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  1. I recently noticed that when I play the concertina my left hand side is usually stationary as my right hand moves the bellows. When I play the accordion it is reversed with my left hand moving the bellows. I also can't understand how some of yall stand up and play with neither side anchored down.
  2. Finished building this limberjack today and tested it out with a few tunes.
  3. A good waltz about showing love to each other before we die.
  4. Thanks Simon, yes the dog is not fond of the squeezebox... Often she will cry or whine along with the song I'm playing!
  5. Sounds great, crank it up! Looks like you'll be tearin up the sessions in a jiffy. A bit of advice would be to invest in some earplugs for the ol lady, wait till you see your neighbours leave to practice, and most importantly don't bring it to an old time jam!
  6. Yeah you're right, I tried that out on guitar and it sounds good, but harder to trick my fingers into doing it on the concertina!
  7. Played in the key of F on the anglo. Happiest tune I know!
  8. I stopped in at the Martin (cajun) accordion factory in Scott, Louisiana on the way back home around Christmas time. I was surprised to see they had a few anglos in their repair area... There must be some concertina players in the area because of the prevalent accordion culture. Anyway yeah, put that harp in a brace and squeeze out some tunes!
  9. That was awesome, would love to see the full clown / acrobatics act!
  10. Sitting on the tracks on a hot day in January...Happy New Year!
  11. A good oldtime tune for the concertina. Many people learn this first on other instruments, why not the squeezebox?
  12. Alright this is the best I got. It is likely some of this will not make sense! The lowercase letters are middle octave, uppercase low, and * high. This one has a low Bb melody note that I sort of fake by playing the Bb chord on the left side and playing a d on the right side during the big "Ghost riders in the sky part". I hope this is something close to intelligible. Key of Dm | d,b,d,e | f2,d,c | c,A,c2 | | d,b,d,e | f2,g,a | a,g,a2 | | d*,d*,c*,a | a,g,a,a | f,d,d,d | |d,c,d,d | d, f8 | d,d,c,d4 | | a,a,a,c4 | d,d,d,a4 | this is the yippi ti yo line. |Bb 4 | F 4 | D 4 | this is the Ghost Riders in the sky line.
  13. Thank you! I would certainly be willing but I'm not sure how to do it. Could you point me to an example of ABC notation?
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