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  1. I have one by Niall Vallely and one by Alan Day. Here's your chance to pick them up dirt cheap. $20 for both shipped CONUS.
  2. Hi I really can't figure out how to play this. I posted it for sale awhile ago - so you can find some pics by searching for my by posts...or email me and I'll send em to you. The Mayfairs are cool little concertinas, way better than most new Chinese ones that are available in this price range ... I'm also open for trades.... whistles, tenor banjos, button and piano accordions...shoe boxes full of money...Margaret
  3. I have two concertina tutor cdroms - Alan Day and Niall Valley. WIll sell em both for $25. The sweet Mayfair English Wheatstone 30 button is still for sale too. Works perfect. Make me an offer I can't refuse. Thanks and MERRY CHRISTMAS!
  4. Hey - it's a bump. SOmebody make me an offer I can't refuse! THis is a really nice box.
  5. Hi PRICE LOWERED TO $450 - shipping included. This is a sweet little box. Sounds great - all the buttons work very nicely. Comes in a tweed case complete with the Prayer of St. Francis of Assisi pasted in the lid. I can't figure out how to play it - I tried but I'm just not getting it. If you want to see pics, send me a message. I'll try to post some here tomorrow.
  6. Thanks! Both of you have been tremendous help. Is it odd that the Mayfair plays in G rather than C as a usual English concertina? huh. Margaret
  7. HI I just got a really nice Wheatstone Mayfair. I would like to know if anyone can recommend a book to learn this instrument - or if anyone can let me know how the thing is laid out. Any help would be much appreciated! I know these concertina's aren't top-of-the-heap, but this one plays like a dream and is in pristine condition. I will post pics if anyone is interested in seeing it. Thanks Margaret
  8. I'm looking for something along the lines of Perrier Jouet.. so I will continue to hope for a miracle...M
  9. Does anyone have a nice G/D anglo lying around collecting dust? I'm a rank beginner with Champagne taste. Just missed out on an Edgely on Ebay - anybody have anything please shoot me a message!
  10. here's the deal in more detalia - - on the right hand - there is a G row, a C row (the middle) and the row that plays c#/d#. In this row (I call it the top row) the one that starts with c#/D# - the last two buttons seem to be reversed. The fourth button is supposed to play c#/d# but it plays f/a. the fifth button plays c#/d#. Confusing? Is the only way to change it to swap out the reed pans? aargh. thanks for all your help . m
  11. OK - call me naiive - I did just start playing the concertina - but from what I know, most concertinas are tuned C/G so how come so many tunes here are posted in keys like D and A?? Do players just play them in C or G? Sorry to be so dumb - but I am very curious!!
  12. Hi all I'm just learning to play the Anglo Concertina and bought the Tedrow-Modified Stagi from Alex Jones. I noticed that the top row 5th and 6th buttons play opposite - that is, the 6th button plays what the 5th should and visa versa. I don't know how this happened - Maybe it's an easy fix? Any thoughts anyone? I suppose I could just learn to play it wrong but - hmmm Margaret
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