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  1. The F. Lange, Chemnitz plate would seem to suggest that they were the actual makers, in Chemnitz, Germany, and that Foerster was probably only the seller. It's related to one, but almost certainly a Chemnitzer system, as Samantha has suggested. Hi Stephen, I will search the net to find more information on the Chemnitzer system. If your have any sites in mind to direct me to that would shorten my search time please let me know. Thanks Albert
  2. Sounds like it's a Chemnitzer to me. Theo Kloba on this site is your man, or do a net search for "chemnitzer concertinas" to find sites with a greater relevance to your instrument. That being said, you're welcome to hang out here and much of the information in the "instrument repair" forum will be helpful to you, I think. Samantha Thanks Samantha for your help and suggestions. I am totally new to this - concertina's and this forum. I am stuggling to get my arms around all of it. I am very eager to get it under way - that is learning how to: 1) use this forum. 2) learn all about my concertina and others too. 3) learn how to repair mine and even build them. 4) Learn how to play it well. I am a musician and a good craftsman, so I should be able to do all of the four items well. Every drop of information at this point is of tremendous value to me. Now I have to figure out this forum and how to get in contact with Theo Kloba and chat with him. Does he give lessons? Is there anyone in the Milwaukee area who gives lessons on how to play and also repair? Thanks Albert
  3. I have a Concertina made in Milwaukee WI by Gustov C Foerster. Inside there is additional information, date, Repair label by Aug Behrend also Milwaukee WI. It has an ornate silver plate on the outside with: F Lange -Instrumenten Fabrik - Chemnitz (Saxony) It is square on the ends and has three sections of 4 bellows each section. The reeds are on a reed plate, two plate for each row of buttons which would tell me that is plays two notes together. The right hand has 22 buttons (horizontal rows) and the left hand has 16 buttons (also horizontal). The wood is Mahogney with silver and pearl inlay. There are several valves missing and some that are curled up. Can anyone tell me anything about this instrument? Is it an Anglo? Is it familiar to anyone? Where can I buy the valve leather? Can I use deer leather to make new valves with?
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