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  1. I recently noticed that when I play the concertina my left hand side is usually stationary as my right hand moves the bellows. When I play the accordion it is reversed with my left hand moving the bellows. I also can't understand how some of yall stand up and play with neither side anchored down.

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  2. 1 hour ago, David Barnert said:

    Not a criticism. Just a friendly suggestion (that’s what we’re here for, right?):


    Try A7 -> D minor on the third “I’m gonna let it shine.”

    Yeah you're right, I tried  that out on guitar and it sounds good, but harder to trick my fingers into doing it on the concertina!

  3. 15 hours ago, mathhag said:

    Here is the simplest form

    T: The Jingle Bells

    R: polka

    M: 2/4

    L: 1/8

    K: Gmaj

    |: BB B2 | BB B2 | Bd GA | B4 |cc c>c |

    cB B>B |[1 BA AB | A2 d2 😐

    9[2 dd cA | G2- G2 ||

    DB AG | D2- DD/D/ | DB AG | E2- EE/E/ |

    Ec BA | F2- FA/A/ | dd c/B/A | B2- BG |

    DB AG | D2- D2 | DB AG | E2- E2 |

    Ec BA | dd/d/ d^c/d/ | ed c/B/A | G2- G2 |]


    But actually if you can send me the dots I can translate it. I don’t read music well enough to play from it

    Please don’t spend too much energy on it unless it interest you.

    Many Thanks ,



    Alright this is the best I got. It is likely some of this will not make sense! The lowercase letters are middle octave, uppercase low, and * high. This one has a low Bb melody note that I sort of fake by playing the Bb chord on the left side and playing a d on the right side during the big "Ghost riders in the sky part". I hope this is something close to intelligible. 


    Key of Dm


    | d,b,d,e | f2,d,c | c,A,c2 |

    | d,b,d,e | f2,g,a | a,g,a2 |

    | d*,d*,c*,a | a,g,a,a | f,d,d,d | 

    |d,c,d,d | d, f8 | d,d,c,d4 |


    | a,a,a,c4 | d,d,d,a4 |               this is the yippi ti yo line.


    |Bb 4 | F 4 | D 4 |                    this is the Ghost Riders in the sky line.









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