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    It's Enough To Make One Cry!

    Its a bandoneon,they have an anglo tuning system,and are popular for the tango. Or so I am told.Some can sell for US$2000.
  2. grant wright

    Rock Chidley

    I live in New Zealand. On a local folk website a Rock Chidley is being advertised. What should I ask the sellar to help me identify it. The ad states its in good order and its $NZ 900 which I think is about US$600. I suspect it will be more antique than useable. Any info on this manufacturer will help I guess. I have seen a web site which notes there was company existing from 1850 to 1865 and prior to that Rock worked for Wheatstone. Regards Grant
  3. grant wright

    Finger Rests

    I have an old wheatstone 48 button. When I hold it off my knee,the joints in my little fingers ache.I am a bit arthritic. I have played other instruments as well with the traditional finger rests and there seems to be a lot of the weight on the little fingers and no weight on the thumbs. Any suggestions to help please. Regards Grant.
  4. grant wright

    Rock Chidley

    I am in New Zealand. On a local folk website,there is a Rock Chidley advertised in good condition for NZ900 dollars,wich i guess is around 600US. I have looked around on the net a little bit and it seems that this brand was produced in the 1850's untill about 1865. I guess it is more antique than musical but will follow up with the seller. I note that Rock worked for Wheatstone and sometimes signed his work while there as well. What distinctive features will this instrument have to identify it. Did Rock Chidley produce English,Duet,and Anglo? Regards Grant Wright.
  5. grant wright

    Antique Wheatstone

    Hi, In response to Allan, Its serial number is 8200. I purchased it at auction in Wellington NewZealand. I mailed the Horniman Museum but have not had a reply. It has 6 fold bellows,and metal keys. Regards Grant
  6. grant wright

    Antique Wheatstone

    Hi, I have just aquired a wheatstone english concertina numbered 8200. I think its 1855 or 1856. It has 48 buttons. It still works,but is a bit leaky and one end has broken fretwork. Is it worth a full resoration or even minimal repair to be playable. It is also without its case. I think it may have been a nice instrument in its day but have no idea if its worth much in its current state. I am interested to see what people think. I am in Wellington New Zealand. Regards Grant