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  1. Interesting to see that he isn't as well known to folks on here. Speaking as someone who great up in New England, I feel like I have been singing with or listening to David Coffin my whole life going back to when I was in the Revels children's chorus in Cambridge the 1980s, but also from all the various river sings, and other concerts and events that he has hosted over the years. Fair to say that through his singing and playing he has exposed generations of New Englanders, to these musical traditions, and if you ever get a chance to go to see him perform at the Shalin Liu Performance Center in Rockport MA with the amazing window behind the stage overlooking the bay you will not regret it, as you can see from those videos that were posted here, it's a pretty spectacular space.
  2. When playing in hotel rooms or even late at night in my own house I will litteally drape a heavy blanket or comforter over my entire body to damper the sound. that works fairly well, but it is not very comfortable, and hampers the movement in my arms. So not really the best solution. A built in sound dampering device on a Concertina, like you have on some pianos would be amazing Has anyone every seen a concertina that has one?
  3. Hi Doug. I have outgrown the Rochelle I got from the Button Box in December, I would love to still upgrade to a Céilí if it's possiblle and I can afford it. I am assuming the trade in on my Rochelle would be out of the question now,but still possiibly could be interested
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