. The tone is sweet but I would say not quite as subtle as other concertinas I have played. It is a neat little box.
  16. Hi I have had some issues that arose after I was playing at a strange posture, I believe, and they eventually went away. One small recommendation: If you put your hands through the hand straps and the instrument is resting directly flat "bottom" side on the thigh.....well, then roll the concertina forward just a bit,so it is resting on the "point". You will see this will straighten out your wrists just a bit but creates more of a straight line for your tendons and carpal bits and all those parts that make your fingers work. This can't be bad in the LOONG run? Richard
  17. Hi I Know many Irish players use C# G# tuning. I am wondering why players choose this tuning? Does it go well with standard fiddle tuning? It would go well with C#/G# accordion. I imagine the reeds might play a bit faster than with C/G tuning? Any notions? Thanks, Richard
  18. Calling attention to this exciting news was NOT an invitation for a display of punmanship from our clever members!
  19. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/04/08/origami-condoms_n_3020314.html It seems to be a 5 fold model.
  20. These events are a lot of fun. Unfortunatley I work on Saturdays. Have a great time. Richard
  21. Hello I made a bid on this instrument (low) and after the sale ended I got an email from ebay saying to cease all actions, payments etc.!! Richard
  22. Congratulations to Frank! The Heritage concertina sounds fantastic! I will look forward to taking one for a test drive. Richard
  23. Hello This is a great clip of the Anglo, and Stan laurel. It seems that he isn't really playing the instrument in real time. BUT, I remember a few years ago on Ebay an English concertina was for sale that was said to be his. There was talk that he did play! Richard
  24. Hi Amy Welcome. I am in SF. There isn't a true concertina repair person in our area. For real work I have sent concertina to the Button Box in Massachusetts or Greg Jowaisas in Kentucky. I recommend both. There is an accordion shop/repair person in Oakland named Smythe who might agree to work on it. Call him and see, and see how long it would take. For your instrument I would consider the cost to ship it away and repair versus the monetary value of the instrument too. But your problem sounds like it could only need a simple tweak that you could do yourself.You might be able to see what is interfering with the pad or arm.It sounds like you have a minor mechanical adjustment to make to fix your problem and you can probably do it yourself, once you overcome your hesitancy about messing around inside your concertina. Good luck, Richard
  25. Hi Greg Much good health and good times to you and your wife. The closest thing I have to a pitchfork is one chopstick..so don't panic. Richard
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