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  1. 46 minutes ago, d.elliott said:

    not really, what the researchers did was collect a series of Lachenal instrument data points as information on specific instruments randomly appeared. They then extrapolated between data points and constructed a time line, which in turn has been augmented by some catalogue information. The output is approximate +/- a couple of years and a bit generic. There are different number sequences for Anglos, Duets and English systems. No doubt more data will surface with time.


    O.K. Thanks again, I greatly appreciate the efforts to help and answer my questions.

    I sincerely hope that letting you all know of this instruments whereabouts has been a benefit for the work at hand. As I mentioned earlier, for me history is of a great interest.

    If I can find any thing else out from this end I will pass it on in case it is of worth to the project.


  2. G'day Wes,

    Thanks for replying Wes, I was unsure about this thread being the age it is.

    It would be great to receive any history already known about this EC, as I have always found history interesting (or is that historesting); greater still is when 'you' have something that has it's story to go with it. Truth is though, I would say my main purpose is to share the details with this work that you and others are carrying on, it really is because of Randy's request that I have pursued this thread.


    48 button 'English' with wooden ends and what I reckon to be plastic buttons (they are clear).

    Serial # 13469


    A couple of photos to start. I will reduce the quality of 3 more shots and upload them as well.


    Thanks again Wes, will await to see what you come up with including your thoughts about this 'individual'.


    Kind regards,





  3. G'day from Australia, I am new to the forum but you all can see that anyway!😁

    So Randy, or whom ever, is the request for Lachenal concertina information still standing?

    I have just come into possession of one.

    As you can understand, I would like to gather any info pertaining to this individual and, if the quest is still on, I presume someone would like to add it (or update it's whereabouts) to the list.

    If I need pointing in the right direction regarding this matter, I accept all the help/correction any one is willing to give; which of course you would all hope a 'newbie' would be open to.




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