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  1. I have an opportunity to buy either a rehabilitated 30 Button Bastari Anglo or a new 20 button Hohner Anglo. I'm just a beginner...Opinions are greatly appreciated!!! Marty
  2. To Those Who Helped Me In My Search: Thank you. I made my decision and was about to lay down the money for a Jackie. Unfortunately, a woman came through a red light and hit me and my car last week and ended any chance I had of purchasing a concertina in the near future. It has been a very trying time, both physically and financially as I was injured in the accident. Thank all of you very much for your help. Marty
  3. Can anyone give me some input on a concertina I'm looking at on EBay? It's number is 2561170529 and the seller says that the brand is Maestro. Any thoughts? I think it's an English but it may be a an Anglo. Marty
  4. Again, I appreciate the help I've been given here. Thanks for helping someone new to this instrument. It has been quite informative and I've been given resources to help me make decisions about how I want to go about purchasing an instrument and what the best choices may be for me given the parameters in which I wish to use the instrument. I think it comes down to either a decent 30 button anglo or english. I don't think there's any way at all that a duet would be in my price range, which is only up to $250, even though a duet would probably best suit my projected use of the instrument. I haven't really seen any duets for sale and I think the cost may prove to be prohibitive. I think the Jackie would be a good option too, although I don't have any feedback from anyone who's tried or purchased one. I have heard rave reviews for the company selling it. It costs $230.00 including shipping and a tutorial and includes full credit for a future trade. The other option is trying to find an english or 30 button anglo via auction which is somewhat of a shot-in-the-dark without the assistance of folks like those on this board who seem to be quite knowledgable and generous with advice. Please accept my thanks for your assistance to this point and I ask for your perseverance in the next few weeks as I continue to try to determine the best course of action. Again, any assistance is greatly appreciated!!! Marty
  5. Rex.... I know that...that is why I do want a 30 key to begin with.... I know I'll be playing in keys other than G and C just from the material I'd like to play. Marty
  6. If I went for an Anglo, I think it would have to be a 30 button...still not sure about what I should do yet I guess. I'm hoping that this thread will continue and it will help educate me a bit so that when I make a decision, it will be the correct one...in the short run anyway. Again....any comments or assistance are welcome and appreciated. Marty
  7. Hey...I'm still trying to be flexible, open-minded and realistic here... I want to do the best I can while still maintaining a modicum of restraint and understanding that I have the right to change my mind or consider alternatives. I'd still like to go with the Jackie or similar though. Either that or go for broke on a duet... I live very near Pittsburgh, PA Tom...and are the Parrots any good?? I know they are Anglos. What is it like compared to a Bestler or similar? Marty
  8. What do folks think of the Parrot anglos? I'm told they are exact copies of Hohners by a seller. The truth? Playable? Desireable at all or junk? Marty
  9. The problem is that it will be problematic to have work done on a concertina as there is nobody in the area capable of servicing the concertina...so I really must get a new one or one in almost perfect condition. Marty
  10. The Ebay # on the Maestro is 2561170529. I emailed the seller and was told that the brand is Maestro.....whether it's a 30 button Anglo or is an English, I guess I don't know. There is also a Stradi there #2561788403 that may be interesting, but I can't tell what it is at this point. Any assistance out there? Marty
  11. Now that I'm pretty sure about application issues and such, I know that I want an English concertina. Actually, a duet would be better for what I want but I don't think I'll realistically be able to get into a duet for my initial foray into this endeavor. So...here's the sticky part. Do I wait for awhile until I can afford to get the Jackie, or do I try to land an English via a dealer out of my area or through auction at EBay. There is a Regoletta English up on EBay right now as well as a Maestro that may be able to be had cheaply...that is under $150. Another option is to query the people who frequent this board if they have an English to sell...or maybe even a duet at a reasonable price. I haven't seen a duet under $500 so I'm assuming that it's just outside of possibility right now. I really appreciate the feedback I've gotten so far from my inquiries both on and off the forum and I warmly welcome any further assistance or guidance that can be provided. Marty in Pittsburgh, PA
  12. I took the advice of a few people here and did some more research into what I want from a concertina and it seems as though the english concertina is far less limiting than the anglo, so I think I'm going to go that way. I'd love to get the Jackie but I don't think I can spend the $250 for it at this time. Any help out there or any suggestions? I've checked my area and there is absolutely nobody selling instruments locally. Marty
  13. Thanks for the quick repiles...the ones I'm looking at right now are also Chinese copies I guess...Bestler and Laurel...they look the same actually so I'm assuming they are close to identical..the Jackie looks exactly like these except for color....In the auctions, these are going for between $45 and $65 right now. What I need to know is...am I going to do any better anywhere else or is this a good place to start? I'm not going to spend $250 to $300 for a begiiner model...especially when they all seem to be essentially the same as I can get for much less. Cooments????Opinions?? Throw me a line here folks...
  14. I'm just getting started in playing the concertina and I play other instruments so I think I'll be OK with the learning aspect, however, there are no dealers in my area, so I'm going to have to purchase one via E-Bay. I've noticed several trends on the bidding and several distributors that post concertinas daily such as Bestler and Laurel....so my question is...Should I purchase one of these less expensive new models, or should I try to pick up an older or used one that doesn't need repair? Please give me some tips on this pursuit and remember that I have a quite limited budget on my first instrument as I'm not sure how involved I'll become. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!! Marty
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