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  1. Thank you Stephen, that's very helpful and very interesting; I shall enjoy reading it all. Perhaps it would be best if I post (or try to!) a photo of the narrow flutina ends. They certainly don't look as if they have ever been any different - though of course, the sliding end might have been replaced at some time - if so, someone has made an excellent match! Thank you again, Jenny
  2. I have a Busson flutina which obviously needs attention, as the notes, especially when the bellows are pushed in, are not clear - there are high pitched notes almost like harmonics sounding as well. I apologise for my lack of the correct terms - I'm an oboist by training, and this flutina was a lovely gift. As the entire top part seems to be in one piece, and the flat wood will not slide out from one end as I have seen others do, how do I access the mechanism? Obviously someone has tried in the past, as the lovely painted section on one end has been split. All help and suggestions are very welcome indeed! Thank you.
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