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    Poetry, herbalism, cooking, and finding a good home for my late husband's concertina
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  1. Hi Julia, The concertina has a new owner. I posted about it in a reply but maybe I need to change the subject line on this discussion - I'll try to figure that out. Thanks for your interest! Christine
  2. Hey all - the concertina has a new owner! Thanks for playing.
  3. Before he passed away in 2004, my late husband bought a brand-new high-end concertina. He only got to play it once or twice so, while technically "used", this instrument is for all intents and purposes brand new. I'm finally ready to part with it - I think Patrick would like it if someone could make the music with it he never got to make. The Céilí is a really special instrument, according to the McNeela Music blog (link below). I've kept the concertina in its original, sturdy case and have all the documentation proving ownership. It's the Wheatstone layout, cherry laminate with rosewood stain, key of G/D. If you bought a new one today you'd pay over $2500 - the most recent price I could find was $2575 in 2019. I'm offering it for $1500 & will pay to ship it to you - I'm in California. McNeela Music blog: https://blog.mcneelamusic.com/%E2%80%8Btop-5-concertinas/#t-1661726023329
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