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  1. Thanks everyone. No longer looking. (I have not one but two! I see how it happens...)
  2. Seconding Ken's question. What currency is that 2300, and (because it affects shipping cost) where is it located?
  3. Oops missed that you discussed abc input above. Yeah I was imagining a built in abc2midi pipeline or something similar. But I'm sure you've thought about it all.
  4. Excited to try it. Any chance of adding support for abc input?
  5. Congratulations to both of you on the publication!
  6. Hi D! That must be this What interesting extra air buttons. I guess that's one way to give the righthand pinky a little exercise! I'll message you directly to see if our paths could cross.
  7. Hi! I'm looking to step up from my Rochelle. Most interested high-30s button Jeffries layout. But I'd be surprised if that exists in my budget (preferably around $2K). Next preference is 30 button Jeffries (I've only played Wheatstone so far and am eager to experiment), next preference 30 button Wheatstone. Hoping to hold before I buy. I'm in Hawaii, but it's a small pond here! Later this month I'll be in South Carolina and New England. If you're around there and have a concertina you think I might be interested in, I'd love to know! Henry
  8. Hi David is this still for sale? I'll be within reach of Hopkinton later this month and could meet up to check it out.
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