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  1. Don, you are absolutely right I do have to try an EC before moving forward on this, also to try the existent layout. Interesting, I didn't know this regarding chords, yeah I think ultimately I have to play the instrument to understand this and many other things I am sure I am overlooking. Yeah, I have followed Alex Holden's website/blog for some time and it's amazing each and all the instruments, also his experiments with bi-directional reeds were very interesting to read; lot's of things to consider. Thank you Don!
  2. Lukasz, I looked at the page from Edward Jay, it is really impressive, interestingly enough I thought If I ever get enough time to work on this I would probably start with a 3D printed model, I looked at the concertinas on his page, they are so cool! I will send him a note to get his feedback on the layout. Don, I feel that is exactly the reason why I find it most appealing, I don't have an EC unfortunately, but I feel the EC especially allows for simplicity of play for melodies (with a bit of harmony here and there) and maximum portability/range, at the expense of allowing for simultaneous harmony/melody at a larger size/weight and smaller range (duets/anglos). I think nothing comes for free 🙂, but I feel this is a good trade-off and for best simultaneous harmonic/melodic playing I believe the accordion works really well; I have a CBA which I really enjoy (but play badly). Ultimately I think I really should try playing an EC to see how it goes (It's on my wish list / wife disagrees as I have two accordions already 😂). Yes I find alternative isomorphic layouts really interesting but I know of their fate in history. I limited the project to the Wicki-Hayden layout as it would be most familiar (the idea has been around for a long time 🙂) and (modern) Duet concertinas employ this system; the idea being as these layouts are regular they are much easier to learn. The hope I had with this project was to document every little step and keep everything open source (perhaps even in a wiki) so that others can reproduce/discuss/contribute to the work if there is value, but let's see. Thank you for all your comments,
  3. Hi all, good day wherever you are I find the English concertina system most interesting and have always wondered if it is possible to have an alternate-keyboard English concertina that makes use of an isomorphic layout while preserving all other English concertina features (most importantly the alternating hands layout). In tinkering around this idea, I have explored ways to support an isomorphic alternating hands layout and summarized some of the notes in this blog post: it seems actually possible and the fingering is quite regular which is a nice surprise! Sorry the linked blog post is somewhat long as I tried to include all details but let me know if a reference is missing or if something obvious was overlooked/missed. What do y'all in the concertina community think? Is this a good idea? 🤔 Thank you for your comments/thoughts/feedback!
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