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  1. Hi all, I'm selling my Wheatstone 36 key Anglo, (no 58250 - which I think is 1952?). I've had a brilliant time playing it, but concertina isn't my main instrument and I don't have enough time to play it any more to justify keeping it. It has 10 fold bellows (because sometimes 6 or 7 just isn't enough?!!), metal ends and metal buttons. Gorgeous tone and very nice action, very easy to play. It does need a little bit of work - one new lever (high f'natural/g' - see photo1, middle row fourth button down) and one pad sticks occasionally (high d'/e') but I'm reliably informed by an expert that this isn't too expensive, just time consuming. The price will, of course, reflect this. I'm looking for a relatively quick sale and am happy to accept any reasonable offer - please message me or email me on tricia[at]thestrideset.com . I'm located in Ennis, Co Clare, and if anyone is in the locality and wants to try the instrument I'm more than happy to oblige. I'll also include a soft gig bag with it. I will of course make a donation to concertina.net if it sells on here. Pictures below. More pictures uploaded at www.thestrideset.com/concertina Many thanks, Patricia Clark
  2. If I wasn't so poor after buying a Wheatstone I'd be tempted to bid at this and maybe take it on as a project myself (and throw the Coronet away ). However, I am poor and so will be disconnecting the internet on the day of the auction just to ensure I'm not tempted! It could be a nice buy for someone though, especially if it goes at their estimate. Old Jeffries
  3. I recently bought an old Wheatstone Anglo. It's a lovely instrument and I'm absolutely delighted to have found it, it's a massive upgrade from my previous conc. However, I'd like to give the fretwork/metal buttons a bit of a clean - if it gets any greener in parts I'll be held up for letting moss grow on it I'm not going to hold any pretence of having the first clue about the best way to clean up the metalwork... I don't know anything about the maintainence side, I just play! Give me a fiddle and I can clean it up and sort it out no bother but concertinas are an alien breed in that regard, so all advice is very welcome. Thanks in advance!
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