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  1. I've just started playing the concertina. I have a Jackie. I've noticed that one of the buttons hesitates when I'm opening the bellows and is fine when I'm closing them. (hesitates = "hisses" for a second before kicking in) Does anyone know why this happens and what I can do to fix it?? Any help would be appreacitated! Thanks!
  2. I have opened my Jackie - finally! One button was stuck (C#) but Wim Wakker from the Concertina Conncection told me how to fix it, and now all the buttons work and I'm starting out. The biggest problem I seem to be having is keeping my pinky fingers bent and not pinching with them. Anyone have any hints/tips for that other than time and practice? I don't want to get into a bad habbit right from the get go!
  3. Well, basically because I have no floks and this is the only Christmas gift I'll be getting! I enjoy the anticipation and love having something to open on Christmas morning. It's my gift to myself. LOL! So if I open it now, I'll succeed, but if I wait two weeks, I'll give it up and sell it???
  4. I just wanted to let you all know that my Jackie has arrived! Other than checking the box for damage and removing the tutor, I'm forcing myself to wait until Christmas morning to open it. I'm reading the tutor and have downloaded the Frank Butler tutor online. I want to thank everyone who has been so helpful, and I know I'll be back after Christmas!
  5. How long have you been playing? I can't wait to get started! The Jackie is supposed to come with a tutor, but I will try the Frank Butler tutor too. Where did you download it from? I'm sure I will have fun! And yes, this is a great site; everyone seems quite helpful and friendly. There also seem to be many people here who share my interesting sense of humor (I've been reading posts!) - I wonder if there is some kind of connection between that and liking concertinas!
  6. I am about 3 hours from western MA, so I will certainly try to attend the workshop! And thanks for the invite! I looked and looked and finally ordered a Jackie from the Concertina Connection. I am eagerly awaiting its arrival, it just seemed to be the best value for the money. I also liked that it can be traded up for a full refund of the purchase price. Thank you for all of your help, and I will certainly be back once it arrives for more advice and encouragement! PS - the soundfile was great!
  7. Thank you! These sound files are great! For some reason when I listen to them, they DO fade out nicely - no abrupt endings, so they worked out as you intended. The second one won't play, but the others do. I had never heard of a Duet until I read your post, and so searched them out online. I found some great sites on their history, etc. I am intrigued! From what I read, however, it is difficult to find an instructor for them. But then again, where I live, I would be lucky to find any instructor for any type of concertina. So I will be mainly self-taught - with the help of books, websites, etc. I am leaning towards the Jackie on the site you posted. I like that it can be traded in for full price on an upgrade, and the soundbites of it being played on it's site sound good - to my untrained ear at least. The concertinas I like the best so far to listen to are the metal ended English ones. I've only managed to find a few sound files online with them, but they remind me of a French Horn - which I love. It will be awhile though, before I'm ready/able to invest in one of those!
  8. A good way to start is to give us more information about your desires - what kind of music do you like and would like to play on the concertina? Who have you heard play? Do you already play other instruments? There are several different types of concertinas - and makes sense going in the direction you want to rather than spending time/money needlessly. -- Rich -- I don’t think I even know enough to answer your questions intelligently! Who have I heard play? Nobody who I can name by name. I’ve heard people play the concertina at various times and places, and whenever I’ve heard it, I’ve liked it. I play piano, but haven’t had the room to have a piano in years. I used to play guitar very badly (small hands, could never chord properly – at least that’s my excuse!) Since posting here, I’ve been doing more research and listening and I really like the sound of the English concertina – I also like that it can be played in any key. Types of music I like – everything! LOL! I like Irish and Zydeco (spelling?) but since I’ve started to “listen” around – I’ve heard some classical music played on the Concertina, and as that’s what I loved to play on the piano – that’s the direction I’d like to go towards on the Concertina.
  9. I have always loved listening to the concertina and have always wanted to learn how to play one. I started looking on ebay and have no idea what is a "good" or "bad" buy. After reading some posts here I've decided I'd better ask before bidding/buying. My question is what are the names of some good basic concertinas for learning on, and what can I expect to pay for them? Also, has anyone heard of a Cozart? (That's the kind I was looking at on ebay)
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