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  1. Fiddling - I have a Wren concertina that I purchased as my first instrument. While it was OK for a while, I cannot recommend it wholeheartedly for the following reasons: (1) every few weeks, a random button would start sounding while playing other notes, requiring me to open the case and "fiddle" with the spring or very gently sand the button hole opening to make it smoother. At first, it was kind of scary to open up the box and try to figure out what was wrong, but it quickly became TEDIOUS having to do so every two weeks or so! and you need teeny-tiny needle nose pliers to actually get in their and grip the springs. (2) the action is very stiff compared with models that are moderately priced (moderate meaning $1800-$2700); while this was fine at first, once I played a moderately-priced instrument, I quickly realized how much more effort it took to play the Wren versus something like a Clover or Morse model. (3) it is heavy and somewhat bulky compared with other models. I've seen several Wrens for sale in the $200-$300 range posted in the discussion group here, so you might consider looking around for a used one just so your daughter can try it out and know that there are better options should she decide this is the instrument for her. If you order from Ireland, you do get 3 months subscription to their on-line instructional videos and they are excellent!
  2. Thanks to all who replied. I think the question of new Clover versus used Morse has been answered for me - ConcertinaConnection seems to be out of business. Their phone is disconnected; there is no order form on their website; emails go unanswered. So, Morse, here I come! thanks again.
  3. I am a beginner player from Colorado, ready to move up from my (crummy) student 30 button to a better model. I have an opportunity to purchase a used Morse Ceilli for $1800, but it needs repairs: some of the reeds have been swapped out to create a "custom" button arrangement and one button only sounds on the push, not the pull. Without being able to see/examine, the box, Button Box guestimated the cost of repairing the 'bad' button/reed and restoring the original button layout at $300-$500. A new Clover costs about $2400 which makes the two possibilities about equal in price. Button Box wait repair time is 3 months. Since I am an inexperienced player, I don't know if it is "risky" to purchase an instrument whose maker is no longer in business or if this is even a crucial issue. Is an instrument of this vintage prone to increasing repair issues? There is no one local who can repair concertinas, so any future repairs means I would have to ship the instrument somewhere like Button Box. I have tried both instruments and slightly prefer the more mellow tone of the Morse as well as the fact that it doesn't have metal-capped buttons (which kinda leave indentation marks in my finger tips!), but I would be OK with the Anglo if the Morse potential repair problems seem significant. Thank you for your feedback!
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